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The GAP Year. BUT WHY?? A break? Travel? Decide what to do? Gain skills and life experience? To earn money to: – –A) pay for a course at a private college?

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1 The GAP Year

2 BUT WHY?? A break? Travel? Decide what to do? Gain skills and life experience? To earn money to: – –A) pay for a course at a private college? – –B) help pay uni expenses? – –C) qualify for Independent Youth Allowance? A combination of factors?

3 Other reasons… Discover the real you – strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, areas of interest? Help others? Defending the country? Satisfying Government regulations?

4 “Students put a hold on studies to help needy” Sun Herald November 2006   First year deferments increasing   Increasing programs available   Deferment during uni course   Huge range of options

5 “Gap year a cool option for the young” Sunday Telegraph Sept. 2006 See the world Work your way Learn a language Helping hand

6 “Students are increasingly choosing to explore the world before settling down” Sun Herald January 2006

7 Independent student?  Independent Youth Allowance  Studying full time  Earning the desired amount: 18-18-18  Does not include parent assets

8 TRAVEL new cultures religions philosophies broaden your horizons encourage self-sufficiency enhancing experiences

9 Work Abroad   opportunity to spend time outside of Australia   earn some much needed cash   become immersed in a new culture

10 Doing what ever comes along trying several careers building a wide range of new skills making future contacts.

11 Volunteering demonstrates social awareness, sense of social responsibility valuable work skills. possibilities are endless

12 Useful websites www. www. www. www. www. www. www. www.

13 More websites

14 THE GAP YEAR The GAP Year is a journey. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, gain independence and discover the world A chance to live and work in a different country and culture GAP is about growing up and maturing It is about helping others and learning about yourself Offers 17 to 25 year olds the opportunity to work and live overseas for a year Applications usually close in May each year - 16 th May in 2008 There are costs involved.

15 THE GAP YEAR The following countries offer GAP experiences: Argentina Indigenous Australia Canada China Germany Tibet Ireland Malaysia New Zealand Poland Russia South Africa UK Vanuatu Vietnam

16 Your country wants you?? Defence force gap year Defence force gap year 2008 – first year 700 positions: 500 + 100 + 100 Earn over $30K Applications open 1 May 2008 Army Reserves

17 Abbey language travel provides specialist information and global booking assistance France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Latin and South America, Canada China and Japan. Sydney and Hunter offices

18 Travel with a purpose Take a year out after the HSC to add life experience, travel and personal growth to your resume.

19 Australian Volunteers Leading in volunteering trainers around the world

20 A A C Established in 2000, AAC has grown to offer a variety of ESL services for English teachers and students Teach English in several Asian countries eg China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan

21 Australia-China Year in China Programme Year in China Programme Year in China Programme Year in China Programme Secondary school graduates who have a demonstrated level of Chinese linguistic ability with an opportunity to attend a Chinese university for a year.

22 AFS Intercultural Programmes Short language courses High school exchanges Beyond 18+ Volunteer Community Service

23 CAMP AMERICA Camp America is a program of the American Institute for Foreign Study which organizes cultural exchange programs throughout the world for more than 50,000 students and young travellers every year. Since our founding in 1964, we've had over one million people participate on an AIFS cultural exchange programs! Camp America Australia commenced in 1972 and is the country's most experienced camp counsellor program.

24 CAMP AMERICA Need to be over 18 by June 1 st Application is on line Interviews at American Consulate for visa Visa covers June to September employed to teach American youngsters 6-16 years

25 Camps International Wildlife Wildlife Mountain Mountain Ocean Ocean Community Community

26 The Church Army is a growing movement of pioneering evangelists who declare the good news of Jesus Christ in word and action so that many more people will follow Him and be established in healthy communities of faith

27 Help create a better earth & become a Conservation Volunteer Australian based experiences Helping save the environment

28 Cultural Care Au Pair Overseas experience Working with children in American families Opportunity to travel Develop independence and confidence

29 Flyingfish……learn,travel,work Located in Greece, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Cyprus and UK

30 GREEN CORPS Australia's natural environment and heritage Australian Government youth development. Green Corps placement of 26 weeks duration, participants are paid a training allowance for the duration of their participation; More information at:

31 Get out of the suburbs and into the global village Web site has job bank $395 to be paid with application Opportunities to undertake – –Nanny – –Teacher – –Personal care assistant – –Hospitality – –Art history volunteer – –Learn a language overseas

32 Both paid and volunteer programs Project are organised in – –Business – –Community – –Conservation – –Teaching – –Health care Examples of Gap Year Journeys

33 Raleigh International From 4 to 10 weeks Awesome global experience Teams work with remote communities Build schools and medical facilities Carry out conservation

34 The Scholar Ship An academic program aboard a passenger ship dedicated exclusive to undergraduate and postgraduate education whilst traversing the world. Backed by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Accreditation through consortium of academic stewards including Macquarie University

35 World Education Program Year 13 opportunities Learn and discover the world

36 Negatives of taking a GAP Year... can distract you from your career path potential employers may fear your wanderlust work experience in your chosen career would be regarded even more highly by prospective employers than travel a string of work placements may be interpreted as a lack of focus high costs involved not earning enough to qualify as for Independent Youth Allowance not going on to university (at least 4 now) getting out of a study routine may make uni harder missing out on scholarships for Yr 12 leavers

37 Remember… Think carefully about what you want to achieve if you take a gap year Investigate opportunities early Check if doing other courses will affect your university offer of a place Good luck!

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