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10-11 th Grade Course Selection Parent Night On The Road To Success as a Junior or Senior! January 2015 2015-2016.

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1 10-11 th Grade Course Selection Parent Night On The Road To Success as a Junior or Senior! January 2015 2015-2016

2 It’s all about Graduation!  Earn 26 credits Recommended/Distinguished  Pass End of Course Tests (EOCs)  Have Good Attendance If you hit a “speed bump” along the way consider your options:  Credit restoration  Summer school  Retest for EOCs Graduation Requirements

3  Credit Requirement  Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP) – 26 credits  Recommended High School Plan (RHSP) – 26 credits  Minimum Plan – 22 credits  Testing Requirement - EOCs  English I  English II  Biology  Algebra I  US History Graduation Requirements

4 It’s All About Credits  4 credits of English4.0  4 credits of Math4.0  4 credits of Science4.0  4 credits of Social Studies4.0  2 years of Foreign Language2.0*  Speech/Health.5 each1.0  P.E.1.0  Fine Arts1.0  Electives5.0 *3 years of Foreign Language for Distinguished Achievement + 4 additional measures Graduation Credits

5 Graduation EOC Exams EnglishMathScience Social Studies 9 th English I (Reading & Writing) 8 th or 9 th Algebra I 9 th Biology 10 th English II (Reading & Writing) 11 th U.S. History (includes US History Dual) Level II Passing Standard (satisfactory) Level II Passing Standard (satisfactory) Level II Passing Standard (satisfactory) Level II Passing Standard (satisfactory)

6 End of Course Performance Levels  Level III- Advanced Academic Performance Performance in this category indicates students are well prepared for the next grade or course.  Level II - Satisfactory Academic Performance Performance in this category indicates students are sufficiently prepared for the next grade or course.  Level I - Unsatisfactory Academic Performance Performance in this category indicates students are inadequately prepared for the next grade or course. End of Course Exams

7 Grades, Grades, Grades, Grades End the year with a bang! Failed first semester? You can grade average your first & second semester to equal an average of a 70 for the year Must be done within the same school year Class rank lower than you’d like it to be? Work hard to bring up grades Choose appropriate course levels Behind in credits? Consider summer school or Correspondence courses Credit restoration for failed courses Graduation Requirements

8 What do YOU need to do to help ensure YOUR success? Be in class every day Pay attention, ask questions Do your homework Put effort into your work...Study, study, study Go to tutoring for extra help Don’t get behind on classwork Take advantage of re-teach and reassessment Be positive End of Course Exams

9 Course Selection Timeline  Classroom Presentations 10 & 11 th grade – Jan 13 & 14, through English classes  Parent Presentation January 15  Course Selections made on-line Jan 16-25 by students/parents  Student/Counselor course selection review Jan 26-March 25 Course Selection

10 Choosing Courses English Social Studies Math Science ______________ Foreign Language? Speech/Health? Fine Arts? 1.0 PE? Career Courses? Course required by college Course Selection

11 Seniors – Taking a full schedule  Gives more academic preparation for college or a job  Enhances study skills/organization  Allows exploration of interests  Shows colleges and scholarship committees you are serious about your education Course Selection

12 Courses Designations  Academic  Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP)  Dual Credit (Dual) - *Available Junior Year  Advanced Placement (AP) Challenged but not overwhelmed Course Selection

13 Dual Credit Classes Students can earn both high school and college credits through Foster High School and Wharton County Junior College, Texas State Technical School and/or UT  Juniors - U.S. History Dual credit, WCJC  Seniors – English IV Dual credit, WCJC  Juniors & Seniors – Pre-Calculus Dual Credit, WCJC Physics II – Scientific R&D, Dual WCJC  CTE Courses  Advanced Construction Technology Dual, TSTC  Advanced Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Dual TSTC  Medical Terminology Dual, WCJC  Emergency Medical Technician Dual, TSTC  Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Dual, WCJC  Computer Technician Dual, TSTC  Automotive Technology Dual, TSTC  Advanced Automotive Technology Dual, TSTC  Diesel Mechanics Dual, TSTC  Diesel Mechanics II Dual, TSTC  ONRAMPS (UT-possible Dual Spring Semester)  Pre-Calculus, Statistics and Thriving in Our Digital World College Credit

14 Registering for College Classes Counselors will hold Dual Credit meeting in May with students & provide information Basic Steps  Complete online application for WCJC  Send high school transcript and EOC test scores  Complete Certificate for Early Admission form  Satisfy testing requirement  Check to see if you are exempt  If not exempt, complete Pre-Assessment Activity for TSI  Take the TSI  4. Register for classes (July)  5. Pay fees by deadline  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for second semester classes in November or December College Credit

15 Advanced Placement (AP)  College level course taught in high school by specially trained high school teachers  National AP Exams given in May  Students earning a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Exam may receive college credit for the course  A score of 3, 4, or 5 counts as on of the Advanced Measures for the DAP Advanced Placement

16 AP Registration  AP Testing - May 4 th – May 15 - This is your chance to prove your college readiness as defined by AP. AP test takers can strengthen your college admissions portfolio and possibly earn college credit or advanced placement.  This year, we will be registering online with Total Registration, an online provider. Registration website:  Registration is open on March 2 through March 18 th at 4:00 pm.  Late registration March 18 th at 4:00 through March 20 th.  Each exam is $95. Free and reduced fees $25 for the first 3 tests and $59 for any test thereafter. Late fee is $10 for all students.  For more information on AP exams, go to: (Bulletin for AP Students & Parents) Advanced Placement

17 AP EXAM DATES DateMorning Afternoon May 4 th ChemistryEnviro Sc.Psychology May 5 th Cal ABCal BCChineseAP Seminar May 6 th Eng LitJapanese May 7 th Comp SciSpan LangArt History May 8 th GermanUS HistoryEuropean HistStudio Art May 11 th BiologyMusic TheoryPhysics C May 12 th US GovtFrench LangSpan Lit May 13 th Eng LangStatistics May 14 th World HistItalianMacro Eco May 15 th Micro EcoLatin AP Exam Schedule

18 Investigate Colleges Explore   Choose 3-5 colleges  Location, size, cost  Special programs Visit the campus  Two college visits during junior year  Two College visits during senior year Visit with College Career Facilitator, Mara Ustynik, FHS room 1430 Attend LCISD’s College Night Attend Financial Aid Program College Exploration

19 Writing Your Resume What have you done during your four years of high school? ? Clubs, organizations ? Extracurricular activities ? Leadership positions ? Work experience ? Commitment to programs ? Volunteer experiences ? Awards ? Include both school related and community related experiences High School Resume

20 Admissions Standards  Class Rank/Test Scores  Automatic Admission  Admission by Review  Check each college for updated information College Admissions

21 PSAT Test PSAT/NMSQT Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test  LCISD pays for all 10 th & 11th graders to take the PSAT in October We encourage juniors especially for National Merit scholarship completion  Good practice for SAT and ACT tests  Monitor academic growth by comparing 10 th and 11 th grade PSAT scores  Prepare for PSAT by taking LCISD prep courses  For more information

22 2014-2015 SAT TEST DATES AND DEADLINES Customer Service (866) 756-7346 Test Dates Registration Deadline $50Late Registration Deadline $77 March 14 February 13March 3 May 2 April 6April 21 June 6 May 8May 27 2014-15 ACT TEST DATES AND DEADLINES (319) 337-1270 Make sure you register for the ***ACT Plus Writing*** Test Dates Registration Deadline $50.50Late Registration Deadline $71.50 February 7 January 9January 16 April 18 March 13March 27 June 13 May 8May 22 SAT/ACT Registration

23 Summer School  Terry High School  Registration will begin in late May  Course offerings TBD Summer School

24 Call the Counselors Office to schedule an appointment or ask questions (832)223-3815 FHS Counselors

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