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Welcome to Year 2 Mrs Hargreave, Mrs Smythe,

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1 Welcome to Year 2 Mrs Hargreave, Mrs Smythe,
Miss Barnett and Miss Perry Teaching assistants – Mrs Roy and Mrs Hussey (in the mornings) Mrs Hatton and Mrs Eccott supporting in Class 6

2 Changes to the curriculum
As you may be aware we have a new curriculum this year. There are changes in topic titles (themes), new learning objectives and 2 new documents we have compiled in each year group. The year group ‘Menu’ gives a brief overview of all the learning for the year. The year group ‘Timeline’ shows how we have planned to arrange the learning across the year. As with anything new it has been an exciting time but there will undoubtedly be alterations and ‘tweaks’ There has also been a few changes to the English and Maths curriculum but the overall learning objectives are very similar.

3 Year 2 Menu

4 Year 2 Timeline

5 Year 2 Weekly plan

6 Numicon You may have heard the children talking about this new resource that we are using to support our Maths curriculum – it is already proving a massive hit with everyone

7 Start/End of Day (Communication)
The children are already getting into the habit of coming into school on their own in the mornings which is a great support in developing their responsibility and independence. Should you wish to discuss anything with us we will be available after school unless there is anything that is crucial to support your child's learning that day. Tuesday’s are Staff Meetings so we may have limited time that evening. Please come and see us if you are unsure, concerned or worried. If your child is going home with someone else please send them in with a note in the morning to let us know.

8 PE days and Kit NAME LABELS!! (Please !!)
PE is on a Monday and Thursday. The children will need their kit on these days. Changing independently and being responsible for belongings. PE kit should be: T-shirt, shorts, jumper, tracksuit bottoms and trainers Long hair must be tied back for PE days. If your child has their ears pierced please make sure that they do not wear earrings on their PE day or can take them out themselves. NAME LABELS!! (Please !!)

9 Homework Homework is currently being discussed as a whole staff following consultation with parents, the Parent Forum and Governors. A letter will soon arrive home explaining our approach. Children are encouraged to read their reading books with an adult every night if possible. Reading Records. We encourage the children to use the Bailey’s Court Website to practise key skills and develop their learning at home through interactive games and activities.

10 Other ways to help at home
Joined handwriting Number formation Tying shoe laces Quick mental calculation games Telling the time Using money/coin recognition/finding change Playing board games – taking turns, dice skills, problem solving Encourage ambitious vocabulary Learn days of the week, months of the year Read, read, read ....discuss and enjoy stories, comics, newspapers, leaflets, timetables....

11 SATs Children will do SATs for Reading, Writing and Maths.
SATs will be in May. We will tell you more nearer the time.

12 Other key points Book changing day – timetable in class
Fruit and water – timetable in class Parent helpers – yes please! Uniform and jewellery. Show and Tell – celebrate achievements outside of school

13 Questions

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