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GSA FUNDING INFO SESSION 2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR The Rutgers Graduate Student Association Traci Ballou-Broadnax (Previous Business Manager) Susan Polkowski.

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1 GSA FUNDING INFO SESSION 2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR The Rutgers Graduate Student Association Traci Ballou-Broadnax (Previous Business Manager) Susan Polkowski (Current Business Manager) Viral Sagar (Current Treasurer) September 4, 2014—GSL

2 PURPOSE To clarify funding policies and procedures To ensure that the GSA is providing clear and consistent guidelines and information To hold GSOs accountable for abiding by the policies and procedures Please pass info along to anyone in GSO who will be handling events, requesting reimbursements, or submitting PERs Note: If your GSO changes officers in Dec/Jan, the new treasurer must meet with the business manager to go over this presentation. Your GSO remains accountable to following all policies and procedures and exceptions will not be allowed.

3 AGENDA Recognition Funding Policies Funding Applications Programs & Events Event Series Conferences Honoraria Allocations & Contracts Paperwork Post-Event Reports (PERs) Honorarium Requests Check Processing & Pickup Questions?

4 RECOGNITION See GSA Constitution for requirements (Article V) All GSOs, new and existing, must submit recognition applications each year GSO name & type (academic/department or non-) Constitution & Mission Statement Membership list w/ e-mail addresses Officers Comments (# of part-time/full-time students)* 2014 Deadline: September 3rd by 11:59pm GSA Secretary approves/provides comments Check the site/email to verify approval or respond to any requests for additional information

5 FUNDING POLICIES Limits (4.1 & 4.2) $4,500 maximum allocation per group, per year NOT guaranteed (4.6) $4,000 non-participation limit (spring allocation will be reduced) $2,500 conference maximum per group, per year ( Included in total allocation $300 for Orientation Events are limited by allocation AND attendance Breakfast/Snacks--$4/attendee Lunch--$5/attendee Dinner--$10/attendee Accurate estimation of attendance or confirmation required; funds cannot be transferred to cover overspending based on lower than expected attendance Limit includes drinks (possibility of free drinks through RU Pepsi Allocation process)

6 FUNDING POLICIES Limits (cont’d) Speakers (General Rule #5 & #2[exception]) $1,000 per person maximum for honoraria Requires approval from the EAC Standing Committee $1,000 per person for travel reimbursement $250 per person, per evening for hotel reimbursement $46 per person, per day for meal reimbursement Post-Event Meal with Visiting Speaker & Students Same limit applies for speaker’s meal $30 per graduate student attendee AND $150 maximum for graduate student attendees

7 FUNDING POLICIES Rules No durable goods Semi-durable for single event OK (e.g., disposable tablecloths or poster board) On-campus ONLY -- (Cook, Douglass, College Ave, Busch, or Livingston) Locations close to campus, at a department-affiliated site, or a restaurant are NOT allowed Exceptions: Post-conference meal w/ speaker or BBQ in local park (with approval) No honoraria for Rutgers affiliates (e.g., administrators, faculty, staff, students) No academic prizes No funds for events taking place before, or the same day, as council meeting where funding is approved

8 Rules (cont’d) No funds for events that violate any laws No funds for events that involve religious proselytizing or worship No alcoholic beverages No disposable items when durable/kitchen are available Essential Requirements Events must meet EGS (entirely grad student) guidelines (3.1) -It is okay to have some departmental funding and involvement in events, but funding eligibility can be denied if it becomes apparent that department staff are too involved in event planning and logistics FUNDING POLICIES

9 Essential Requirements (cont’d) All events must be advertised -Must include date, time, and location of event All events must have an original handwritten sign-in sheet -A typed list or one person’s handwriting is not acceptable -Include event details on each page -Post-event dinner requires a second sign-in sheet All events must adhere to funding limits Original receipts are required for reimbursement -All submitted receipts must be itemized -Vendor invoices require both invoice and proof of payment FUNDING POLICIES

10 The GSA understands that there are a number of policies to keep in mind and follow. We encourage you to contact the business manager ( with any questions in advance of your FUNDING POLICIES

11 FUNDING APPLICATIONS 2014 Deadline: September 12 by 11:59pm Important Notes: Plan events and expenses carefully Submit events for fall, spring, and summer You will be able to make adjustments for spring or summer

12 ALLOCATIONS & CONTRACTS EAC Meeting: September 13, 2014 from 11am - 3pm, GSL The GSA is asking for 6 - 10 volunteers, who are comfortable with the policies, to help with the review Requests will be reviewed for status as EGS/Non-EGS and adherence to funding rules EAC reps will make a recommendation on approval status Following the EAC meeting, the GSA treasurer will review all applications and make the final allocations First GSA Council Meeting: September 21, 2014, RSC 411 All GSOs must send the president/treasurer to review and sign funding contracts

13 ALLOCATIONS (cont’d) Transferring Funds If an event goes over the allocated amount, a GSO representative must email the treasurer to request a funds transfer from another approved event allocation Include the event you are transferring from, the event you are transferring to, and the exact amount Copy the business manager on the email, and attach a copy of the approval to the relevant PER It is the responsibility of the GSO to monitor allocations and spending, and to ensure funds are transferred to cover events. If a PER is submitted and the event is over the allocated amount, the GSA will only reimburse what was allocated unless there is record of the transfer and approval. GSOs will no longer be contacted with a request/reminder to transfer funds.

14 ALLOCATIONS (cont’d) Pay attention to, and abide by, the funding breakdown requested in the event application If a GSO is allocated $300, based on a request for $200 towards food and $100 for speaker expenses, it is not okay to spend $250 on travel and only $50 on food. If, while planning an event, the actual expenses do not match what was anticipated in the application, contact the treasurer and business manager in advance to ensure that the changes are allowed. If the allocation is less than the requested amount, be sure to pay attention and note any adjustments to the funding breakdown in the comments If $1000 was initially requested for an event, with $500 for food and $500 for honorarium, but only $700 was allocated, you should note in the comments how the funds should be redistributed (e.g., “We want to reduce the honorarium to $300 and use $400 for food).

15 PAPERWORK Post-Event Reports (PERs) All PERs are due within 90-days of the event OR the end of the semester; whichever is sooner Must fill in all information on all 3 pages Event title MUST match approved event in funding system Time of event required to determine reimbursement Sponsoring organization = your GSO name Attendance must match sign-in sheet and show actual not expected Receipts, announcement, and handwritten sign-in sheet required Itemize expenses on page 2; include item numbers List payees on page 3; reference item numbers from page 2 Put contact information on page 3 as well Do not forget to sign page 3

16 PAPERWORK Post-Event Reports Do not staple anything to the front of the PER Ensure all attachments are secure before dropping off Please write legibly especially on payee names and contact email Honorarium Agreements Must have final approval from treasurer Check the funding system to ensure allocation is listed Submit at least 2 weeks before event (4 weeks for non-US citizens*) Include speaker, amount, and event details; as well as address and social on agreement and W-9 NO signature or date Pick up check and original forms in advance and give check to speaker AT event Get signatures and dates when you give the check

17 PAPERWORK Honorarium Agreements (cont’d) Return documents with PER PER, with supplemental documents, is required even if there are no other reimbursed expenses *If your speaker is a Foreign Visitor/Entity, there is additional paperwork--You must start this process at least one month in advance Note: Sending honorariums after an event has taken place will not be allowed going forward unless there are extenuating circumstances communicated in advance Please download current forms from our website

18 CHECK PROCESSING & PICKUP Processing time is typically 2 - 3 weeks after PER is submitted May take longer, particularly at the end of the semesters Submit PERs sooner if there is a time-sensitive reimbursement or invoice payment An email will be sent when the check is ready Whoever is listed on the PER will be contacted Checks expire after 90 days Be prompt about picking up checks Reissues will not be allowed except in extenuating circumstances Pick up during scheduled office hours

19 QUESTIONS? Contacts: Recognition ( Allocations ( Reservations/Vendors ( Reimbursements/Paperwork/General Questions (

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