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Year 4-6 Literacy PRO Reading Program

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1 Year 4-6 Literacy PRO Reading Program
Glasshouse country Christian college

2 LITERACY PRO Reading Program
The Literacy Pro program is a web-based reading and comprehension program that is grounded in over twenty years of research. The program replaces the previous Lexile program offered at the College. At the end of 2014 we migrated to the new Literacy Pro interface. The Literacy Pro Program is introduced in Year 4 and is used across Years 4-6. It replaces the home reader program. Students complete a Lit Pro test at the start of the year to determine their Lexile level. On completion of the test, students will receive a Lexile score between BR This Lexile determines which books are best suited for each student to read. Students are expected to read Lexile books and complete quizzes consistently throughout the year reaching set goals. Students are tested at regular intervals each semester to monitor their progress.

Personalises reading by matching students to appropriate texts, based on their current reading and comprehension level. This promotes success and increases their enjoyment, confidence, competence and control of the reading process.

4 OTHER BENEFITS Offers great incentives to reward reading and comprehension. Goal setting is highly motivating for students and encourages self-directed learning. Students can choose their own titles. Helps build a lifelong love of reading and learning. Many students enjoy the web-based aspect of the program. Accessible at home and at school. Helps teachers set measurable goals for students, and to monitor and evaluate reading progress regularly. Uses real books from major children's publishers, both Australian and international.





9 WHAT IS A LEXILE? A Lexile is a unit that measures the amount of challenge presented by a passage of text. If we know the Lexile measure of a book and we know the Lexile measure of a child, we can tell how the book matches the child’s reading ability – whether it’s too easy, too difficult or just right.

10 READERS BOOKS Students take a Lit Pro test to determine their individual Lexile level. The Lexile Framework® determines the difficulty of text by way of sophisticated software. The software uses a mathematical equation that looks at two factors: The difficulty of the vocabulary (semantic difficulty). The complexity of the sentences (syntactic complexity) throughout the book.

11 This information is used to match students with books at their Lexile level and in their interest areas. Reading at this 'target' level offers sufficient challenge without frustration.

12 Students need to choose books from the Lexile collection
that are 100 below and 50 above their Lexile score.



15 READING GUIDE Lexile titles have a Lexile sticker and a star on the front cover to assist students choosing books suitable for their level, age and content. Students can read across the red, green and silver levels. Gold star books are reserved for Year 6 students only.

16 Students are encouraged to choose
“just right” books…


18 READING OPTIONS Students are expected to do quizzes on books read in 2015 only. Students can look for alternative titles to read in their reading list on their home page. Students may choose books from home or school, or a public library. Any titles listed with the blue house icon are available in the school library. Most will be available in the Lexile section, but others may be in the general fiction or non-fiction areas.

19 Literacy Pro YouTube Clip – hover your mouse on the bottom left to play.

Go to the GCCC Connect page and click on the Library Tab, followed by the Library Weebly for Students.

21 Click on the Library Weebly for Students

22 The GCCC Library Weebly for students URL is http://gccclibrary. weebly

23 The Weebly Password is: gccchub
Go to the iRead tab, followed by the Literacy Pro tab. Click on the Literacy Pro icon. To login students need to type in their username (usually firstnamelastname) and the password reading1.

24 QUIZZES Quizzes can be completed at home or at school, but must be done independently by the student. Some books may not have a quiz – students have the option to write a diary entry for these, that includes a short summary of the book instead. Please come and see us if your child has trouble locating a book or quiz.


26 QUIZ PARAMETERS Quiz pass mark 7 out of 10 70%
Number of quizzes completed per day 1 Number of days between quiz attempts 1 Number of attempts to pass quiz 3


28 MONITORING PROGRESS Lit Pro tests are taken at regular intervals throughout the year to test the progress. Often if students have been reading and completing quizzes consistently their Lexile score will increase.

Read books in the appropriate Lexile reading range (from 100 Lexiles below to 50 Lexiles above the measure indicated). Use reading strategies such as summarising books read, identifying the main idea, visualising the story (the setting, characters, and what is happening), and predicting what will happen next in the book. Asking questions (who, what, where, when, how, why) before, during and after reading to increase reading comprehension. Relate personal experiences and knowledge to books, to understand the topics and ideas presented. Identify the sequence of events in a book (the order in which events happen). Build vocabulary by reading and discussing books. Keep track of new vocabulary learned and use it in conversation and writing. Set aside time to read at home. Set an example and be a reader too.

30 READ, READ, READ Reading is an essential skill for all learners. Research proves that students who consistently read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not. Reading increases vocabulary, fluency and the development of comprehension skills. It builds self-discipline and provides an outlet for enjoyment and relaxation.

31 Please remember this is an individualised program and it is important not to compare students’ reading level with others. If you have any questions about the program please talk to your child’s class teacher or library staff Questions about your child’s reading progress are best directed to the class teacher. Thank you for partnering with us to promote reading at GCCC.

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