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The School 1567 Times 2010 – 2011 school year This project is prepared by 10A under the expert guidance of Ramilia Tikhonova.

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1 The School 1567 Times 2010 – 2011 school year This project is prepared by 10A under the expert guidance of Ramilia Tikhonova

2 Editor’s page Welcome to the first English edition of “THE SCHOOL 1567 TIMES” magazine! Dear friends, we would like to acquaint you with the latest school news and events. On page 2 and 3 you can find Ramin’s report about what’s happening in our grammar school nowadays: review of the year!page 2 and 3 On page 4 and 5 Sasha and Vova will tell you the hottest sport news – don’t miss it!page 4 and 5 Pages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 by Olya and Sveta will show you the latest fashion – what to wear this autumn!Pages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 On page 14 Olya meets Leonid Isaakovich and finds out some information about his job, family and hobbies!On page 14 Many of you would like to know what the future holds. Read our horoscopes by Emin on page 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19!on page 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 Look through our advertisement by Masha on pages 20, 21, 22 and 23 – choose what you want!pages 20, 21, 22 and 23 Try our quiz and check your knowledge of animals and clothes on page 24 by Mary! page 24 Page 25 is out problem page, where Kate and Elina answer our readers’ questions.Page 25 On pages 26 to 30 you can choose what to watch in the cinemas this month!pages 26 to 30 And, finally, the regular article “Events” by Vova is on the last page.on the last page Editor, Svetlana Erofeeva.

3 Review of the year (1) The annual FIELD CAMPING has brought lots of excitement for our students in SEPTEMBER. This time FIELD CAMPING lasted TWO DAYS. The whole SENIOR school took part in it except classes 11 ‘B’ and ‘G’ as they were busy with preparing for the JUNIOR school FIELD CAMPING. Everything was perfect and up to high standard. We were partly pleased with the weather this year. The FIRST DAY was devoted to PUTTING UP THE TENTS, COLLECTING WOODS, MAKING FIRE, COOKING. In the evening everybody was preparing for the concert. The PERFORMANCES of all the classes were very interesting. There were FIREWORKS afterwards. It’s a good tradition of every FIELD CAMPING. We went to bed at 00.30 and got up at 8 a.m. The second day was a COMPETITION DAY. ‘BOOM’ is a pillow fight. It’s very hard to stay on the feet. TUGGING- OF- WAR was a part of the competition. ORIENTATION meant to find all the signs in the forest and not to get lost. RELAY RACE included SETTING UP A TENT, MAKING A FIRE, BOILING WATER and it was only the beginning of the distance. All the competitions were EXTREMELY HARD. At the time of the competition someone was cooking in the camp, someone was keeping the fire, but they certainly were supporting their classes with all their hearts. In the afternoon the young people folded the tents and put out the fires. Later the WINNER was announced. It was class 9 ‘V’. We had a wonderful day in Borodino. We appreciate the work of our organizers and congratulated class 9 ‘V’ with their VICTORY. BORODINO 09 homenext

4 Review of the year (2) EXAMS The main aim of every pupil in our grammar school is to pass the exams successfully at the end of the year. The results of the previous school year were fairly good. Everybody was satisfied with the marks. Because all of them were good. Those who finished the ninth form got a certificate. The teachers were pleased with the results of the pupils’ work. We don’t think it will be easier this year. So, we must work as hard as we can. Don’t relax! The holiday during the year is the only time for our pupils to relax and forget about homework. Many of them go on two or three – day – tours. They visit different cities and towns of Russia. It’s a great fun! Young people get to know each other better and have a wonderful time OUR GRAMMAR SCHOOL IS ALSO PROUD OF ITS GOOD TRADITIONS AND WE FOLLOW THEM EVERY SCHOOL YEAR! BY ASKEROV RAMIN previous

5 The sports news This year everyone had been waiting for the most important sport event of our school – ‘Orange Cup’! Many teams were dreaming of victory, but the favourites were teams of 10A, 11ABVG and 10B ! All bookmakers staked on 11ABVG, but last year’s championship team of 10A has won and become twice champion! We would like to thank Olga Olegovna, Boris Viktorovich and Tatyana Nikolaevna officially for the organization of this yearly competition. homenext

6 The sports news(2) Now – world football news! Future World Championship of football is going to occur in South Africa. Russian team couldn’t guarantee our participation it this competition and we still should play 2 butt matches. On the 19th October the toss-up has defined our future rival – it is Slovenia. Most of Russians have breathed with relief, but to no purpose. Of course, they haven’t got loud names in team, but Slovenes are famous for the team playing, especially in defense (4 goals for last 1, 5 years). Guss Ivanovich Hiddink said for “the school 1567 times”: “On the black continent through a rear entrance. Wait and see”. by Vova Karpukhin and Alex Zhirov previous

7 FASHION Outerwear Skirts and trousers Shoes Bags Belts Make-up and hairstyles Colour and texture by Olya Borisova and Sveta Erofeeva home

8 Outerwear One-colour coats with big buttons or with zipper, with belt or without, long or short, dark or bright – the absolute hit of the season. Also in this autumn are popular jerkins and leather coats. previous

9 Skirts and trousers Straight, skirts-pencils, middle-length. Treggins are new arrival to shops; they are like leggings, but tight, shining and synthetic. Jeans are a little bit shorter and not so tight. previous

10 Shoes Leather or chamois botilyons and high-hills boots, with laces, belts, zippers. Comfortable soft uggs are conquering hearts of fashion-conscious women. previous

11 Bags Big roomy handbags, suitcases with short handles or clutches – it’s your choice! previous

12 Belts It should be marked, that on the every fashion show there are belts all colours and sizes: narrow and wide, one-colour with cloth or contrasting, waisted or hipped. Especially well-looked are dresses with belts. previous

13 Make-up and hairstyle Again in fashion is 80-th style: “cats eyes” and puffy hair! previous

14 Colour and textures This season every girl should have in her wardrobe these colours: bright pink, violet, crimson and turquoise. One of the most interesting combinations of colours I consider black with beige. previous

15 INTERVIEW Our journalist Olya has met Leonid Isaakovich Zvavich and asked him some questions. O: Hello, Leonid Isaakovich! Today I would like to ask you some questions for our school magazine. First one is what is the main thing in your life? L.I.: The duration of my life. I don’t have anything special like main things. I love my job, family, I like watching movies and reading books. I don’t totally understand people who say, that their work makes their life. Life is interesting and various in the way that you can’t refuse from something for benefit of work. O: When you were a child, who did you want to become? L.I.: Since the 9th class I had been dreaming of becoming a teacher, before that – fire fighter and actor. O: Why do you like your job? L.I.: I like myself at school and school in me. O: What do you spend your salary for? L.I.: Is it a salary? O: What do you enjoy doing? L.I.: I enjoy cooking! O: And what you can’t do? L.I.: I can’t live, play the guitar, speak English and do transgressing. O: Have you been abroad? L.I.: Yes, to France, Italy, the USA and Israel. O: Tell us, please, about your family. L.I.: Me, my wife and 2 children: Artem and Pavel. Artem was 19, when he married his schoolmate! I have 2 grandchildren: Polina and Maya. Maya has a green belt in aikido! O: Thank you for giving us so interesting information, have a nice day! by Olya Borisova home

16 HOROSCOPES Capricorn&Aquarius&Fish Taurus&Twins&Cancer Leo&Virgo&Scorpion Libra&Sagittarius&Aries by Askerov Emin home

17 Capricorn&Aquarius&Fish CAPRICORN It’s a lucky period in your school life. You will reach new heights. You will show off your deep knowledge in every subject. The teachers will think that you are a genius. Don’t lose your pedestal! AQUARIUS You will be head and shoulders above the others in your class this period. Great success is waiting for you in your project in English. Although everybody will find difficulties in making it. It will be a piece of cake for you! FISH It will be sunny in your heart because you will fall in love with a classmate. You will be in a good mood but be careful with your homework because bad marks may spoil the whole thing. And this is not funny. The exams at the end of the year must be passed successfully. Otherwise you will be expelled. So think hard. previous

18 Taurus&Twins&Cancer TAURUS A mysterious appointment is waiting for you in the nearest future. You will have a strong talk at this meeting. I hope your partner won’t be the headmistress. TWINS You will have lots of surprises. They can bring you either happiness or sadness. So you should be more attentive in the lessons in case not to miss something important. Don’t forget that you are the creator of your fortune. It is you who influences the results of your studying and success. CANCER This period will be a bit hard for you. You mustn’t be lazy otherwise you will have some problems with your marks. You won’t have a chance to correct them. You will spoil the total result of your work at the end of the year. Be careful previous

19 Leo&Virgo&Scorpion LEO You must be very grateful to your friends. They have helped you a lot this year. Don’t you think that it is high time to count on yourself? May be it’s your turn to help anybody? VIRGO You will have a strong talk with your father after he visits school. Perhaps you should work harder and faster to avoid such unpleasant situation. Probably you will be able to change this prediction. Who knows? SCORPION You will go on a family journey soon. You will have to miss some lessons. So you must work hard and not relax. You should concentrate on your studying previous

20 Libra&Sagittarius&Aries ARIES It will be a calm period in your life. Nothing and nobody will trouble you. You may relax. By the way why don’t you pay attention to your friends? May be they need your help. You can easily support them. LIBRA You should make balance between your studying and spending your spear time. Perhaps you are paying to little attention to school. Don’t forget, it can influence your current marks and in the end passing the exams. SAGITTARIUS Try to avoid arguments with teachers. They can lead to sad results. Try to be always polite, helpful and rice. If you are skillful and competent the teachers will definitely appreciate this! previous

21 Games Find as many types of clothes, as you can. X I S P D E F B C A P S J E A N S O U L R T H C P T F S O K G L O V E T Find as many animals, as you know. B S H E E P A N T O R A T A S W A N O K X L T D Z E B R A A by Mary Zberiya home

22 The events of the month Every month I recommend events, which you need to visit. This month isn't an exclusion. Show “Varekai” Cirque du Soleil more information on ATW Moscow Tour more information on International theatre of one actor ask me for more information The film of 2012 more information on Concert of Sophie Ellis-bextor more information on Concert of Franz Ferdinand more information on Always yours, Vladimir Karpukhin The end

23 Problem page Teenagers are people who are in the stage of their life when they are developing from children to adults, and this process is very difficult, and it is not surprising that some problems arise. Our psychologist will try to help you. My problem is rather banal, but it really spoils my life. I like bright clothes and punk rock, but the adults don’t understand me. My parents think that I wear ridiculous clothes; they say my music is just a noise. I am under constant pressure from my parents and teachers, which leads to misunderstanding. We have arguments almost every day, sometimes I can’t restrain myself and shout at them, so my mother says my behaviour is shocking, inexplicable, I am rude to my betters and elders. How to overcome these problems? I am really exhausted because of these arguments. Oksana Dear Oksana, misunderstanding of children and parents is often met nowadays, and unfortunately your family is not an exception. I think you have a right to choose your clothes and music on your own. Try to explain it to your parents, show then that your strange clothes and music don’t mean you’re stupid or mad. Prove them that you are responsible, ambitious and hard-working. If they see it, I hope they won’t be against your tastes and interests! Since I was 11 years old I dreamt to be popular, but one problem hinders me to pursue my dream: I am rather overweight. I don’t have friends, boys don’t pay attention to me, and it annoys me greatly, but I didn’t want to change anything, I wanted my classmates to appreciate my soul, not my appearance. Few weeks ago everything changed: I fell in love. Now I can’t decide if I should grow thin or I should wait for the guy I like to accept me with such an appearance. Please, give me advice! Vika Dear Vika, I think you should really change your appearance, not for others, bur for yourself, if you do it, you will respect yourself, and, unfortunately, appearance plays a great role in our life nowadays. But you must be careful! My sister had the same problem, and few months ago she decided to change everything, she began keeping a diet. Firstly, she just controlled herself, she chose the food very properly, and it was effective. She started growing thin immediately, but later she reduced the amount of food, she almost ate nothing. 2 months passed, and she found out that her weight was 34 kilos. It shocked her, but she couldn’t do anything: her organism didn’t take the food. She is still at risk, and it it is very dangerous. Don’t repeat her mistake! home

24 Film billboard This month Elina and Kate tell you about novelties in cinema! Cirque du Freak Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 500 Days of Summer Astro Boy home

25 Cirque du Freak Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: Paul Waits Genre: Fiction/Adventure Release: 22 October Starring: John Riley, Salma Hayek, Josh Hatcherson, Chris Kelly, Ray Stevenson, Jessica Carlson Contents: Darren Shane was a usual schoolboy. Until he went to the performance of monster circus…Until he met Madam Oktu…Until he collided with the ghost of night… Darren dealt with the monster from circus and becomes the vampire to save his best friend… previous

26 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: Fill Lord Genre: Cartoon Release: 22 October Contents: The scientist tries to deliver food and save the poorest part of the humanity from hunger, but something goes wrong, and the food starts falling down from the sky… previous

27 500 Days of Summer Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: Mark Webb Genre: Comedy, Love story Release: 22 October Starring: Josef Gordon-Levitt, Zoey Denachel, Jeffrey Arendt, Chloe Moretz, Matthew Gray Gabbler Contents: The main character tries to make a girl he loves to like him, but she doesn’t believe in love absolutely and doesn’t like romantic… previous

28 Astro Boy Year: 2009 Country: USA, Japan Director: David Bayers Genre: Cartoon Release: 22 October Contents: Genius scientist lives in a space city Metro. His son died, so he creates Astro Boy, a robot-boy, who has an incredible power. But Astro Boy was very disappointed when he found out he is not a human… previous

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32 advertisement The best presents for your friends! Present editions of two greatest works of two greatest Russian writers! " War and Peace" by L. N.Tolstoy and "Oblomov" by I. A. Goncharov! Only in the shop "Friends" Your friend dreams about it! It's for pupils! It's for good Friends! home

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