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Year in Japan Information Meeting 2014

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1 Year in Japan Information Meeting 2014
Ms. K. Aalderink Ms. G. Eksen Dr. E. Machotka

2 Agenda Application procedures/related matters: Ms. G.Eksen
University placement (Statement of Intent): Dr.Machotka Medical examination procedures: Dr. Machotka Japanese visa application: Dr. Machotka Scholarships/related matters: Ms. K. Aalderink Certificate of Financial Viability: Dr. Machotka Questions? *Any exemptions from the Year in Japan Programme?

3 Overview of necessary documentation:
Letter of motivation/ study plan Certificate of Japanese Language proficiency: JSP Sometimes, certificate of English language proficiency: JSP Letters of recommendation: JSP Academic transcript: JSP Certificate of enrollment at the LU: Information desk at Plexus Health certificate: LUMC LU scholarship application: Ms. K. Aalderink Japanese scholarship application (JASSO, MEXT) – note that the students are nominated by the Japan Studies Programme (JSP) Housing application Visa application Financial viability statement (ca Euro/year): Bank Copy of a valid passport

4 University placement Application submission deadlines (external):
Kyoto  (3) September Keio (2) October (by invitation) Ritsumeikan (1) October Yamagata (2) November Kobe (2) November Sophia (3 pl.) November Rikkyo (2) November Doshisha  (2) November Nagasaki (15) November Waseda (2) November TUFS (2) December Tōhoku (2) December Risshō (1) pending * internal deadlines on the next slide

5 Application submission deadlines (internal)
If you are interested in studying at the Kyoto and Yamagata Universities please contact Mrs. Eksen ASAP. Group 1 (Kobe, Nagasaki, Ritsumeikan, Sophia) -       Friday 10th October – Final Version of Applications with all required documentation (to Ms.Eksen) Group 2 (Rikkyo, TUFS, Waseda, Doshisha, Nagasaki, Tōhoku) -       Friday 17 October – Final Version of Applications with all required documentation (to Ms. Eksen)

6 Statement of Intent 1 Submit by Friday, September 12th (noon) to Dr. Machotka Placement is based on a student grades average (GPA) + evaluation of his/her Statement of Intent

7 Statement of Intent 2 It is vital that you carefully check information about study programmes available for exchange students at the universities of your choice before stating your preferences in your “Statement of Intent”. Please note that you need to have all required language proficiency certificates ready by the time you write your Statement of Intent. For more information please check the universities webpages. You can also contact your prospective thesis supervisors and ask for advice.

8 Medical Examination 1 Tuesday, September 23rd, 10-13.00
Address: Poortgebouw Zuid, Rijnsburgerweg 10, 2333 AA Leiden LUMC coordinator: Annemarie van Zundert Telefoon: Mail:

9 Medical Examination 2 You will be informed about date/time of your medical examination appointment in due time. It is essential that you bring with you're your ID CARD (or passport) and required forms (will be distributed in due time). Failing to show up to the examination ON TIME could put at risk your application as the documentation needs to be submitted to our Japanese partners on time.

10 Japanese Visa Application 1
You must obtain a College Student Visa in order to study in Japan. Your visa's term of validity is the same as the length of your study term in Japan. You will need a Certificate of Eligibility and a valid passport to apply for your visa at the Japanese Embassy or consulates in your country. The Certificate of Eligibility is an official document issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice

11 Japanese Visa Application 2
The Certificate of Eligibility is an official document issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice. University exchange offices in Japan will apply for your Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf, and send it to you when issued. A special application form will be included in the application package from your university. You will receive the documents from Ms. Eksen. The Certificate of Eligibility is an official document issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice

12 Scholarships 1) Oferred by the LU Sustainable Humanities Scholarship
(Not possible: LUSTRA or OSG) LUF International Study Fund (LISF) 2) Oferred by the Japanese government - JASSO MEXT Availability depends entirely on the host university in Japan. Nominations by the JSP.

13 Sustainable Humanities Scholarship 1
Contribution towards the costs of studying abroad Amount: 1 x €1300,- + monthly allowance varying from: € 233,- (Fukuoka) to € 557,- (Tokyo) Max. 10 months

14 Sustainable Humanities Scholarship 2
Provisional allowance (February) 90% of the scholarship amount Final allowance after the award of MEXT or JASSO (summer) 10% after receiving your report and report from the department (after your return)

15 Sustainable Humanities Scholarship 3
JASSO will be deducted from your Sustainable Humanities Scholarship Example: SHS € 6,870 minus JASSO € 3,000 (= 50% of € 6,000) SHS € 3,870 When granted a MEXT scholarship, you will not receive a Sustainable Humanities Scholarship

16 The Sustainable Humanities Scholarship form can be used to prove your financial viability

17 Certificate of Financial Viability 1 :
For your Certificate of Financial Viability refer to your bank. It should state that you have sufficient amount of money to support you during the study period in Japan. Each university has different requirements so please refer to your university webpage for more information. Note that: A copy of your monthly bank statement will not be accepted. - An authorized Japanese or English translation is required if the text is not written in Japanese or in English.

18 Certificate of Financial Viability 2:
The statement can be based on: Personal Funds Family Funds Sponsoring Organization Funds Loan Funds

19 Questions: Questions regarding application procedures should be directed to Mrs. Gaye Eksen ) Questions regarding placement at Japanese universities, medical examinations and MEXT/JASSO nominations should be directed to Dr. Ewa Machotka Questions regarding scholarships should be directed to Mrs. Karin Aalderink ) Questions regarding study plans and grade conversion should be directed to Mrs. Stephanie Kraakman, MA 120 Programme Coordinator ) If you need advice on the university If you need advice on the university selection please contact your prospective thesis supervisor. prospective thesis supervisor. selection please contact your prospective thesis supervisor

20 Successful completion of the application process for both the universities and the grants, and the assembly of the required documentation, is the responsibility of the student.

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