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Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School

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1 Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School
WELCOME TO YEAR 3 Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School

Building on previous knowledge and becoming independent learners . Key Skills Reasoning Skills Information Processing Skills Enquiry Skills Evaluation Skills Problem solving Skills Creative Thinking Skills Communication Skills

3 Curriculum New National Curriculum Curriculum maps
Details the topic of the term and the areas of learning. Term 1/2 – Canterbury past and present Term 3/4 – Stone Age to Iron Age Term 5/6– The Ancient Egyptians

4 Planned Visits Canterbury Visit Visit from rock specialist
Trip to Reculver to fossil hunt Quex Park (TBA)

5 Learning in Year 2 Reading Spelling – High frequency words. Prefixes and suffixes. Home Learning Expectations

6 Class reward Marble jar – marbles rewarded and placed in class jar by child. When the jar is full, the children will choose a reward. Cave man points – these are individual rewards given for behaviour, attitude and work.

7 Uniform We expect children to be smart for school. There is an expectation that all children wear the correct school uniform. Children are not allowed to wear make up – e.g. nail varnish and jewellery ( apart from stud earrings which will need to be removed for PE). They will be asked to remove this if they do so. Winter Uniform for Girls and Boys grey trousers or skirt White polo shirt/ white shirt with collar School sweatshirt * (£11.00) Grey or white socks Black school shoes – not trainers PE kit * (£10.00) – items can be purchased individually PE Bag * (£2) Shorts *(£4) T shirt with school logo *(£4) * Available from the school office

8 Before and After School
School starts at 8.50 am and both playgrounds are supervised from 8.40 am. Please can you make sure that your child is not left unsupervised before then. No parents are allowed beyond the gate in Year 1 for safeguarding reasons. New reception parents are allowed beyond that gate until the end of Term 1, but not into the KS2 playground. School ends at 3.15 and your child will be walked round by a teacher from the class. If you arrive before and have young children, please do not allow them to make a large amount of noise outside the classrooms as this can disrupt the children’s concentration, especially in Year 6. The playground is not supervised after school and so therefore you are responsible for your children on the equipment. Thank you for your cooperation.

9 What do I do if I need to speak to someone ?
Communication is really essential. If there is important information which the class teacher needs to know please can you let one of the ladies in the office know or write a note. You can always speak to a member of staff from the class at the end of the day. If there is something urgent which you need to talk about, the ladies in the school office will always try to find someone who can help you if the class teacher is teaching. If what you need to speak about needs a discussion with the class teacher, please contact the school office to make a mutually convenient time with the teacher. If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about a safeguarding issue or family circumstances, please speak to Miss Chinnadurai who is our Safeguarding Officer. In her absence please speak to Mrs Long or Mrs Byrne.

10 Home Learning 1 Every child will have a Home Learning book which will be sent home on a Friday to be returned to school by the following Wednesday at the latest. Your child’s targets for reading, writing, maths and science will be in their home learning book for your information. A list of ‘non-negotiables’ which indicate the quality of work and presentation expected will also be included. A Home Learning task sheet will be added each term from which children may choose activities to complete in their Home Learning book. Teachers will discuss these with the children every Friday and offer suggestions on how they could be completed. We are more than happy for parents to support their children in researching and presenting these tasks in different ways.

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