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Hand’s WOODS Project 5-year Plan Proposal Presentation by: Jared Brooks Ed Corriveau Elizabeth Fantazzia Katrina Longenecker Shawn Sensenig Hand’s Woods.

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1 Hand’s WOODS Project 5-year Plan Proposal Presentation by: Jared Brooks Ed Corriveau Elizabeth Fantazzia Katrina Longenecker Shawn Sensenig Hand’s Woods Millersville University

2 The Wooded Lot Hand’s woods is a 7.99 acre wood lot that is positioned behind Hand Middle and Washington Elementary School. Hand Middle School Washington Elementary

3 Present Condition of Wooded Lot Most recently the wooded lot has been a site of drug activity, homeless people, dumping of debris, and all terrain vehicle use. But more historically the site has had a much cleaner, and educational past.

4 General Edward Hand The wooded lot got it’s name just as The middle school received theirs. Revolutionary war General Edward Hand was born in Ireland on December 31st in 1744. In 1767, Hand sailed to Philadelphia to be a surgeon. He arrived in Lancaster in 1774, which he made his new home and began performing surgeries and studying physics

5 Revolutionary War Veteran He was a very strong believer in independence, so he joined the colonists and fought as a Lieutenant Colonel for the First Battalion of Pennsylvanian Riflemen. Through his exploits he reached the rank of Brigadier General. He then became the Adjutant General, and fought in the battle of Yorktown after which he marched all of his troops back to Lancaster.

6 Hand’s exploits in Lancaster As a Federalist, Hand still remained very active in politics after the war had ended. He held many Positions in Lancaster, including: Chief Burgess of Lancaster, Presidential Elector, Delegate for the 1970 Pennsylvanian Constitution, member of Congress (1784- 1785), and member of the Pennsylvania Assembly (1785-1786).

7 Rockford Plantation General Hand lived out the remainder of his life on his 177 acre farm in Lancaster. On September 3rd, 1802, he died from cholera on his farm in Rockford near Lancaster. Currently, Hand’s Rockford plantation is a historical site and is located one mile south of Lancaster.

8 Myths Surrounding Hand’s Woods: The Great Depression and the Trolley In the years following the Great Depression Lancaster went through a period of poverty and decay. The neighborhood surrounding Hand’s woods was referred to Barney Google Row. Barney Google Row, 1944

9 Barney Google Row The name Barney Google most likely originated from the Billy DeBeck-King comic book character.

10 Barney Google Row The name Barney Google was a representation of a hillbilly and “ne’er do well”. The row became synonymous among the population of Lancaster City as a place for poor rural people, with often spoke a catchy slang and were not prepared for city life.

11 Barney Google Row: On July 10, 1957 Barney Google Row and it’s substandard housing were demolished. Why is Barney Google Row important? – It is a source of urban myth surrounding the woods. Many people interviewed originally thought the housing was inside the wooded lot, but this was not the case.

12 Urban Myths: The Trolley that Never Was Another popular myth is that the Lancaster Trolley ran through the wooded lot. – In actuality the Trolley ran near by, but there were no tracks that ran through the woods themselves. A Birney Car taken In front of The Lancaster County Court House at the corner of King and Duke St. 1942

13 Rocky Springs Amusement Park Although the Trolley did not run through Hand’s Woods, hundreds of people passed by the wooded lot on their weekend trip to Rocky Springs Amusement Park.

14 Education Environment and Ecology Earth Science Physical Education History Art

15 Education Environment and Ecology – Stream Study – Garden Planting

16 Education Earth Science – Topographic Geologic Survey – Rock Identification – Weather Station

17 Education Physical Education – Low Ropes Course – Climbing Wall

18 Education History – History of area located in and around Woods – History of entire Lancaster area

19 Hand’s WOODS Board Executive Director: Secretary/Program Coordinator: Funds Committee: Liability Committee: Maintenance Committee:

20 Hand’s WOODS Board Continued Hand’s WOODS Watch: Development Committee: Education Committee: Community liaison:

21 5 year Plan What to do, and when.

22 Year 1 Initial Cleanup. – Here getting help from outside groups would help greatly. Funding. – Grants are the best course of action. – Fundraising is also an option. – Donations Board. – Develop Board Structure Development – Stairs, Trails, etc. – Crosswalk Safety – Sinkholes – Patrols – Signs – Community

23 Year 2 Finances – Continue Grant money. Education – Involve children outside. Development – Signs, maps, benches – Ropes Course, Frisbee Golf – Stocking native plants, wetland Safety – Continue patroling.

24 Year 3 Funds – Grants Maintenance – Keep Trails Clear. – Trash. Safety – Continue patrolling Education – Begin to take classes out to the WOODS Science Pys. Ed. Geology History – Local history about the woods Development – Wetland – Plants Native Edible – Shed

25 Year 4 and 5 Funding – Grants – Fund raisers Maintenance – Trails – Trash Safety – Patrols Education – Full use of WOODS Development – Shed

26 Financing and Funding

27 Financing Possible Grants: Green Works Grant Program Up to $5,000 Environmental Education Grants Program Up to $15,000 Environmental Education Program United Disabilities Program Up to $35,000 Evergreen Funding Consultants

28 Fundraisers: Project S.N.A.P. $4.00 for every poster Phone raiser Bake sale Candy sale

29 Donations: Ask local businesses to donate supplies, plants, money, etc. – John Herr’s – Banks – Home Depot – Lowe’s – Funk’s

30 Conclusion

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