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A year in the life of a Sabb. Natalie-Dawn Hodgson- President.

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1 A year in the life of a Sabb. Natalie-Dawn Hodgson- President.

2 Trustee Show through understanding of my role as a trustee. Ensure that Trustee meetings are effectively chaired. Ensure there is an element of scrutiny on the board.

3 Representative Increase the awareness of SABB’s across the student body. Ensure that as the principle spokesperson, there is a strong media profile for Northumbria Students’ Union. Ensure that there is student consultation around the new education policy.

4 Activist Extend CCE opening hours. Lobby the university to give more printer credits. Improve the student experience at Coach Lane.

5 Portfolio Ensure that Ethics and Environment committee reaches its potential. Ensure that NU:Lets is a profitable service which meets student needs. Lead a successful Sabbatical team to achieve change.


7 Manifesto points done! City Campus East Opening hours. Held an additional volunteering and societies fair. ‘We love our Union’ week became refreshers! Held two swap shop events in the SU Ran several sessions of first time renting workshop with the help of the Lays. Listen to all members of the student body. Represent students on a national and local level.

8 Manifesto points in progress. Water fountains on campus. Online Feedback/ submission is being piloted. Manifesto points not completed. Create a popular commercial night. Housing Survey. Printer credits and online resources. Bigger and better students’ union at coach lane. Loyalty card scheme.

9 Other achievements. A double decker coach lane bus NUS conference- all motions submitted and Cameron Giles took to conference floor! Cheaper food range on campus- Urban Eat Abseiled down the library- with the Sabbs raising over a £1,000 for RAG!

10 Any questions?

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