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Rethink Your Shipping:

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2 Rethink Your Shipping:
The USPS Advantage NOTE: On launching the slide show, advertising.swf, should play and can run for the 10 mins before the presentation starts. Good morning. Thank you for being U.S. Postal Service customers and for joining us at National PCC Day. This is one of the few times during the year where Postal Managers and Executives have the chance to spend time with our customers. This is our opportunity to fill you in on the latest innovations concerning our products and work process improvements.

3 What are USPS Shipping Services? You might not know these
You know these … You might not know these Mailing Services Shipping Services First-Class Mail Periodicals Standard Mail Single-Piece Parcel Post Media Mail Bound Printed Matter Priority Mail Express Mail Parcel Select Parcel Return Service First Class Mail International Priority Mail International Express Mail International One of the most significant changes at the Postal Service in the past 30 years has been this year’s implementation of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which led to the separation of our services into market-dominant and competitive products. This means simply that the Postal Service is now not only focused on mailing services, but now we can compete for your package business too. So today, I ask for your valuable time to fill you in on why should you consider shipping your documents and packages with the USPS. The recent changes to federal law have given us unprecedented flexibility opening the door for us to offer discounts, rebates and customized pricing all geared to benefit package shippers. Whether you’re sending one package a day or 10,000, we now have the ability to do a lot more to earn your business.

4 What We Want You To Know About USPS
USPS is a great value in price and service Free tracking Free Package Pickup Free packaging supplies Online shipping solutions Discounts for postage No surcharges Today’s Postal Service is a offers great value for a great service We offer: Free tracking Free Package Pickup Free shipping supplies Online shipping solutions First time ever discounting on expedited shipping And ALL of that with no surcharges

5 Key Customer Decision Points
Reliability is always No. 1 Convenience = ease of doing business Value added features: Tracking Packaging Electronic shipping solutions Customer care Price + features = value We also want you to know that we understand customers’ key decision points and have been working diligently to develop our services to meet these needs. The items listed in this slide are what you’ve told us you want from your shipper of choice. During this session we will show you that when you add up all the features and benefits of our services you will find that the US Postal Service gives you excellent value for your shipping dollar. We want your business and were willing to work hard to earn it! It’s time to rethink your shipping.

6 Surcharges Are Big Business
Gas prices are climbing -- so are competitors’ fuel surcharges. Current fuel surcharges range from 10.5% of the package shipping cost for ground service and up to 36% of the package shipping cost for air service. Besides reliability being #1 we realize that your bottom line is also a big decision factor. Today air fuel surcharges can add up to 36% to the price of a package. This year alone there has been a 15% increase in air fuel surcharges. Your shipping cost should not go up every time the price of fuel does. With the Postal Service, you pay only for shipping, not for fuel.

7 Surcharge Summary Surcharges No fee for residential delivery
No fee for rural delivery No fee for address corrections No fee for forwarding No fee for Saturday delivery No fee for undeliverable mail No fee for packaging supplies No fee for pickup Besides fuel surcharges other carriers impose dozens of different surcharges on their customers. Here are some of the more common ones. If you’ve looked closely at your shipping invoice, often times the surcharge cost alone may be more then the actual price of shipping the package

8 Easy Payment for USPS Shipping
Centralized Accounting and Payment System (CAPS) EFT Electronic Verification System (eVS) Allows electronic manifesting and payment Online postage payment Click-N-Ship Shipping Assistant Vendors And when it comes to payment, we make it easy and efficient for small to large shippers. Commercial customers can use our Centralized Accounting and Payment System (CAPS), an electronic funds transfer account used to pay from your bank account for multiple mailings. We also offer eVS, our Electronic Verification System, which allows electronic manifesting and payment.  Smaller shippers can use the convenience of our online shipping solutions by using Click-N-Ship, Shipping Assistant. Go to and use an approved PC Postage Vendor, such as, or Pitney Bowes.

9 Free Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies
Earned Cradle To Cradle certification New packaging uses bio-friendly inks and cardboard First and only firm to receive this endorsement for packaging Packaging features Cradle To Cradle logo Today, more than ever, customers are environmentally aware and trying to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. The Postal Service shares the same concern. Recently we re- designed all of our packaging supplies in order to earn a Cradle to Cradle Certification. This is an independent verification that meets the highest standards for recyclability. Our packaging is the greenest in the shipping business. And…we are the only shipper whose packaging carries this seal.

10 Convenient flat rates for domestic and international shipments
Flat Rate Packaging Convenient flat rates for domestic and international shipments Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope:  $ US $ Canada $ All other countries Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope:  $ US $ Canada $ All other countries Prices Are For Retail. Shippers Using Click-N-Ship, PC Postage Or Express Mail Corporate Accounts Will Receive A Discounted Rate Flat rate shipping options provide the convenience of free eco-friendly packaging, and you never have to guess the correct postage amount – if it fits, it ships!

11 Flat Rate Packaging (con’t)
Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes:  $ US $ Canada $ All other countries Priority Mail New Large Flat Rate Box:  $ US $10.95 APO/FPO $ Canada $ All other countries Prices Are For Retail. Shippers Using Click-N-Ship, PC Postage Or Express Mail Corporate Accounts Will Receive A Discounted Rate Priority Mail offers three sizes of flat rate boxes with the following price points and the new large flat rate box holds 50 percent more than the original flat rate box. Both are an extremely value for your shipping dollar and can be used for both domestic and international and APO/FPO Shipments.

12 Free Package Pick Up Customers request pickup at
Carriers pick up the packages while on their routes. Once your have your shipment ready to go, no need to come to your local Post Office, let us come to you! Request Free Package Pickup at With our online shipping solutions, free eco-friendly packaging, and Free Package Pickup, it’s never been easier or more convenient to use the Postal Service.

13 State of the Art Shipping Technology
Automated Package Processing System can handle 9,500 packages per hour Intelligent Mail package barcode allows for improved tracking and processing Leveraging scanning technology end-to-end package visibility The investment we have made to upgrade our shipping technology to state-of-the-art allows us to provide you the product visibility you demand. Some of the enhancements made were the introduction of Intelligent Mail barcode, which allows for improved tracking and processing. Having a barcode on your package allows our automated Package handling equipment (Automated Package Processing System (APPS) parcel and mail-bundle sorting system), to handle as many as 9,500 packages per hour and provide increased visibility of your shipments as they go through our network.

14 Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice
ONE barcode is scanned for all packages For many customers knowing that their shipments are in the mail is just as important as knowing where they are during processing. If you use online solutions, you have the option to print out a shipment confirmation acceptance notice or SCAN form after you have completed your shipping activity. This form creates a single barcode which links to all of the packages in your shipment. The advantage of printing the SCAN form is that when you take your packages to the post office or request carrier pickup, you will receive an acceptance scan on your entire shipment.

15 Customer Support Our Business Service Network has been redesigned
Account Managers and Global Account Managers can assist with growing your business Inquiries and Claims New electronic international inquiry processes New domestic online claim process Reduced claim-handling time Our Business Service Network has been redesigned to better meet commercial customer needs to provide shipment information and customer care. Account Managers and Global Account Managers can assist you with growing your business. Providing consultative knowledge on domestic or international shipping and mailing. All Domestic and International Inquiries and claims have been enhanced with new electronic processes to reduce claim handling time.

16 USPS Expedited Shipping:
Express Mail Priority Mail Let’s take a look at our Expedited Shipping options.

17 EXPRESS MAIL Our fastest service that guaranteed overnight to most destinations. When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight who do you call? (Wait for an audience reaction or answer) FedEx Right? Well guess what? Our Express Mail is on that same plane as the FedEx packages and we charge a lot less. And we’re the only overnight option for mailboxes and P.O. Boxes. All this and it comes with Free Packaging, Free tracking, and Free $ in insurance. Now that’s value! Overnight guaranteed delivery, free tracking, free insurance up to $100, free packaging, and flat-rate options

18 PRIORITY MAIL Priority Mail service scores are at an all time high. Priority Mail offers one of the best values in the shipping market. Its deliver across the country to most places in 2 days. Where we need to move it by air Priority flies on the FedEx network. Your customers get their shipments fast…and at a great price. For online shipments you also get free delivery confirmation and something you can’t get from our competitors, Saturday delivery at no extra cost. 2 to 3-day delivery, Delivery Confirmation, available insurance, free packaging, and flat-rate options

19 Express Mail and Priority Mail have zone-based pricing
We’ve now moved Express Mail along with Priority Mail to a zone- based pricing system. What does that mean to you? If your shipment is going less than 300 miles, it’s now even a better value.

20 Rate Comparison With Surcharges
2 lbs. Zone 4, overnight Competition USPS Base rate $ $24.65 Residential surcharge $ $ 0.00 Saturday delivery $ $ 0.00 Address correction $ $ 0.00 Fuel surcharge $ $ 0.00 Total $82.39 $24.65 SO how does this all add up? Here is an example where the surcharges would cost more then what the actual base rate of shipping a package using a competitor. (Go through the example above) If you have a 2 pound overnight package going to Zone 4, it will cost you $ If it is going to a residence, or is to be delivered on a Saturday, or has a mistake on the address, it’s still only $ With a competitor adding up all the surcharges would bring cost to over $82.00. That’s a big difference! And even if you receive a discount from a competitor, it is only off the base rate, surcharges are never discounted, so taking the example shown here the surcharges total $43.37 – your shipment would have to be discounted by a significant amount to beat the $24.65 rate offered by the Postal Service. What you pay up front using the Postal Service is all you pay, no surcharges.

21 Discounts and Rebates: A USPS First
Three percent discount for users of: PC Postage Express Mail Corporate Accounts Online Shipping Smart Meters We now have the ability to offer discounts and rebates — a first for the Postal Service. Express Mail now offers a 3 percent discount off the base rate for users of PC Postage, Express Mail Corporate Accounts, Online Shipping, and Smart Meters.

22 Express Mail – Volume-Based Rebates
2% rebate for minimum quarterly vol. of 125 pkgs. 4.5% rebate for minimum quarterly vol. of 438 pkgs. 7% rebate for minimum quarterly vol. of 938 pkgs. On top of that 3 percent discount, you can also save even more with volume-based rebates — meaning, the more you ship the more you save. Rebates are given on a quarterly basis, and we deposit them right back into your account. How much? Up to an additional 7 percent is available for those sending an average of 16 Express Mail pieces a day, for a total discount of 10 percent.

23 Priority Mail Discounts
Online with’s Click-N-Ship with approved vendors eBay Endicia Pitney Bowes Inc. Priority Mail also gets a discount when postage is paid for online, with PC Postage, or using one of our other authorized vendors.

24 Online Shipping Solutions
Online Discounts Online Insurance Online Shipping Labels: Online shipping solutions not only offer the convenience of your home or office, but also represent savings to your bottom line by featuring discounts off of postage purchased online. If you are a small, medium or large shipper, we have online shipping solutions that feature single label print to 100+ batch print. There are address book features for manifesting large mailings: Click-N-Ship and Shipping Assistant are available through or other USPS approved vendors. Click-N-Ship Shipping Assistant USPS Approved Vendors

25 Co-Branding and Custom Packaging
Link your brand to the name of America’s most trusted federal agency Probably one area in shipping costs most businesses forget about is the packaging. Packaging can add up to a dollar or more to the cost of each shipment. With the Postal Service’s expedited products, the packaging is free and can be ordered online and delivered to your home or business at no charge. For those who qualify, we can also work with you to design customized packaging. You can even have that packaging co- branded with your company’s logo, leveraging the name of the most trusted federal agency in America to enhance your company’s image every time you send out a package. For example eBay is one of our biggest co-branding customers and offers its sellers our free co-branded packaging through its online integrated solution. To find out if you qualify for these packaging solutions contact your local sales representative, Postmaster or Business Development Team.

26 What else can Expedited Shipping offer?
For us, Saturday is a business day We deliver everywhere in the U.S. 52 extra delivery days Express Mail Sunday and holiday delivery New legal–sized overnight envelope Hold For Pickup available in 31,000 locations Priority Mail Open and Distribute Probably one of the best features of the Postal Service’s shipping options is that we offer Saturday delivery at no extra cost. That’s an extra 52 delivery days per year that gets your packages to customers on the day when most of them are home. So what about Sundays and Holidays? Think its impossible? Think again. Express Mail offers delivery on Sundays and holidays for a special price. Our overnight guaranteed product is delivered seven days a week, 365 days a year so when it has to get there, it will. We just added a new legal-sized overnight envelope to the free Express Mail packaging and We’ve launched Hold For Pickup service, so you can designate any of 31,000 Post Offices as the delivery location for your Express Mail shipment. That means your customers can pick it up at the Post Office at their convenience and we’ll even phone or text message them to inform them the package is available for pickup. Priority Mail Open and Distribute has been enhanced to include a flat rate shipping container and to provide more product visibility for your shipments.

27 Parcel Select Parcel Return Service Merchandise Return Service
USPS Ground Shipping: Parcel Select Parcel Return Service Merchandise Return Service Think that’s it? Think again. The USPS also offers exceptional service and savings with our ground services. No one has the First/Last Mile reach that the Postal Service has. When we go to every house/every day we mean it. This allows us to drop off or pick up packages from residential homes without incurring additional costs. Our competitors UPS & FedEx know the value of this advantage and last year gave us more then 250 Million packages to deliver for them. Need to send something back? What carrier offers more convenience then printing a label from your computer or and scheduling a free package pickup. We take the package right from your home saving you time and money.

28 Parcel Select Designed for large and medium-sized shippers
Three levels of entry give you three price levels DBMC, DSCF or DDU (offers the lowest rate) Partner with third-party logistics providers FedEx UPS For large to medium-sized shippers Parcel select is our best value in shipping. It gives you economical 3-5 day delivery combined with world class service. But don’t just take our word for it. Companies like LL Bean, Nordstrom and JC Penny known for their high service standards use Parcel Select for their last mile delivery. Parcel volumes from these companies are consolidated, shipped and sorted closer to their ultimate destination. Consolidators save you money by merging your shipments with those of other companies to cut down on transportation costs Then they give the packages to us to leverage our exceptional last mile delivery service. The closer the package is dropped to its destination the more money you can save. Parcel Select packages also feature full tracking for added value. You can learn more about using a consolidator by going to USPS.Com.

29 Reverse Logistics Opportunities
Reverse logistics solutions — growing need Upward trend in items that are: Returned Recycled Repaired Recalled One of the biggest growing markets today is Reverse Logistics market. It currently accounts for 1% of the total US Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With more people shopping from home either online or through catalogs, its becoming even more important. What do you do when your shirt is the wrong color, or your new shoes don’t fit, your laptop breaks, an unsafe toy is recalled, or a cell phone needs to be recycled? You mail them back. Everybody wants these items sent conveniently and economically. And that is where we can step in and solve the problem. Nobody can pick up merchandise better than we can. Offering your customers a simple and convenient return solution can also become a growth factor for your business. Market research has shown that 89% of online shoppers don’t buy online due to returns difficulty (Juniper Research), and 95% of customer say they are likely to shop with an online or catalog merchant if the returns process is convenient (Harris Interactive).

30 Return Solutions Key USPS advantages
Easiest and most convenient returns network Collection boxes Retail access – 37,000 outlets for returning packages Pickup at more than 146 million addresses So how do you get these returns back without inconveniencing your customers and incurring extra charges? By giving them the most options. Like the Postal Service’s access to every community in the nation. With free carrier pickup, over 37,000 retail locations and blue collection cans, we’re by far the easiest and most efficient option for getting those packages back from consumers. With one in five items sold through catalogs or online needing to be returned, having a easy and convenient method for handling your returns could make or break how a customer feels about your business and determine whether or not to purchase from you again or look elsewhere.

31 Merchandise Return Service
End-to-end service, customized to fit your needs. Available for: Priority Mail Parcel Post First Class Mail When dealing with returns, companies have multiple options to choose from. Merchandise Return Service is one of our return solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. With merchandise return service, the Postal Service handles the entire process from pickup to delivery. Companies have numerous options on how to get the returns label into a consumer’s hands. They can include a prepaid label in the original shipment or make it available for download from a website or .

32 Parcel Return Service Work-sharing earns discounts for you and offers an easy way for customers to return items Two rate structures to retrieve returns by you or an agent RBMC or RDU First-mile commercial service Free Package Pickup Another option for handling returns is our Parcel Return Service. It’s a work share service that offers you discounts and the same convenient options for label delivery to the consumer and pickup as our other returns solutions. Companies like Birkenstock, LL Bean, Habands, and Armani love Parcel return Service because it comes with lower prices and built-in visibility. It also again uses a third party logistics provider (Newgistics), to handle the transportation and delivery of the packages back to your business saving you money and offering you two different price points to suit your needs. Nobody can take these returns out of the household better than we can. We are at every address, every day. Merchants and Internet shopping sites know they need to make returns easy to get repeat business, and what could be easier than leaving the return for your letter carrier, or requesting a free package pickup? Parcel Return Service is the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way for consumers to send back merchandise.

33 What else can Ground Shipping offer?
For us, Saturday is a business day We deliver everywhere in the U.S. 52 extra delivery days Parcel Select Service New tiered incentive pricing 98% on time delivery Parcel Return Service New volume-based rebates And just like with Expedited Services: you can expect delivery everywhere, including Saturdays. That is an extra 52 delivery days per year for you to get your packages to customers on the day they are more likely to be home, and to receive them at the regular shipping price without surcharges. With new pricing incentives and world class service, nobody can beat our first and last mile pickup and delivery ground shipping services, nobody.

34 USPS International Shipping:
At the retail level, we offer four core services that serve a variety of shipping needs: From date-certain guaranteed delivery to economical volume shipping. All services are available to over 190 countries and all offer the same free shipping supplies as domestic and have convenient flat rate options. For time-critical shipments, we offer Global Express Guaranteed. This is our fastest date-certain service that offers a money-back delivery guarantee. Our Express Mail International option features a 3-5 day delivery time with a date-certain guarantee is available to select destinations. We also offer Priority Mail International with a 6-10 day delivery time, and our First-Class Mail International option caters to the cost conscious consumer.

35 International Shipping
Four shipping options offer great value No fuel or out-of-area surcharges No brokerage fees Same speed, much lower price Our retail rates can save you anywhere from 40 – 60% for 1-10 lb packages to major international destinations as compared to comparable product offerings by FedEx or UPS and there are no hidden fees or surcharges. So when it comes to shipping international, no one can beat our prices.

36 Price Comparison w/Surcharges Sending a 5 lb
Price Comparison w/Surcharges Sending a 5 lb. package to Alice Springs, Australia Express Mail International (5 Days) $45.50 Worldwide Priority Express 2-5 Days $164.23 Here is a comparison of comparable shipping services for sending a 5 lbs package to Alice Springs, Australia with no added services: $45.50 – USPS $ – DHL $ – FedEx $ – UPS The other key point is that even if you receive a discount on a competitors service, that discount is off the base rate. There are no discounts on surcharges, so with UPS for example, the combined surcharge of $62.23 is more expensive than our rate for Express Mail International. The same goes for FedEx whose surcharges equal $60.39. International Economy (5 Days) $158.97 Worldwide Expedited (4-5 Days) $170.13

37 Online Shipping Solutions
Payment Automatic discounts for Global Express Guaranteed® (10%), Express Mail International (8%) Priority Mail International (5%) Accepts major credit cards Online Shipping Labels: Print labels and forms Click-N-Ship Shipping Assistant USPS Approved Vendors Manage shipments Packaging labels with tracking numbers Request a pickup Online shipping solutions offer convenient payment methods with discounts GXG=10% EMI=8% PMI=5% Online labels include the necessary customs forms with a tracking number for your shipment. Click-N-Ship, Shipping Assistant, or any USPS approved vendor. Combine Free Package Pick up with our online shipping solutions and it’s never been easier to use Today’s Postal Service without having to leave your home or office.

38 Volume Letter Mail Options
International Priority Airmail (IPA) Faster, cost-effective delivery for volume mailings. 3–7 business days to most locations International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) Affordable, reliable delivery for volume global mailings. 7–14 business days to most locations Volume letter mail options are for large to medium sized shippers and represent the most economical way to ship items weighing less than 4 pounds. There are two options available International Priority Airmail features 3-7 day deliver and International Surface Airlift flies to destination and is distributed on a ground network offering additional savings with delivery in 7-14 business days and features free return of undeliverable mail.

39 Customized Solutions Customized agreements contain solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Volume incentives and customized services from published IPA/ISAL prices and services Incentive opportunities International package incentives Express Mail Corporate Account incentives If you meet certain criteria, you are eligible for competitive customized pricing through a customized agreement. These agreements include volume incentives and customized services from published IPA/ISAL rates and services. Postal Qualified Wholesalers often meet the volume requirements for these incentives and pass the savings on to you. If you qualify there are additional incentives for International package services for Express Mail International or Priority Mail International pieces. Other incentives are also available through and Express Mail Corporate Account. To find out if you qualify, contact your Global Account Manager, Local Postmaster, or Business Development Team.

40 Today’s U.S. Postal Service
We handle 3 billion packages annually We handle 1 in 4 packages shipped in the U.S. More than 400 processing plants nationwide So whether you have a need to ship domestically or internationally we’ve got you covered. Many companies have already seen the value of the Postal Service for their package shipping needs. We handle more than 3 billion packages annually. We handle 25% of the Domestic Packages and we are the shipper of choice for 2-3 day shipping. Our infrastructure of more than 400 processing plants nationwide work 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure that your packages move quickly through our network. We’re leveraging new technologies to provide you with more product visibility because we understand that reliability is a key decision point in who you choose as your shipper.

41 More locations than any other shipper. Period.
148 million delivery points 37,000 Post Office locations Nearly 200,000 delivery and collection vehicles With tens of thousands of locations covering every community in America, the Postal Service is close to your business and to your customers. So hopefully we’ve convinced you to take another look at using the Postal Service to provide you with your shipping needs. Our extensive network can reach you everyday, everywhere reliably, securely, and more cost efficiently then any other shipper and we can do it all without any surcharges.

42 USPS commitment to the environment New eco-friendly packaging
We recycle 1 million tons of material a year We operate the largest alternative-fuel vehicle fleet in the country No other shipper is committed to the environment as much as the Postal Service. We have already talked about our new eco-friendly packaging. In addition, we recycle 1 million tons of material a year and we operate the largest alternative-fuel vehicle fleet in the country. You too can Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by using our packaging and linking your brand to ours. It will show your customer that you care about your impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by having our carriers pick up your packages - this way they can “carpool” with other mail cause we are already at every door, every day.

43 Value For Your Shipping Dollar…
We offer you high reliability with competitive pricing on our expedited services Our ground solutions Offer you economical shipping and full tracking Our international rates average 40-60% lower then our competitors Regardless of your shipping budget, we have a solution for you. Expedited offers high reliability with competitive pricing. If your looking for economical solutions, our ground shipping would be right for you. And if you ship around the globe our international rates are on average 40-60% lower then our competitors. We offer you value for your shipping dollar whether you ship across the street or across the globe.

44 Let me ask you this: How hard is your current shipping company working to keep your business? With a challenging economy, industry upheaval, and ever-increasing fuel costs, shipping solutions that worked yesterday don’t necessarily make sense today. We’re already at everyone’s home and business, every day, delivering the mail. Wherever your customers are, we can deliver your shipments to them, too. If you automatically reach for the same shipping box every time, it might be time to rethink your shipping. The U.S. Postal Service is all about bringing value to your shipping. The USPS gives you up-front pricing with no surcharges, easy payment and shipping options, packaging at no cost, security, and even an extra day of delivery per week. When you add up all of the services and benefits, you’ll find that the U.S. Postal Service gives you excellent value for your shipping dollar. We want your business, and we’re working hard to earn it. We’re ready to accommodate you and offer you solutions to meet your shipping needs. I encourage you to see your account manager, postmaster, or business development team. Our full range of products and services is also available at Thanks for joining us today. I will be taking questions but If you leave here today and think of a question later you can send them to and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away. So…does anyone have any questions?

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