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Mission Statement : To increase fishing opportunities through enhancement and research.

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1 Mission Statement : To increase fishing opportunities through enhancement and research.

2 WELCOME TO CWFAC CWFAC was created to deal with warm water fish issues in Washington State. The pioneers of the CWFAC were Rod Meseberg (1927-1999) of MarDon Resort on Potholes Reservoir and Ron Sawyer of Cascade Marina in Moses Lake and Pasco. Year’s ago we realized the need for habitat on Potholes Reservoir. After visiting the successful habitat project (now in its 18th year) on Lake Havasu the answer became quite clear...for Potholes Reservoir to begin modeling its own habitat project currently in use on Lake Havasu! On June 10, 2005, upon receiving legal permits, construction and deployment began on Potholes Reservoir’s first habitat! Our Potholes Reservoir habitat plans are to build boxes to provide the necessary sanctuary for first and second year fish a place to live and grow. Each 4’ x 4’ x 8’ habitat box is like an under water treetop that will last many years. As we create the vast reefs of habitat boxes we will witness areas with high densities of fish and will experience improved warm water fishing along with a positive economic impact for Central Washington State. MIKE MESEBERG Habitat Chairman B.A.S.S./ESPN National Conservation Award Winner The Central Washington Fish Advisory Committee (CWFAC) is a 501-C3 non- profit organization. Our Federal ID#091-1648008. State ID#601-547-710

3 CWFAC RESTORATION Our goal is to restore recreational fishing on Potholes Reservoir to the level once enjoyed. Today we have excellent Bass and Walleye fishing. A recent WDFW study on Potholes Reservoir has determined a dangerous predator advantage. Without the habitat to provide a foothold for the forage base of Perch, Crappie, and Bluegill to propagate, ultimately this reservoir fishery will crash, and the recreational fishery will be dominated by stunted walleye. Potholes Reservoir, according to WDFW biologists, supports 22 species of fish; however, many of these species are suffering low populations caused by predation and lack of habitat during periods of low water, due to irrigation demands. Potholes Reservoir has suffered a decline in the Perch, Crappie, and Bluegill fishery. This decline has resulted in fewer visitors to the area. With improved fishing opportunities, the Central Basin will experience a positive economic impact through increased fishing license sales, food, fuel, tackle sales, and overnight stays (motels and lodges). What is good for the fish will also be good for the outdoor enthusiasts in our state. Habitat is the primary key to success. The goals of this habitat committee are to revitalize the waning populations of fish through habitat, help stimulate area economic growth, and to ultimately re- establish a fishing and recreational destination to be enjoyed by all. PROJECT LOCATION Columbia Basin Potholes Reservoir is part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. It is formed by the O'Sullivan Dam and located in Central Washington state. The reservoir is fed by water from nearby Moses Lake, part of the Crab Creek basin.

4 EVENTS BENEFITTING CWFAC We are always looking to expand our horizons in search of events and festivities that help promote and provide necessary donations that keep CWFAC going strong. Since 2005 we have started several events located at MarDon Resort, located 20 minutes South of Moses Lake, that have brought additional donations and at the same time provide entertaining ways to draw people to our location whether it be boating, fishing or any water related event. ROD MESEBERG SPRING WALLEYE CLASSIC This is a our annual walleye tournament held each year. It’s a catch and release event. BEACH PARTY & POKER RUN This is a popular, annual event drawing large number of contestants with great payouts, prizes, social fun and games! SAMMIEBASH GOLF TOURNAMENT An annual fun classic mixing social and off-shoot game play followed by an awards dinner..

5 REGIONAL ENHANCEMENT Potholes Reservoir is a multi-species warm water lake in Central Washington, 16 miles SW of Moses Lake. This arid desert land, which was flooded on August 15, 1949, provided fantastic perch, crappie, bluegill and bass fishing in the early years. Eventually the flooded natural shrubs and sage brush began to deteriorate. In 1980 the eruption of Mount St. Helens added 4 inches of volcanic ash to the bottom of Potholes Reservoir. The lake bottom now resembles a moonscape without sanctuary for young fish from their natural predators. The sand dunes, located at the north end of Potholes Reservoir, provided habitat in the spring but as the summer progresses the lake drops and the fish migrate into the main body, the moonscape. The habitat boxes will provide a place for small fish to live and grow, safe from predators This graphic represents the current percentage of fish species located in the Potholes Reservoir.

6 WHAT A HABITAT COSTS SUPPORT & DONATIONS Each monetary donation is most appreciated. We are constantly searching for new funding sources. Through private donations, grants, and other events such as our Rod Meseberg Spring Walleye Classic. Many clubs and organizations have also been actively donating. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Reclamation have been very active financial contributors. We do need to generate approximately $145,000 each year to achieve our goals. VISION BEYOND COMPLETION The habitat committee (CWFAC) has been issued state and federal permits to put up to 620 habitat boxes into the reservoir, each year for 20 years. Every year that this occurs, there will be periodic inspections of the existing habitat, to verify effectiveness and condition. This will be accomplished by the use of an underwater camera system. PROJECT OBJECTIVE Increase prey fish species survival by providing cover from predatory fish species. Habitat Structure & Costs The CWFAC has started the process with fish habitat restoration at Potholes Reservoir. The cost of development of each of these habitat structures are as follows: 36 2” PVC T’s at.759 each =$ 32.80 120’ of 2” SCH 20 PVC at $51.60 per ft. 100’ = $ 77.80 1/2 can PVC Cement (32oz) =$ 5.25 275-11” Zip Ties at.15 =$ 50.00 160 Feet of Barricade Fence at $21.95/100’ = $ 42.50 Labor - 1 person - 6 hours = $ 00.00 Subtotal $ 208.35 WA State Sales Tax $ 16.46 *TOTAL$ 224.81 *The above costs represents just one (1) habitat structure. Currently we have 1390 Habitat boxes built and positioned in Potholes Reservoir.

7 HABITAT IN ACTION VIDEO FOOTAGE Recently we asked one of our resort clients to take his camera and help provide us with a sample of a habitat box in action. If VIDEO does not play click in box to start To listen to Mike Meseberg, Habitat Chairman, presentation please click on the individual sound bytes below.

8 CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP CWFAC Thanks the following sponsors for their annual contributions of funds, in-kind and product donations.  Rod Meseberg Spring Walleye Classic  Moses Lake Walleye Classic  Bureau of Reclamation  Jeff Ackeridge/ Seth Davis for Habitat II  Columbia Basin Walleye Club  Potholes Bass Club  Spokane Walleye Club Midway Beverage/  Disney World-Wide As ESPN B.A.S.S.  Roy & Claire Frasier  Bud & Wilma Sutton  Dr. James Hake  Kellee Brown  Ray & Evelyn Arnold  Marland & Patty Drake  Fish-N-Map Company  Daniel White  Eric Ougland  Grette & Associates  MarDon Resort  Pistoresi Distributing

9 CWFAC GALLERY Click on image to play

10 CONTACT AND DONATIONS HOW TO DONATE Mail Checks to: Central Washington Fish Advisory Committee 8198 Hwy 262 SE Othello, WA 99344 CONTACT US 8198 Hwy 262 SE Othello, WA 99344 Toll-Free: 1.800.416.2736 Phone: 509.346.2651 Fax: 509.346.9493 E-mail: PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: Get complete, up-to-date information Our gallery changes regularly Notifications on upcoming events Potholes news & resort information Get Involved!

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