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Student Retention Project

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1 Student Retention Project
First Year Toolkit

2 First Year Curriculum Principles: Transition Pedagogies
Sally Kift (2009) Transition From previous educational experience to nature of learning in higher education Curriculum should mediate and support the transition process Diversity Students’ diverse backgrounds, needs, experiences and patterns of study At risk or equity groups Non-traditional cohorts Students’ existing skills and knowledge

3 First Year Curriculum Principles: Transition Pedagogies
Design Foundation and scaffolding for success Assist student development Support engagement Integration and sequencing of knowledge, skills and attitudes Engagement Active and interactive learning Collaboration – student to student, teacher to student

4 First Year Curriculum Principles: Transition Pedagogies
Assessment Increases in complexity over time Early and regular evaluations of students’ work Feedback on student progress and achievement for both staff and students Evaluation and Monitoring Evaluation of curriculum leading to development and renewal Monitoring of student engagement and learning Timely interventions

5 First Year Toolkit What sorts of resources could be in the Toolkit?
In what format(s) would the resources be most useful? How and where should the Toolkit be set up?

6 Creativity and New Ideas
What is a unique way of looking at the Toolkit? What would constitute ‘outside the box’ thinking? Suppose we …

7 Difficulties, Dangers, Problems
What are the difficulties we might face in developing the Toolkit? What are the potential problems? For what reasons should we be cautious or conservative?

8 Optimism and Positive Thinking
What is a reasonable and realistic way to make things work? What is the best way to approach the issue? What are the positive outcomes of the Toolkit? What are the positive views based upon?

Student Retention Project Alice Manning – Project Officer

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