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North Carolina Housing Conference October 2014. Focus of COC.

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1 North Carolina Housing Conference October 2014

2 Focus of COC

3 1986- First Community Plan to address homelessness Goals: Develop more affordable housing Goals: Increase access to rehabilitation services and transitional housing Goal: Develop Coordinating Body Winston-Salem COC Background & Progress

4 2005- Blue Ribbon Taskforce on Homelessness Goals: 598 Units of SH Goals: Implement Housing First Strategy Goals: Eliminate Chronic Homelessness 2006- City/County/United Way partnership 2007- 1 st Project Homeless Connect 2007- 1 st SOAR worker formed 2009- “HPRP” Program: Rapid Re-Housing 2011- Programs for homeless veterans 2013- Coordinated Intake Background & Progress Cont.

5  Develop 598 Units of Supportive Housing  End Chronic Homelessness  Housing First response to homelessness (goal of place­ ment within 30 days).  First Resource Center that serves as a central access to housing placement  Improve access through discharge planning and ser­vice linkage agreements with mainstream resource systems  Ensure the availability of employment and training services  Develop performance measurement strategies to set outcome benchmarks, collect data, and track ongo­ing performance and needs at the program and sys-tem- levels.

6 Understanding Our System

7 Winston-Salem Homeless Council Operating Cabinet Commission on Ending Homelessness Ratings Pannel

8 Emergency Shelter/ services Mental Heath Substance Abuse Treatment Child CareSchools Permanent Supportive Housing Permanent Housing Transitional Housing Employment Disability Income Health Care

9 Housing Stabilization Child Care/ Schools Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Services Short-Term Rental Assistance, Deposits, Arrears Family/ Social Supports Employment / Disability/Ed ucation Benefits Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing Permanent Supportive Housing Physical Health Care 9 New System: Housing First


11 Understanding our Data Moving in the Same Direction: Ending Homelessness, not Ending Poverty

12 Develop 598 Units of Supportive Housing

13 August 2014 update: 67% decrease

14 CHANGE IN HOUSING PLACEMENT FRO M 2009 to 2012 Emergency Shelters

15 Veteran Homelessness Functional Zero

16 Housing First response to homelessness (goal of placement within 30 days) MPR, Forsyth Futures 2013

17  Dedication & Prioritization of Beds  Chronic & Vulnerable Persons First  Coordinated Assessment/Standardized Tool  Single list for Permanent Supportive Housing  Evidence of a Person’s Status

18  Length of time homeless  Returns to homelessness  Number of homeless persons  Jobs & income growth of persons served  First-time homeless persons  Preventing homelessness  Successful housing placement

19  Housing placement & retention  Increases in client incomes Employment income Non-employment income Non-cash income  % of Chronic Homeless persons served  Data completeness score  Cost per successful housing outcome


21 Andrea Kurtz, JD Senior Director, Housing Strategies United Way of Forsyth County 336-721-9373 Tim West, Program Supervisor City of Winston-Salem 336-734-1305

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