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Academic Requirements for the Year Abroad Dr Debbie Pinfold SML Year Abroad Coordinator.

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1 Academic Requirements for the Year Abroad Dr Debbie Pinfold SML Year Abroad Coordinator

2 Formal requirements Continuous residence abroad! Written work for the University of Bristol Fulfilling the requirements of your placement (study, teaching, work) Staying in contact with Bristol as appropriate

3 How long is a year? 9 months (40 weeks) continuous residence abroad For Joint Honours students, a MINIMUM of 4 months (18 weeks) continuous residence in each country

4 University of Bristol written work A language portfolio for each language studied SUBMISSION DEADLINE: first oral class of the new academic year 2 essays of between 3-4,000 words on cultural topics, written in the target language NB most Joint Schools students (e.g. French and Politics, German and Drama) write ONE essay only. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: 15 February and 30 June 3.html


6 SML postgraduate opportunities A range of taught MA programmes, including Diploma / MA in Translation, MA in European Literatures and MA in Modern Languages M.Phil by research And beyond…. html html

7 Your placement Erasmus study – 30 ECTs (= 60 Bristol credit points) per semester

8 Staying in touch Personal tutor Year abroad coordinators The SML office (main contact Lindsey Drage, European office: (; For non-EU destinations: world-, 0117 954 5847 world- Essay supervisor(s) Year abroad report forms (4 times per year)

9 Year Abroad reports Required from BeforeDuringAfterWho requests All students  Forms (Certificate x 2, Confirmation and disclaimer form). Due: 13 May 2009  *Year Abroad Report Form x2 Due: 1 st Report – 30 Oct 2 nd Report – 18 Dec 3 rd Report – 26 Mar 4th Report – 14 May  End of placement questionnaire Due: 1 st week of term School of Modern Languages All students  Insurance form Due: 19 June 2009 International Office Students doing Erasmus work placement  BACS form (by 19 th June) Training Agreement Placement contract  Monthly Reports  Placement Report (Final) Letter from employer International Office Students doing Erasmus study placement  BACS form (by 19th June)  Confirmation of arrival form ECTS learning agreement Both due: on arrival  Confirmation of departure form  Online feedback form Both due: on departure International Office  Application forms to host university Host university Students on Latin American exchanges  Confirmation of arrival form Due: on arrival International Office Students in Russia  Personal Details form  Passport to be scanned in School Office  Confirmation of arrival Due: on arrival *Four times a year

10 A final message from the SML Bon voyage et bonne chance! Gute Reise, viel Spaß und viel Erfolg! ¡Buen viaje! ¡Suerte! Bo viatje! Bo sort! Boa viagem! Boa sorte! Buon viaggio, buona permanenza in Italia e buona fortuna! Šťastnou cestu! Счастливого пути, всего доброго, до свидания!

11 Any questions? ?

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