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Seera Session Events of the Third and Fourth Year after Hijra

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1 Seera Session Events of the Third and Fourth Year after Hijra
Between Uhud and Khandaque

2 Fourth Year Marriage to Zainab bint Khuzaymah زينب بنت خزيمة
Widow of Abdullah bin Jahsh, the Fifth Wife. Abou Salamah’s Mission (Sarriah) First military action after Uhud Against Bani Usd bin Khuzaymah 150 Fighters, Muharram 4th year. No fighting occurred, Muslims return with spoiles Abou Salamah dies from Uhud wound Marriage to Um Salamah هند بنت أمية Widow of Abou Salamah, the Sixth Wife Shawal 4th year

3 Fourth Year Abdullah bin Unays’ Mission (Sarriah) Muharram 5th
Against Khalid bin Sufian of Huthayl One man mission Khalid was preparing coalition against Muslims Abdullah kills Khalid The Prophet gives Abdullah a cane. It was buried with Abdullah

4 Fourth Year Al-Rajee’ بعث الرجيع Safar 4th year.
People from Adhel and Quarah عضل و قارة ask the Prophet PBUH to send teachers with them for Islam and Quran 10 companions headed by A’asem bin Thabet (Marthad in another) Reached the well of Rajee’ Surrounded by 100 archers of Bani Lehyan of Huthayl بنو لحيان من هذيل Muslims got on top of a hill and refused to surrender 7 Muslims were killed 3 surrendered with the promise of not being killed (Khubayb, Zayd bin Al-Duthna, and a third man propably Abdullah bin Tarik) They were tied up, the third man refused to continue and was killed Khubayb was sold to Bani Al-Harith and was killed (The Story) Zayd was sold to Safwan bin Umayya and was killed (The Story)

5 Fourth Year The Well of Ma’uonah مأساة بئر معونة Safar 4th year.
A’amer bin Malik عامر بن مالك asked the Prophet PBUH to send teachers with them for Islam and Quran 70 companions headed by Al-Munther bin Amr المنذر بن عمرو , working gathering wood during the day and studying Quran at night. Reached the well of Ma’uonah Sent a message from the Prophet PBUH to A’Amer bin Al-Tufayl. Who kills Haram bin Mulhan, the messenger. A’Amer bin Al-Tufayl gathers an army of Bani Sulaym and killed all the companions exept Kaab bin Zayd bin Al-Najjar Al-Munther and Amr bin Umayya Al-Dhumary were away and came back. Al-Munther was killed and Amr was released because of old vow Amr kills two men of Kilab in revenge on his way to Madina The Prophet PBUH was very touched with the catastrophe. Supplicated against the perpetrators for a month.

6 Battle of Bani Al-Nadhir
Reasons for the Battle (disputed) Conspiracy to kill The Prophet PBUH In response to Quraysh’s request, a meeting with Rabbis was set. Three armed men were among them. Revealed by a Jewish woman. The Prophet PBUH went to ask help for the penalty of the killed men of Kilab. Amr bin Jehash climbed up to throw a rock on the Prophet’s PBUH head. Revealed by Jebril Conspiracy against Muslims Message to Quraysh at the time of Uhud to attack Muslims from behind using their land.

7 Battle of Bani Al-Nadhir
Events of the Battle (Rabi I, 4th year) Message to Bani Al-Nadhir delivered by Muhammad bin Maslama to leave Madina within 10 days. Abduallah bin Ubay bin Saloul promises support to Bani Al-Nadhir if they ignore the warning of the Prophet. (59:11) Bani Al-Nadhir refuse to leave or abide by the treaty and challenged the warning. The siege begins.

8 MADINA المدينة المنورة جبل أحد Mount Uhud جبل سلع Harat Al-Waquem
حرة الوقم MADINA المدينة المنورة Harat Al-Wabara حرة الوبرة Quibaa قباء Bani Qurayza بني قريظة Orchards Bani An-Nadhir بني النضير جبل عسير

9 Battle of Bani Al-Nadhir
Events of the Battle (Rabi I, 4th year) Bani Al-Nadhir shield themselves in the fortresses. Muslims burn some of the palms and trees around the fortresses. To help with the siege To entice them to get out and protect their property Fear settles in the hearts of Bani Al-Nadhir and they surrender without fighting.

10 Battle of Bani Al-Nadhir
Events of the Battle (Rabi I, 4th year) Bani Al-Nadhir were allowed to leave with all they can carry excluding weapons. The spoiles were all given to the Prophet PBUH. Divided among Muhajirin and two Ansar ( Abou Dujana and Sahel bin Hanif) due to their poverty. Sura Al-Hashr (59) was revealed

11 الحشرAl-Hashr 59:1-2 1]  Whatever is in the heavens and on earth, let it declare the Praises and Glory of Allah: for He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. [2]  It is He Who got out the Unbelievers among the People of the Book from their homes at the first gathering (of the forces). Little did ye think that they would get out: and they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allah! But the (Wrath of) Allah came to them from quarters from which they little expected (it), and cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their dwellings by their own hands and the hands of the Believers. Take warning, then, O ye with eyes (to see)!

12 Battle of That-ArRiquaa’
Events of the Battle (Rabi II, 4th year) Disputed dates and name among scholars. Also called Ghazwat Najd Preemptive strike against Ghatafan. No fighting occurred. Lessons and stories: Salat of Fear. Ghawrath the Arabi. The Guards Story

13 Battle of Badr II Events of the Battle (Shaban, 4th year)
Based on the challenge of Abou Sufian after Uhud 1500 Muslim fighters, 10 horses. 2000 Mushrik fighters, 50 horses. Abou Sufian fears the confrontation and returns to Mecca. “it is a dry year”. No objections. Muslims stay for eight days challenging Mushriks. No fighting occurred. Improves morale in the Muslim Army

14 Battle of Doumat Al-Jandal
Events of the Battle (Rabi I, 5th year) Based on the challenge of tribes of Doumat Al-Jandal to invade Madina. 1000 Muslim fighters. Doumat Al-Jandal people were surprised by the preemptive attack and escaped. Muslims got spoils. Treaty with Uyayna bin Husayn. (his tribe close to Doumat Al-Jandal ) Muslims stay for days challenging Mushriks. No fighting occurred.

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