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ALEX’S 5-YEAR PLAN By: Alex M.. HEALTH PLAN INTRODUCTION For the next five years, I really want to improve my health in all three areas – physical, mental,

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1 ALEX’S 5-YEAR PLAN By: Alex M.

2 HEALTH PLAN INTRODUCTION For the next five years, I really want to improve my health in all three areas – physical, mental, and social. I’ll be going on a church mission within the next year, so this is where I plan to kick start a lot of my health improvement goals. Over the next five years, I really want to become more comfortable with myself as a person and with my interactions with others. I also want to create a simple workout plan that I can stick with to improve and maintain my physical health. I also want to create a meal plan that will improve my health as well.

3 PHYSICAL HEALTH GOALS Current Physical Health As of now, I wouldn’t say I eat a balanced diet. I eat all the different food groups, but I definitely don’t keep track of what I eat. I also eat lot more junk food than I should eat. I don’t currently have a steady workout plan like I would like to have. On the bright side, I stay active in the community, so I am rarely spending a lot of time lounging around the house like a couch potato. I do a lot of community service that involves exerting myself physically, so this is what keeps me somewhat in shape.

4 PHYSICAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 1-Year Plan Exercise Plan On my mission, I will also be doing a LOT of community service work. This will keep me active, and keep me strong and healthy. Depending where I am also, I may be walking/riding a bike where ever I go. If this is the case, this will obviously keep me very healthy, and keep me constantly working out. I will also be waking up early to do daily exercises. Dietary Plan In a year I plan to be serving a two year long mission for my church somewhere abroad. This will definitely change my diet as I will be served food by many different families around the area in which I’m serving. Ideally this change will open me to new foods, so I can see that eating a balanced diet won’t be either hard or disgusting.

5 PHYSICAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 3-Year Plan Exercise Plan I am going to continue waking up early and doing exercises, whether it be push-ups and sit- ups or something different like jogging around campus for half an hour. I’m going to create a simple exercise plan for me to follow so I can stay in shape. I will stay active in my school/community/church so I can participate in as much community service as possible. Dietary Plan At this point I will have returned from my mission and be in college at Brigham Young University. I am going to take what I learned on my mission as far as budgeting and eating right, and I’m going to apply this to my college life. I will budget very little money for snack items. I will create a meal plan for myself to follow, and I will stick to it.

6 PHYSICAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 5-Year Plan Exercise Plan I will continue with morning exercise, but possibly add on to this and create an afternoon “wind-down” exercise routine. I will use this routine also as a mental health booster by giving myself some time to think and reflect on the day. Hopefully my campus will provide some sort of exercise facility for my to be attending during these five years. Dietary Plan I will continue with the budget I create in my 3-Year Plan. I will make sure my diet consists of the right amount of each food groups each day, and I will budget only as much money as I need and no more so I’m not tempted to buy junk that would destroy both my body and my wallet. I will also stray away from any kind of fast food that is available to me.

7 SOCIAL HEALTH GOALS Current Social Health I would say I am a very socially healthy person. I have many different friends that I can have comfortable conversations with, and I have several different teachers I know I can go and talk to if something ever comes up. I’m very comfortable talking to just about anyone I know. I also have a great relationship with my family members. Talking to people I don’t know is a little more difficult and uncomfortable for me. On the other side of social health, I can sometimes lack information about certain current events. As far as the society aspect of social health is concerned, some improvement is necessary in that field.

8 SOCIAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 1-Year Plan Current Events Plan I also want to improve my knowledge of local issues so I can speak intelligently in conversations with my peers. In order to do this, I will participate in conversations, even if I am not completely informed on the topic. I will participate in these conversations by asking questions so I can learn more, and also so I can see other’s opinions. Communication Plan In the five year plan, I really want to work on being comfortable talking to strangers. When I’m on my mission trip, this will become much easier for me as I will have to talk to many new and interesting people. I will be forced out of my comfort zone as I search for opportunities to find community service, and getting to know people of the community.

9 SOCIAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 3-Year Plan Current Events Plan At this time, all the ads and campaigns will be starting up again. With this, I will be doing a lot of research on each candidate. I want to be able to have intelligent conversations about each candidate and why I am for or against one or the other. Hopefully through this election I can become more involved in my society. Communication Plan At this point I will be back from my mission and ideally I will be very comfortable talking to people I am not familiar with. In order to keep this communication going, I will get involved in various church activities so I can make connections with new members of my church. I will continue to stay active in community service for those around me.

10 SOCIAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 5-Year Plan Current Events Plan Ever since I have gone into high school I have been fascinated with the fact that more and more schools are cutting music and arts programs. I will stay involved in this issue, and possibly fight to keep these programs alive. Through getting involved in a cause, this will improve my social health as it will be necessary for me to talk with many people. Communication Plan This will be when I am looking for a career. Communication and good social health will be very important when searching for a job. As I prepare for job interviews, it will be imperative for me to work on my social health so I can impress my interviewer. I will work on being sociable and easy to talk to so I can be an easy choice for a job.

11 MENTAL HEALTH GOALS Current Mental Health I feel like my mental health is fairly good right now. I don’t have a lot of stress with school coming to an end. I’m finishing my AP tests this week so I won’t have to worry about those anymore, and the classes won’t have any work after them. At this point, the only real stress I have is getting to the airport to go to college. As far as my spirituality, I would say that really helps to keep my mental health in line. Having something that I believe in makes me believe that everything is a gift, and I’m lucky for every day I have. As far as stress in church however, I would say preparing for my mission could possibly bring some pretty high stress.

12 MENTAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 1-Year Plan Church Plan In order to keep this peace of mind I get from going to church, I need to continue to go to church and stay active in my church community. Luckily since I will be on my mission at this time, this goal should be very easy to fulfill. I will pretty much be forced to go to church and stay around the community. Hopefully these skills will transfer to after my mission. Stress Plan In order to stay relatively stress free on my mission, I want to make sure I keep an agenda of my plans for each day so I can stay organized and know what I’m doing. I don’t want to get behind on the things that I’m suppose to be doing because otherwise it all starts to build up and ultimately I will just become more stressed out than I was previously.

13 MENTAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 3-Year Plan Church Plan Hopefully I can use the skills I learned on my mission to communicate with more people that go to my church. I will also be able to become a bigger part of my church through service to the other members as well as having a stronger and more complete faith and knowledge in what I am learning about. My mission will grant me a greater peace of mind. Stress Plan While I am at school, I plan to do all my homework and classwork so I don’t get behind. I realize that sometime this can be unrealistic, but when I set this goal, I think to myself that I won’t get a week behind or something along those lines. I will keep an agenda of homework assignments, and follow it daily so I don’t get behind.

14 MENTAL HEALTH GOALS CONT. 5-Year Plan Church Plan I will continue the actions that I previously had in my 3-year plan. I will probably be moving away from my college town as I leave college, so I will need to use my skills I used on my mission to create friendships with the people in my new church group. Through these relationships with both the people around me and with God, I can have a very peaceful feeling in my life. Stress Plan As my college years come to an end, I will be getting ready to go out into the real world and pay bills, rent, mortgage, debts, and other things that require a smart budget. In order to stay as stress free as possible, I will create a budget that I can easily understand and follow so I don’t have to worry about my money situation.

15 HEALTH PLAN CONCLUSION If I stick to this plan over the next five years, I feel that it would have a very positive effect and result in my life. I will gain a lot of satisfaction from a lot of different things, such as the obvious improvement of my physical, social, and mental health, but also the satisfaction of knowing that I set a goal and I completed it. This health plan that I’ve created is definitely going to be something I reflect back on every now and then and ask myself how I am doing. All I can hope is that I will be right where I planned to be.

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