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First Year Psychology Student Induction

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1 First Year Psychology Student Induction
Dr Julie Castronovo Year 1 Tutor

2 Official welcome from our
Head of Department Prof Marie Reid

3 Hull University Union

4 Dr Jo Horne

5 British Psychological Society
BPS is a representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK. As undergraduate students studying psychology, you are eligible to join this society. Benefits of membership – The Psychologist, PsychTalk, online access to BPS journals, discounts Cost of student membership: £25 per year for non-tax payers (£60 for tax payers) £63 for 3-year membership for non-tax payers (£168 for tax payers) Online application forms are available on the BPS website: BPS is a representative body for psychology and psychologists in the Uk. As UG students studying psychology, you are eligible to join this society. Benefits of belonging Belonging to the Society is an integral part of being a professional psychologist. It is recognition of your professional status and reflects your aspiration to represent the highest possible professional standards Eligibility Student membership is open to everyone studying on a Society accredited undergraduate degree or postgraduate conversion course. Approx £20 a year (£17 – 21 depending on Direct Debit payments). Benefits As a Student Member you get: automatic membership of the Society’s Student Member Group (SMG) The Psychologist magazine every month, with the chance to write for ‘New Voices’ and win free membership PsychTalk, a newsletter written by students exclusive discounts to books, journals and events the chance to transfer to graduate membership free of charge after completing your undergraduate degree or conversion course recognition of belonging to a professional body, with the chance to join divisions and  other groups access to a range of high street discounts and offers.

6 Julia Goodall Careers and Employability Service
Welcome Julia Goodall Careers and Employability Service Header slide - introduction

7 Too much information… Acknowledge that during induction students receive lots of information from a variety of sources, hence this talk will not give you lots of information about graduate jobs and further study, but has a few simple messages on the last slide. University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

8 Find us on the top floor, University House
Location of the Careers Service University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

9 @Hullunicareers #hullunicareers
University of Hull Careers & Employability Service Online and social media presence University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

10 What we do… One to one support Appointments with your Careers Adviser
Advice and guidance by and skype Events (careers fairs, talks, employer presentations) Employer presentations Skills workshops – CVs, interviews, networking, Practice assessment centres, practice interviews and practice tests Specific events & activities in partnership with your Department At Hull you are fortunate to have a student-centred Careers Service which continues to offer a personal service for individuals, as we recognise that the aspirations and goals of individuals vary enormously. Our Information and Resource Room is well stocked with details of work, further study, UK and overseas opportunities, work experience, job information, support for CVs and applications. You can also stop and watch a DVD or use the computers to search for funding opportunities or work placements. Information Assistants – someone to help you to find information. Regular drop ins with a Careers Adviser – get advice, discuss your ideas and options, maximise your employability, CV feedback. No need to book. Website is kept up to date – contact details, opening times, drop-ins, job information, vacancies, work experience, self assessment, employability, CVs, Interviews, events, DVDs, wide range of resources online We organise an extensive programme of events, with talks and workshops virtually daily during semesters. We also run workshops to help you develop the skills to succeed in the selection process for jobs and further study. University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

11 What do we do? Jobs and internships -
Free elective module Information – online and printed Student careers ambassadors Hull Employability Awards E-mentoring opportunities University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

12 Key messages Register with Careers now –
Try out different opportunities. Get work experience to enhance your employability. Do not leave it until your final year. Most graduate opportunities are for graduates of any discipline. Welcome clip on This slide summarises the most important messages. For finalists, mention closing dates. University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

13 Upcoming events –
13 October : Teaching - training routes, funding and application process 13 October : Teach First presentation 15 October : Teaching - School Direct presentation 16 October : Working in Education - though not teaching 22 October : Graduate Retail Careers Fair, Leeds Met 23 October : Exploring the food industry - presentation by Blue Earth Foods 23 October : Preparing for a Legal career - event for BAME students 28 October : University of Hull Graduate Recruitment Fair 30 October : Applications session by EY (formerly Ernst and Young) 6 November : WM Morrisons - manufacturing opportunities 6 November : University of Hull Law Careers Fair 6 November: EY- Q and A Session University of Hull Careers and Employability Service

14 Psychology Society Societies Gold Award Winner at the HUU Awards 2013
Societies Silver Award Winner at the HUU Awards 2014

15 Psychology Hull Year 1

16 Year One Modules – BSc Psychology (if not on a ‘with’ course)
Semester 1 Semester 2 You MUST have 6 modules in total for the year Pioneers of Modern Psychology by default (Already been sent info about this module) OR FE

17 Year One Modules – BSc Psychology (if not on a ‘with’ course)
DEAR Semester 1 Design Analysis of Research Execution Includes Practicals Semester 2 Academic Staff Dr Shane Lindsay Dr Emily Mather (Module Manager) DEAR 1 and 2 are designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be able to pose meaningful questions about behaviour and to design ways of answering those questions in an objective and scientific manner.

18 Year One Modules – BSc Psychology (if not on a ‘with’ course)
Explore 6 core areas of psychology: Biological psychology Developmental psychology The psychology of thinking and language Perception, learning and memory Social psychology Psychology of personality and intelligence Semester 1 Semester 2 Academic Staff Dr David Smith Dr Graham Dean (Module Manager T&E 1) (Module Manager T&E2) Theory and Explorations in Psychology 1 and 2 explore the 6 core areas of psychology: biological psychology, developmental psychology, the psychology of thinking and language; perception, learning and memory; social psychology and the psychology of personality and intelligence. You will study the theoretical foundations of each while dipping into interesting examples of research and applications.

19 Year One Modules – BSc Psychology (if not on a ‘with’ course)
Help students become more effective & competent learners in academia: Essay writing Critical analysis of research Exam Techniques Literature Search Employability ... Semester 1 Academic Staff Dr Julie Castronovo (Module Manager) Semester 2 This module is designed to help students become more effective and competent learners in academia. Psychology includes the study of how people learn and work. This module provides an introduction to relevance skills, that will be useful throughout your degree: Critical analysis of research/writing note taking exam techniques literature searches time management presentation skills confidence building employability ... Dr Myfanwy Bugler

20 Year One Modules – BSc Psychology (if not on a ‘with’ course)
Pioneers of Modern Psychology: Introduction to people and ideas that have shaped modern psychology Semester 1 Academic Staff Prof Paul Wilson (Module Manager) Semester 2 You MUST have 6 modules in total for the year Pioneers of Modern Psychology (Already been sent info about this module) OR FE

21 Online Teaching Material
- Modules’ handbook Lecture slides Modules’ announcements - ...

22 eBridge sites Ensure you are familiar with eBridge

23 Online Teaching Material
Each module’s reading list

24 Each module’s reading list

25 PASS Scheme Peer Assisted Study Sessions
Dr. Emily Mather is the Psychology PASS Academic Co-ordinator. The student leaders are not there to re-teach material; they are there to help you work together to develop your understanding. 2nd and 3rd Year student volunteers work in small teams to help 1st Year students in weekly timetabled sessions.

26 PASS Scheme The sessions begin from Week 3.
The sessions are linked to the ‘Theory and Explorations 1’ module. The sessions run on Monday 9.15am, Wednesday pm, and Friday 10.15am. This information should be on your timetable. Please attend your ALLOCATED slot, not whichever one you want to attend. Otherwise, group sizes will be unbalanced.

27 The PASS experience Please come along and try it out - your attendance and co- operation makes all the difference. The Department of Sport Science started running the PASS scheme three years ago and there have been significant improvements in the students’ grades since! PASS sessions are relaxed informal gatherings, so you shouldn’t feel intimidated or afraid to speak out. It will also be a great opportunity to meet new people!

28 DEAR 1 and PASS groups To find out which DEAR and PASS groups you have been assigned to, please your personalised timetable online

29 Timetable Your personal online timetable indicates your contact times at classes: you can always access the latest version from either on campus or remotely.  Timetables for Semesters 1 and 2 are published online via You should click on the link and log on with your campus username and password Some classes, e.g. workshops, are split into a small groups. You will be assigned to specific groups.  Due to practical constraints, you are unable to choose which group to attend and need to attend the ones assigned to you.  The groups you've been allocated to should appear on your personal online timetable.

30 Timetable – Semester 1

31 Your S1 Psych modules will be in....
Pioneers in Modern Psychology Learning and Working Theory & Exploration PASS DEAR1  You are expected to arrive at lectures on time and are likely to receive a warning if you are late. If you are late more than once the matter may be taken further. Many of you will be staying at the Lawns in Cottingham – takes a while to get to lectures. Set off early.

32 Clinical Psychology Doctorate
Opportunity to study Clinical Psychology Doctorate immediately following your UG Psychology degree (only for BSc Psychology) Very limited places: Module marks and appropriate experience will be used as selection criteria. In Semester 1, the clinical team will give a talk about the program and what students who are considering clinical psychology need to start thinking about. Nick Hutchinson provides talk on this

33 For more info on Clinical Psychology Doctorate
Visit the Clinical Psychology website: Dr Jo Beckett Lecturer in Clinical Psychology. Check Induction site for slides on the Clinical program:


35 Lectures: basic rules RESPECT PREPARE
You are expected to be prepared for classes by reading set material, working through example sheets and reading through notes from previous classes.

36 Teaching Sessions Attendance monitoring
Attendance to all teaching sessions (lectures, tutorials, practicals) is COMPULSORY in Psychology It is your responsibility to make sure that you sign the register during each class. Departmental-level (then if needed Faculty-Level) warning letter(s) will be issued following consecutive unauthorised absences Resits can be denied on the grounds of poor attendance (Resit Not Permitted). Absence: In case of illness, Need to be away from studies: fill Request to be Absent Form (available on the intranet) To be signed by year tutor for absence less than 7 days To be signed by HoD for absence more than 7 days 

37 Teaching sessions To ensure that there is a constructive learning environment for ALL students, your lecturers and tutors may: Exclude late arrivals Exclude students who are not prepared for their classes Warn disruptive students that they will be asked to leave if the disruption continues. Students who are asked to leave a class as a result of being disruptive will be required to attend a follow-up meeting to discuss their unacceptable behaviour. Persistent offenders will be dealt with under the existing student disciplinary procedures.

38 Coursework submission
As a student in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, you are expected to: Take responsibility for your assessed work ensuring it is submitted in a timely fashion and free of plagiarism and unfair means.

39 Coursework submission Deadlines for assessments
1 working day late: 10% of possible marks are automatically deducted. 2 -10 working days late: mark will be capped at 40. > 10 working days late: mark of zero. Need to apply for authorised extension in mitigating circumstances. See Psychology main office. Very serious penalties for late submission of work

40 Support services Student support services Disability Services
Student Loans and Hardship Student Counselling Study Advice Service and more..... You can get in touch with them at: Support services within the University.

41 Skills Team This includes Study Skills
Skills Team offer a number of resources and assistance that you may find helpful during your studies. See This includes Study Skills Information and Digital Literacy skills Mathematics, Numeracy and Statistics Exam Techniques

42 Disabilities Tutor Dr. Jason Tipples Tel: (46)6158 Office : Fenner Room 142-A Dr . Tipples acts as a link between Disability Services and Psychology. He can apply for special exam arrangements on a disabled student's behalf, and he facilitates the student's support within the department.

43 Health and Safety Please be aware of fire safety and emergency procedures and familiarise yourself with these. Psychology Department First Aiders: Darren Bird Computing officer AS1 121 Henning Holle Lecturer Fen 170b Jade Norris PhD student Fen 153 Laura Purdon Postgraduates Admin AS1 126 Chun Yang Technician Fen 166

44 Personal Supervisor You have all been assigned a personal supervisor.
Meet three times throughout both semesters of Year 1 and at various points throughout your degree. Introduction to the department/discuss Personal Development Planning (PDP)/Learning and Working tutorials. You should all have a note of the day (Thursday or Friday), time and room of your first meeting this week. Personal supervisor – if you have any personal issues you want to discuss Might want to discuss exam/coursework performance or marks Career advice in your final year Personal development - pdp

45 Academic members of Staff
You can book an appointment to meet any academic of staff on their office door or on the online booking system (intranet). You are welcome to sign up to meet individually with any member of staff at any point during your time here. You may have a question about something they have taught you, want feedback on something they have marked or just want to chat about their area of research.

46 Selling and buying books
Webpage: You can buy and sell books within the Psychology Department. Service available via intranet. Very easy to use, student selling the book.

47 Exclusive Value Pack for Year 1 Psychology
in the Student Union 6 essential textbooks for year 1 and beyond, selected by your teaching team Price: £286.99

48 How Much Do You Save? SAVE £52 when you purchase this value pack for £286.99 GET £48 in credit to spend on anything else at Waterstones Exclusive to Hull Waterstones

49 in the Student Union

50 etiquette

51 Email etiquette Different sorts of academic staff at uni:
Lecturers Senior Lecturers Professors Administrative staff Postgraduates Academic Staff are involved in teaching & research Most effective way & more frequent of communicating: s

52 Email etiquette Rules to follow:
Informal s are meant for s to your friends, colleagues, university staff Formal s: applications for jobs, interviews, internships, etc. When ing someone you don’t know, formal s = safe option (few people are offended by somebody being too polite!)

53 Email etiquette: informal emails
Start the by greeting, addressing the person you’re writing to: Dear Julie, Dear Dr Castronovo, Hello Julie, Hi Julie, Bonjour Julie, Hello all, “Dear Julie,” is fine. Most members of staff prefer to be called by their 1st name. “Dear Dr Castronovo” is fine too (just make me sound old) “Hi Julie” or “Hello Julie”

54 Email etiquette: informal emails
Start the by greeting, addressing the person you’re writing to: Hiya! Hey! Yo Julie!

55 Email etiquette: informal emails
Short & to the point! Politeness = NOT an option “Please” “Thank you” “Can I have” “I want...” “Give me...”

56 Email etiquette: informal emails
Use correct grammatical English Avoid text-speak and obscure acronyms “Would it be possible for me to come and see you tomorrow?” “U there 2mro? Need 2 c u.” “Dear Julie,” is fine. Most members of staff prefer to be called by their 1st name. “Dear Dr Castronovo” is fine too (just make me sound old) “Hi Julie” or “Hello Julie”

57 Email etiquette: informal emails
Provide enough details: your name, year, module... Level? Who? What? “My name is Russell Sprout. I am in year 1. Could you please remind me the reference you talked about in the last lecture on Learning & Working (w5)?” “What is the reference, you talked about?” “Dear Julie,” is fine. Most members of staff prefer to be called by their 1st name. “Dear Dr Castronovo” is fine too (just make me sound old) “Hi Julie” or “Hello Julie” Which module?

58 Email etiquette: informal emails
Sign off with your name Use some closing salutation “Best wishes,” “Best regards,” “With kind regards,” “Cheerio,”

59 Email etiquette: formal emails
Previous rules, but applied in a stricter manner You must address the Sign off with a closing salutation & your full un-contracted first name and surname “Dear Dr. Smith” “Dear Professor Smith,” “Dear Sir or Madam,” “With kind regards, Michael Jones” Golden rules if you are applying for a job!!

60 Email etiquette: formal emails
Please consider which address you use Funny address: Lack of credibility Your identity is not seen Could be dismissed as spam

61 Freshers week and beyond...
Make the most of your first week here....  Join clubs/societies  Enjoy yourself! When semester starts...  Get into good habits!  Any problems/questions contact your personal supervisor, myself or your student mentor.

62 Week One Timetable Wednesday 1st October 13.15 – 15.05
Year 1 Induction AS3 Large Lecture Theatre Thursday 2rd October 15.00 – 17.00 University UG Registration Staff House By arrangement (see welcome letter) Meet personal supervisor Applied Science/Fenner Friday 3rd October Applied Science/ Fenner

63 1st Year Psychology Night Out
Where? When? Old Grey Mare on Cottingham Road (across from Uni Main Entrance) Thursday Night at 6.30 onwards

64 Meet with your student mentor
Meeting us  Meet with your student mentor If you have any further questions relating to the course, please come and see me or another member of staff. This presentation is available on the Induction website

65 Student mentors Amy Bradshaw Tyler Mills Emmie Smith Michelle Tennant
Louise Foster Emma Latham Ava Doski Kyle Ginn Cassandra Heath Vanessa Hall Bianca Oltean Salka Gustafsdottir Caitlin Hayton Michael Odonnell We have a good support system within the department.... Year Tutor, Personal Supervisor, Student Liaison Officer and Student Mentors.

66 Student Representatives
Represent your year group, and sit on our staff-student committee (4 times a year – refreshments provided). Look good on your c.v. and can be enjoyable. To nominate someone, please complete the nomination form ( and return it to the Student Union OR Psychology Office. Do not worry training will be provided by the Union Nomination deadline: 10th Oct Election week: Oct For more information, go to Or contact: Dr. Kazuyo Nakabayashi – Chair of Student Staff Committee

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