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Meeting the needs of two year old’s in Netherfield EYPS Quality Improvement Project Funding 2012-2013.

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1 Meeting the needs of two year old’s in Netherfield EYPS Quality Improvement Project Funding 2012-2013

2 Who we are Denise Phillips – Nursery Leader at Playzone Nursery at Hedgerows Childrens centre, Netherfield. Tina Price – Children’s centre Co-ordinator, Hedgerows Children’s centre.

3 Identifying the need. High levels of Two year old pilot applicants on waiting list for Netherfield, area of high deprivation. Applications made to Hedgerows Childrens centre.. Request made to Day Nursery for extra space but at full capacity in September 2012.. 80% of children on the waiting list were from Lone Parent workless households and two children had special needs. Over a third had Social care involvement or were receiving Family support.

4 “ She seems more independent, not so clingy, using lots more words and making friends”. (parent, 2013)

5 Next Steps/Aim Discussions between Hedgerows and Day Nursery to resolve space issues. Looked at possible use of adjacent After- school club and building an extension, which was not practical and too expensive. Conclusion: Looked at use of the Baby room as was undersubscribed, currently only 3 babies ( 2 part-time) with a capacity for 9.

6 Practical Ensured registration was correct to increase capacity. It was! Measured the room to ensure enough space for each child. Used Community Playthings equipment as a barrier. Nursery Nurse attended Two year old conference to gain ideas to maximum potential. Took advice from MKC Development worker

7 “ His time at nursery gives me more time for me”. (Parent, 2013)

8 Making it all possible Applied for Grant – setting out clear targets and outcomes. Ordered new changing unit with steps, so that the facilities were fit for purpose Cupboard was removed by carpenter. Staff were released for training. Many extra resources purchased specifically for two year olds to resource the room.

9 Outcomes May 2012 – 12 children on two year old pilot, capacity 16 per day, increased to 21 in January 2012, with capacity to take up to 32 two year olds per day. ( Funding stopped in November – has just restarted, which has affected ability to fill all spaces) Children have been targeted for spaces due to close working relationship between Hedgerows and Playzone.

10 “He plays with other children nicely now, and is more friendly”. (Parent, 2013)

11 Outcomes Regular termly meetings between key workers and Family support workers ensure Family’s needs are met. Two year old pilot procedure in place to encourage registration and Family star. Raising aspiration for children and Families. Strong case studies, real outcomes for children since September 2012.

12 Future To take on additional staff to cover additional children ( term-time only) Use New Development Matters for a baseline assessment to measure progress of child, in line with EYFS and Red Book. To continue the use of Ferre Leavers Children naturally progress to NEG, securing stability for setting and Development for child.

13 Feedback from Staff and Parents It is wonderful to see the children settled, enjoying themselves, developing and to see the room being used to it’s full potential.

14 “The nursery team have risen to the challenge posed by the changes needed and are blossoming”. “The two year pilot has brought the room alive. Children are happy, having fun and learning”.

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