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Year 3 Scheduling 2012-13 Academic Year Judith L. Rowen, M.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs Office of Clinical Education.

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1 Year 3 Scheduling Academic Year Judith L. Rowen, M.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs Office of Clinical Education

2 What’s in Year 3? Clinical Skills Week Internal Medicine12 weeks Pediatrics8 weeks Surgery8 weeks Ob/Gynecology6 weeks Psychiatry6 weeks Family Medicine 4 weeks Elective period4 weeks December break4 weeks

3 Registration Clinical Skills Week – registration automatic Clerkships – you select the order, ES registers you ◦You may need to choose preferences within the clerkship, e.g. outpatient location Electives – you enroll yourself ◦Automatically enrolled in “VACA” ◦You swap this out with the course you want

4 Before the “week” ◦EPIC training – March 16, March 30 or April 6 ◦Online quizzes/videos June 25-27, 2012 ◦Task trainers ◦SIM Man ◦Writing notes, presenting on rounds June ◦Houston students – Houston orientation ◦Austin students – Austin orientation Clinical Skills Week

5 Clerkships – general principles Orientation held first day – MANDATORY Clinical evaluations – shared form Shelf exams on last day Communication largely by Coordinators make schedules ~2m in advance Log patients in New Innovations On-line eval of residents and faculty, course More course-specific info – slide show on OCE website





10 A word about exams The “shelf exams” or NBME subject tests, are national, normed tests All clerkships take the 5 th percentile nationally as passing Failure of shelf (and nothing else) = PC FM and Neurology – web-based, in PM Rest on paper, in AM – will be web-based Proper behavior required If you must miss, Dr. Thomas must approve

11 A word about Only address should be used ◦Potential HIPAA violations ◦We can’t find it/search for it ◦Might be “spam filtered” out ◦We will ignore from other accounts ◦Do you really want to be known as “sweet cherry pie” for the rest of your life? Check it often or you’re out of luck

12 Clerkships are an exposure to clinical medicine Clinical medicine is a full-time occupation, stuff happens 24/7 All clerkships agree to the same policy: ◦You work one day per weekend on average ◦This includes holiday weekends, except Thanksgiving ◦The clerkship decides whether you can pick and choose the day or whether it will be assigned A Word About Holidays and Schedules in General

13 Track Sequence Probably doesn’t matter But you will worry that it does Placement of elective/VACA block may matter Times it might: ◦You’re getting married ◦You’re in Global Health or Public Health If you defer for boards, I’ll assign

14  12 different tracks – see TrackSequence.pdf TrackSequence.pdf  4 different options within each track  Make selection via MyStar  System opens on Tuesday, March 20 at 7AM  Deadline 5PM Friday, March 23  Track trade deadline Friday, April 6  Schedules available to view on April 13  Add/drop period for electives begins Monday, April 16 Year 3 Track Preference

15 Track switching

16 What to put in that “VACA” block  Electives (5 blocks needed to graduate)  Must take one in year 3 – may take two  Courses you may take as a third year student: ◦Senior Neurology ◦Senior Surgery ◦Senior Emergency Medicine (selective) ◦Acting Internship selective  Courses you may not take as a third year student: ◦Basic Science/Humanities selective ◦Ambulatory Community Selective

17 Registering for electives Electronically (“swap”) before add/drop deadline By paper if late ◦C form, C = complete At another school – VSAS vs. paper ◦B form, B = before you go Student-created elective – form due 30d before Research electives – form due 30d before ◦R form, R = research readiness Course catalog and policies at:

18 with your request for VSAS You will then receive a “VSAS: New User Instructions” with login information. Step 1: Receive VSAS Authorizations

19 Site Specifics Hospital affiliation agreements ◦Take a lot of time ◦May require more malpractice – you can buy  Catherine Hale in OCE St. Joseph application Housing issues Ambulatory requests

20 St. Joseph Medical Center St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston requires a rotation application from each student All Galveston students complete a 3 week Psychiatry rotation at St. Joseph Medical Center. Frances Dawe, UTMB Coordinator for Houston Programs, will you the required forms. There will be a deadline to return the application and required documents. Failure to meet the deadline may mean failure of the course.

21 List of Required Documents for St. Joseph’s Medical Center Application ∙ Applicant’s current Curriculum Vitae ∙ Photocopy of driver’s license ∙ Proof of current health insurance coverage ∙ Immunization Records ∙ Completed Confidentiality and Computer Agreement ∙ Acknowledgement form from their Orientation Packet

22 Housing Austin apartments Galveston apartments Sugarland hotel (for Jester IV placement) Corpus condo Free to student Shared bedroom (same gender only) Please keep neat Contact Sommer Madrigal in OCE to reserve

23 Year 3 Clerkship Preferences Internal Medicine clerkship preferences Deadline Friday, May 4 Internal Medicine – ambulatory site preference Deadline Friday, May 4 Pediatrics – ambulatory site preference Deadline Friday, May 4 Family Medicine site preference Deadline Friday May 4

24 Ambulatory choices Commutable = less than one hour drive Must justify commutable request Family medicine will you link Internal Medicine and Pediatrics online There are great sites across the state, branch out! Deadline May 4

25 Use for Pediatrics and Internal Medicine ambulatory site choices Site Preference Ranking – Student Guide Go to Login with your UTMB username and password. Use for Pediatrics and Internal Medicine ambulatory site choices Site Preference Ranking – Student Guide Go to Login with your UTMB username and password.

26 The Main Menu will be displayed. Select an option to Submit a New Site Preference.

27 Use the drop down arrow to select Clerkship and then select Term/Period. Make sure the Academic Year is correct. Click Next to continue.

28 The Site Preference form for the clerkship you selected will be displayed. Follow instructions to complete the form and then submit.

29 A confirmation page will be displayed for you. At the bottom of the confirmation page is a link to complete AHEC Student Biographical Sketch. Click on the link to access the AHEC form B-100.

30 To make changes to your Site Preference Ranking, go back to the Main Menu and select the option to Edit/Update Existing Site Preference. To check the status of your Site Preference Ranking, select the option to View My Site Ranking/Assignments from the Main Menu.

31 What the Heck is AHEC? Links communities with health science schools to improve the health workforce Provide real-life community educational experiences for students

32 Voluntary Meets once per month Free food Regular mentoring Important topics Meets in Galveston, Clear Lake area (Houston students or folks who live on mainland), Austin Sign up with purple form POM3

33 You should be prepared for a mid-year OSCE ◦First week of Period 13 ◦Will cover either Pedi/FM/Surg or IM, Psych, OB ICEE will be comprehensive ◦Happens summer of 4 th year A Word About OSCEs

34 Registration Errors  Participating in a course you have not added ◦No credit ◦No malpractice coverage  Failing to participate in a course you have not dropped ◦Failure ◦Withdrawal

35 Where do I Find 3 rd Year Scheduling Information? It’s all on the web: Click the Student tab!

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