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What is Geography?.

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1 What is Geography?

2 The Content of Geography

3 The five themes of geography
1. Location 2. Region The Pallouse Grasslands, Washington State 3. Human-Earth relationships Temperate forest in NW USA 5. Movement 4. Place

4 Physical Geography The study of all physical aspects of the Earth
Physical aspects are divided into four spheres: The atmosphere The hydrosphere The lithosphere The biosphere

5 Careers in Geography Primary Tracks 1 Geo – Technology
Cartography 2 Physical/Environmental Geography 3 Human Geography Regional and Urban Planning

6 Geo - Tech Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Computer mapping
Spatial Analysis Multiple variables Transportation, business, commerce/trade, or physical variables

7 Geo-Tech Remote Sensing Satellite Image Analysis Aerial Photo Analysis
Physical variables Human/Environmental Terrain analysis Land Use/ Land Cover Change Aerial Photo Analysis

8 Remote Sensing and GIS

9 Physical and Environmental Geography
CAREERS Government Fed, State, Municipal Business Consulting Education TV Climatology Meteorology Hydrology/ Water Resources Geomorphology Geology Biogeography Biology Pedology

10 Human Geography Urban Planning CAREERS Economic Cultural Political
Historical CAREERS Government Fed, State, Municipal Business Consulting Education Sociology or Anthropology Political Science International Relations

PROS Exciting careers Less monotonous deskwork Good employment opportunities Variety of options Mentally challenging

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