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Year 6 Induction Evening 6 th July 2011 WELCOME PARENTS AND YEAR 6 TO DACA.

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1 Year 6 Induction Evening 6 th July 2011 WELCOME PARENTS AND YEAR 6 TO DACA

2 Welcome Year 6 parents - Introductions Mr.Loughran – Principal Mr.Cane/Mrs.Beaumont – Vice Principals Mrs.Stanway – Assistant Principal – Lower School Mr.Pearson – Key Stage 3 Progress Co-ordinator Mrs.Whittaker – Year 7 Pastoral Manager Mrs.Worden – MOTHS Mrs.Bradshaw – Student Services Manager Mrs.Howarth – Student Services Receptionist Mrs.Huddleston – Academy EWO Mrs.Warbuton – Director of Inclusion Mr.Ince – Academy Counsellor

3 Tutor Team – Year 7 7DMr.Topping/Mrs.Worden 7AMs.Graham-Dickinson/Mrs.Spink 7RMrs.Lunn/Mrs.Peary 7LMs.Raja/Mr.McWilliams 7WMr.Stansbie/Mrs.Chamberlain 7EMr.Parker/Mrs.Frain 7NMrs.Dean/Mrs.Davies 7IMs.Latif/Mrs.O’Donoghue

4 What have Year 6 done today? 9.30-10.05 Introductions 10.05-10.25 Tutor time 10.45-11.05 Break 11.05 – 11.45 Treasure Hunt 11.45-12.05 Assembly 12.05-1.25 DARL English/WENI Creative Performing Arts 1.25 – 1.55 Lunch 1.55 – 3.15 DARL Creative Performing Arts/WENI English

5 A day in the life of a Year 7 student - Wednesday 8.40 Arrive via student entrance 8.45 – 10.05 Lesson 1a – PE 10.05-10.25 Year 7 break 10.25-11.45 Lesson 1b – MFL 11.45-12.05 Tutorial 12.05-12.35 Year 7 lunch 12.35-1.55 Lesson 2a – English 1.55-3.15 Lesson 2b – English 3.15-4.30 Session 3

6 What will my child’s timetable look like?

7 Half year groups DW DW AE RN LI DW SpanishFrench RASLN group Foundation Group

8 What about independent study?

9 Who should I talk to when I need help, advice or guidance? Student Services/Reception – general queries/attendance issues Your child’s tutor – general concerns Year 7 Pastoral Team - Mrs.Whittaker/Mrs.Stanway Mr.Pearson – concerns about progress Any member of teaching staff/Director of Learning Mr.Ince – student counsellor If it’s related to Child Protection – Mr.Cane is the designated Child Protection officer ACADEMY NUMBER 01254 819500

10 Academy Uniform Years 7 to 10 is: Academy navy blue blazer Academy navy blue trousers White shirt Academy navy blue jade green stripe tie Academy navy skirt, navy blue tights or navy blue knee length socks (girls) White blouse and Academy jade neckscarf (girls) Plain unbranded black shoes Academy coat (optional) Academy ID badge

11 Academy PE kit Girls and Boys Academy polo shirt Academy sports shirt Academy shorts (skorts available for girls) Academy sports socks Football boots/trainers as appropriate

12 What is an entrepreneur? an entrepreneur is determined to succeed an entrepreneur identifies what is needed provides it and then refuses to accept failure

13 Entrepreneurship Academy Specialism DAKAs at DACA

14 Pegasus and the Entrepreneurship bridge

15 Enrichment Session 3’s Entrepreneurship events Guru Lectures Extended Schools Opening Eyes Connecting Classrooms

16 Lockers Lockers can be hired at a cost of £5.00 Your locker will be on the same floor as your tutor room Lockers can be accessed before the academy day, during tutor time and at the end of the day

17 DACA Canteen

18 Royal visit – April 2011


20 Royal Visit – April 2011

21 Anthony Horowitz – 5 th July 2011 Officially opened LRC

22 Anthony Horowitz visit - Sudell

23 Anthony Horowitz visit – St.Joseph’s

24 Anthony Horowitz visit – St.Paul’s


26 Anthony Horowitz visit – Holy Trinity

27 How can I get involved as a parent/carer? Let us know when we make a mistake Let us know when we make a difference Attend our Parent Forum - termly Consider being part of our first PTA Attend our parents evenings Attend/support our events

28 Start of Term - September Wednesday 7 th Sept 2011 – Student induction meeting (by appointment) Thursday 8 th Sept – 1 st full day at the Academy

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