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Traditional African Religions

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1 Traditional African Religions
Claire Wilfong & Anjhely Gonzalez

2 Origins Come from Bantu-speaking people
Originate from Nguni Groups: Zulu and Xhosa Based on oral traditions, basic views, myths and tales Elders are final authority and wisest No real knowledge of when.

3 Five Beliefs Divinities Magic Traditional medicine
Humanity harmonizes with nature Deities

4 What is it Most of them are ethnic religions
Some are hierarchical but other aren’t The elders are usually the “leaders” in african religions

5 Chart of African Religions Belief Practices

6 Sacred Places The kingdom of Nri An ancient city
Located in modern day Nigeria The Point of Sangomar Where the pangool (ancient saints and ancestral spirits)

7 Views of Birth and Death
Most believe there life after death they believe that they will travel to another realm. Death is believed to be the beginning to a deeper relationship with all creation. Birth is believed to be a blessing for a family. The baby doesn’t really exist until the baby is named. In the Akan traditions, after a baby a named, a goat is slaughtered and given to the family as a gift of appreciation to their ancestors.

8 Traditional Religion Map
Major Religion V.S. Traditional Religion Map

9 Distribution Today


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