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By: Mrs. Neely. 4/10/2015copyright 2006 2 How do you Prepare? Get your resume and cover letter ready. –Helpful Hint: Make your cover.

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1 By: Mrs. Neely

2 4/10/2015copyright 2006 2 How do you Prepare? Get your resume and cover letter ready. –Helpful Hint: Make your cover letter personable and include how you plan to fulfill the mission statement of the school you are applying to. Complete your portfolio. –Helpful Hint: Create two portfolios. Create one that is full of all your credentials and any materials reflective of your teaching experiences. Create a smaller one that includes all of your credentials and only essential materials for the particular position you are applying for. Create Packets to send to different school districts. –Helpful Hint: Include the following materials in your packets: resume, cover letter, clearances, references, PDE application, praxis scores, electronic portfolio, certificate and a copy of your diploma.

3 4/10/2015copyright 2006 3 Interview Questions Tell us about yourself. What inspires you to be a teacher? Please share a few highlights of your behavior management plan for a classroom. How do you feel about being approached with school issues during your personal time? Please explain the most difficult situation you have ever faced as an educator, and how you handled it. Please summarize your philosophy of teaching. What are the five key components of Reading Curriculum? How do you plan to incorporate technology into your classroom? In addition to being a classroom teacher, what else do you have to offer to our school district? How do you plan to differentiate instruction for all students?

4 4/10/2015copyright 2006 4 The Second Interview and “Lightening Round” Lightening Round No Child Left Behind School Uniforms Autism Home and School Technology in the Classroom Student Ability Grouping Year- Round School Response to Intervention (RTI) Questions Reading is a crucial element in our school district and a core of the curriculum. How will you support this? Why should we hire you in our district? What is your greatest strength as an educator? What is your greatest weakness as an educator? What is one thing that you would like me to remember as I continue the interview process?

5 4/10/2015copyright 2006 5 Thank you to all of the Professors in the Thiel College Education Department!

6 4/10/2015copyright 2006 6 My Classroom

7 4/10/2015copyright 2006 7 My Class

8 4/10/2015copyright 2006 8 My Class

9 4/10/2015copyright 2006 9 Do not ever give up! Give everything you’ve got and devote yourself to making students understand. Be Prepared! You can never over plan! Have plan A, B, and C! Make lessons meaningful and engaging. Meet the goals of the school district and align your lessons with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Be knowledgeable and teachable! Understand that sometimes students will not “get it” right away. It is your job to do whatever probable to get them on the right track. Develop a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and create a behavioral and management plan that is stern and respectable. Crucial Elements in Running a Successful Classroom

10 4/10/2015copyright 2006 10 Have excellent communication with EVERYONE; students, administration, faculty, staff, and absolutely PARENTS!!!! Be confident but humble. Inside the walls of the classroom, act like you own the world and outside the walls, act like you are only a piece of the puzzle. Apply what you have learned to the classroom. Utilize all of the materials and strategies that you created while in College. Respect your students and they will respect you! Be passionate and understand that it is your first year, you will make mistakes. There will be times when you beat yourself up over a lesson or a failed “plan” of some sort. Do not let it ruin your self esteem. No one is perfect and we all learn everyday! Crucial Elements Continued

11 4/10/2015copyright 2006 11 Get involved in the community! Offer to coach, become part of different boards and organizations and offer community service. But do not ever let anything get in the way of your teaching! Leave your personal life at the door. There are too many kids that rely on you and need the stability of an adult who cares. Last but not least, love what you do and do what you love. Things will work and things will not. Know that each child is different. Embrace the magic of childhood and treat every student as if they are your own! Be passionate and believe! Teaching truly is believing! Crucial Elements Continued

12 4/10/2015copyright 2006 12 “What nobler profession than to touch the next generation- to see children hold your understanding in their eyes, your hope in their lives, your world in their hands. In their success you find your own, and so to them you give your all.” - Author Unknown

13 Thank you! Contact Information: Heidi Neely Cranberry Area School District Second Grade Teacher Rockland Elementary Cell: (814)221-9877

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