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Improving your innovation performance Dr Karen Manley Queensland University of Technology.

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1 Improving your innovation performance Dr Karen Manley Queensland University of Technology

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3 3 BRITE Survey building and civil sectors in NSW, Vic and Qld industry was broadly defined 1,000 forms distributed, over 300 returned conducted in 2004 BRITE Case Studies conducted 2003-2005 12 studies Survey and Case Studies

4 4 BRITE Building Case Studies William McCormack Place in Cairns Lang Park Stadium in Brisbane National Gallery of Victoria Gladesville Road Community Centre in NSW Telstra Stadium in Sydney Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide Oval redevelopment

5 5 Project name William McCormack Place Lang Park Sports Stadium NGV– Australian Art Building Location Cairns, Qld Brisbane, Qld Melbourne, Vic. Project description 4568 m 3 public building 52,500 seat world-class stadium Iconic public building, 11,000 m 3 Budget $17.5m $280m $65m Innovation summary Chilled water thermal storage tank and moisture absorbing thermal wheel Precast prestressed polystyrene voided concrete planks Fire engineering enabled use of unprotected steel Main benefits achieved 37% saving in energy consumption 8% saving in cost of grandstand steelwork 5% of project cost saved

6 6 Project name Gladesville Road Centre Stadium Australia Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide Oval Location Hunters Hill, NSW Sydney, NSW Adelaide, SA Project description Stormwater management at a small community building Two 3500 m 3 roofs over sports stadium ends Up-grading the air- conditioning system at an art gallery Redeveloping the eastern grounds of a sports stadium Budget $13,000 $10m $100,000 $22m Innovation summary Managing stormwater withstorage gutters and infiltration Post- tensioned steel trusses to create long span roofs Twin-coil air- conditioning to improve energy efficiency Relationship based contract and 3D CAD to efficiently deliver complex project Main benefits achieved 26% saved in mains water demand 50% less steel weight; 25% less roof erection time 30% saved in energy consumption 50% saved in prefabrication time

7 7 Innovation benefits – are shared between the client and innovator Innovation originality – ‘newness’ of innovation is not so important Benefits and Originality

8 8 Working with leading-edge clients is critical Why? How? Clients

9 9 Innovation on projects often encounters non-technical problems … which can be effectively addressed by relationship building within the team Project Team

10 10 They provide critical innovation assets: Consultants – offer creative ideas Manufacturers – undertake R&D Consultants and Manufacturers

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12 12 Relationships with universities and colleges can complement in-house knowledge-bases … and help in securing quality employees Technical Support Providers

13 13 Employees are a key source of innovation ideas … and are more likely to be helpful if they feel loyal to your company Employees

14 14 Relationship building priorities: leading-edge clients members of the project team industry associations, universities and technical colleges employees

15 15 Innovate Now! 7

16 16 Free guide at the CRC Booth 7

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