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Chinese New Year By: Alexa McClintic.

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1 Chinese New Year By: Alexa McClintic

2 What do they do? People do a lot to bring in the Chinese New Year. They have a huge parade with noisy fire crackers and loud drums. People join together to make a big dragon!

3 Clothing One of the traditions
is to get new clothes for the new year. They wear red to scare away evil spirits. You can also wear any other bright colors.

4 Where is it celebrated? It is celebrated in China, Chinatown in
America,Philippines, Singapore,Tibet, Macau,Taiwan and Thailand. This holiday is very popular.

5 What do they eat? On this holiday, people will eat a vegetarian food called jai, bamboo shoots and for dessert, fortune cookies!

6 Decorations These decorations will sometimes include: candy bowls with 8 sorts of dried fruit, lanterns, and nice wishes wrote on red paper.

7 THE END Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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