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INTRODUCTION to the THIRD YEAR CLASS OF 2017 February 9, 2015 Office of Student Affairs Stritch School of Medicine.

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1 INTRODUCTION to the THIRD YEAR CLASS OF 2017 February 9, 2015 Office of Student Affairs Stritch School of Medicine

2 CLERKSHIP TRACK SYSTEM (CTS) Third year course requirements and options

3 MEETING’S GOALS zTo de-mystify the process of clinical scheduling zTo build positive anticipation zTo allow you to plan

4 OBJECTIVES zTo describe the clinical calendar zTo explain the CTS and year 3 requirements and options zTo review the track assignment process zTo give you some guidance on ranking tracks zTo provide an overview of the site assignment process

5 Today’s Meeting zNOT intended to prepare you for your role and responsibilities as a junior clerk zNOT intended to tell you what to expect on the floor

6 Handout Contents zCalendar of Important Events/Dates zCTS General Info zLottery Numbers zChart of Clerkship Tracks zThird Year Calendar zM3 Elective Options Spreadsheet zElective Opening Registration Dates

7 Third Year Calendar zTwo semesters/12 months total zOne week vacation in each semester + winter break zWinter break is Thursday, December 24 th through Sunday, January 3 rd (Both Tracks A & B) zParticipation in clerkships on day 1 and final exam date mandatory (plan travel accordingly)

8 First Week of Year Three zMonday, June 29 – Thursday, July 2 x3 rd Year Orientation/Clinical Skills Workshops Attendance required You must sit for Step 1 no later than Sunday, June 28, 2015 xMonday, July 6: Clerkships start Attendance required zFriday, July 3 is a holiday/free day

9 CTS General Information zThird Yr CTS governs the order students take their required clerkships zTracks assigned via a lottery process zChanges possible but very limited zCTS does NOT include site placement

10 CTS Chart: Schedule A

11 CTS Chart: Schedule B

12 CTS FEATURES zStarts with orientation & a clinical skills workshop course prior to clerkship start zTwo semester schedules (A & B), 24 tracks per schedule permit randomized sequence across clerkships z3-4 Students per track: permits enrollment to be distributed evenly

13 Third Yr Core Clerkship Requirements zOne of the semesters:  Medicine(8 wks)  Surgery(8 wks)  Neurology(4 wks)  Elective(4 wks)* zOther semester:  Family Med(6 wks)  OB/Gyn(6 wks)  Pediatrics(6 wks)  Psychiatry(6 wks) *In the Schedule A tracks with the elective block in May or June, the elective has been replaced by Sub-I Wards (May) or Emergency Medicine (June).

14 Required Clerkship Sequencing zAny core clerkship may occur first zNone are prerequisite to any other zSequencing not directed toward specific career paths zEach track guarantees all core clerkships

15 Third Year Elective Option zLimited to certain clinical specialties or a research experience zDetails later in program

16 Other Yr 3 Requirements zPCM-3 Seminars (Approx 8 offered/ dates TBA ) Representative Topics (subject to change): xBusiness, Professionalism & Justice I & II xInter-professional teamwork xChallenging physician/patient relationships xDisaster Preparedness xGlobal Health xEnd of Life Care I & II

17 Other 3 rd Yr Requirements (Continued) zTCM-3 (Topics in Clinical Medicine – aka vertical curriculum) yAttendance for ED Triage yAttendance for Decontamination drill yPCM3 Session attendance yComprehensive year end exam zMedical Humanities yEthics Grand Rounds (four required for graduation) yEthics Case Paper (due in spring of 3rd yr)

18 CTS Lottery Rules and Process zLottery numbers are computer generated at random zYou cannot sell or trade your number! zTrack ranking form will be on myLUMEN zLottery numbers are in your handout and Track Rank Form is due Wednesday, March 11th.

19 Lottery process (continued) zOnce the track assignment is completed, trading of complete tracks or individual clerkships is allowed for a limited time - see “CTS General Info” for rules zChanges in sequence also may be possible by petition to Reg. & Records

20 Ranking Tracks... zDifferent tracks fit different individuals’ needs zYou can do well in any track zEvery core Dept. is prepared for rookies zAll trainees are new in July (UG and Grad) zClinical skills & knowledge are evaluated on sliding scale during the year

21 Ranking… (continued) zSummer: You’re learning the ropes yYou can do well in any track  Fall & Winter: Work well for interest areas zSpring: Planning for fourth year electives starts; performance should show solid growth & ability

22 You might consider zThe ebb and flow of rigor & type of work zMore challenging/more inspiring sequencing zWith whom do you study/share study resources zPersonal issues (partner’s schedule, commitments) zAvoiding crowd mentality about “perfect” tracks zTalking to your advisor

23 Myth: There are easier/ harder rotations zReality: yIt differs by season (everything may be difficult in the summer) yIt differs by site, patient load, acuity level yIt differs because of team work ethic & style yIt differs by your own motivation & what you put in to each clerkship

24 Good advice zBe prepared to make the most of every rotation - even those that seem sub-optimal zPlan to stay focused and involved every month - you can’t turn commitment and enthusiasm on/off during 3rd yr and be successful zDon’t pick a track around your ski trip dates or good weather activities

25 Focus on “big picture” zThe track sequence is NOT critical zDon’t get hung up about when every clerkship falls zPick one or two key points relevant and important to your own needs and work those features into your top track picks

26 Special Situations to consider in Yr 3 scheduling zTouch base with Dean Mendez or Dean Sonntag if you are yin the military scholarship program yanticipating a yr 2 remediation schedule ydealing with other significant academic commitments or concerns yattempting to juggle personal priorities and school yseeking to transfer to another school zFaculty advisors and SAS advisors are good resources for advice

27 Site Assignment Process zClerkships must be taken at sites specified by SSOM zSites assigned by lottery, with one Wild Card option: yPeds, Psych, Fam Med, OB-Gyn and Medicine (for 1 of the months) zAssignments done by placement: ySurgery & 1 of the 2 Medicine months zTRACK LOTTERY NUMBER DOES NOT APPLY TO SITE LOTTERIES

28 Site Assignments... zJuly assignments tentatively made in May zStudents submit site preference; once made, assignments are BINDING zSubsequent lotteries occur about 5 - 6 weeks prior to start of each clerkship zFollow policies governing site placements (provided in late March)

29 Site Assignments... zYou will need good, reliable personal transportation. Your daily schedule may not permit car pooling. zYour decrepit, rusted-out, 2004 car with four bald tires will not exempt you from being assigned to more distant sites.

30 Site Requirements... zYour immunizations must be current yThis includes Heptavax completed and titer drawn yTB must be current yOther requirements per site zDrug screening will be required for each of you before the start of M3 rotations (additional information to follow) zCriminal Background Check may be required (student pays)

31 Third Year Elective Option zPurpose: to offer exposure to certain specialties or subspecialties for students considering these disciplines as a career zYou can take one 4-week elective or two 2-week electives within your one month elective block zPay attention to elective prerequisites when selecting your preferred track and elective (e.g., if you plan to take the Orthopaedic Surgery elective, you should take your Surgery clerkship before your elective block) zSee list of elective options in packet; course descriptions online in SSOM Elective Catalog zTimetable for when to register in packet; and how to register to follow

32 Third Year Elective Option (cont.) zSeveral tracks (27 students) REPLACE the 3 rd -year elective with Sub-I Wards in May or EM in June of M3 year zAnyone considering EM should consider EM at end of 3 rd year zYou will be prepared for Sub-I Wards in May zWill open up interview and elective options in M4 year

33 OTHER IMPORTANT INFO zDon’t say you weren’t told…

34 Please Note: zDay one on each clerkship is crucial zExams must be taken at their assigned time No exceptions (Christmas cheap airfare dates included!) zExam times float – may be in A.M. or P.M. zSat/Sun attendance may be expected on some services at some sites (i.e. 6-day work week) zOn-Call every 4th night, very often less frequently

35 Please Note (cont.): zDaily attendance in year 3 & 4 is MANDATORY zUnexpected/Emergency Absences from Required Activities yDuring years three and four, any unexpected absence due to illness or other serious emergency requires prompt notification by the student to the clerkship/elective director and to the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. This notification constitutes a request for an excused absence due to a legitimate extenuating reason. Student Affairs will alert the clerkship or elective department of the absence if the student is unable to do so. zNon-Emergent Absences from Required Activities yPetitions for approved absences for non-emergent reasons are reviewed by the course director and Associate Dean or Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and a decision is made to approve the request or not. A student must have a serious reason for an excused absence in years three and four (e.g., wedding of a sibling, research presentation, etc.). Should a student have a serious reason for wishing to take a day or two off, a written petition must be submitted at least one month prior to elective in which the absence would occur.

36 Other Important Info zBooklist will be published zThird year clerks will need both long and short white coats worn according to the service assignment

37 E-documents to follow zElectronic copy of today’s handout and powerpoint zSite assignment procedures & wild card process zList of course directors and staff, sites, specialty services

38 Important Dates zMarch 11: Track Ranking Due (instructions for submitting will be emailed to you) zLate March: Tracks assigned zEarly April: First elective registration date (for July electives only) zMid May: Submit site choices for July assignment (stay connected with SSOM email!)

39 Important Dates (cont. zMonday, June 29 th – Thursday, July 2 nd : y3 rd Year Orientation/Clinical Tools Workshops (Attendance required) yHomework will be required to be done in advance zMonday, July 6 th: yClerkships start (Attendance required) Please Note: You are required to sit for Step 1 no later than Sunday, June 28, 2015

40 Questions? Advice/suggestions: Faculty Advisors Best wishes as you plan for Year Three! Office of Student Affairs

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