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Sustainable Solutions in Water and Sanitation. WORLD CRISIS 2 At any given moment half of the developing world’s poor are sick from the same cause – WATER.

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1 Sustainable Solutions in Water and Sanitation

2 WORLD CRISIS 2 At any given moment half of the developing world’s poor are sick from the same cause – WATER RELATED ILLNESS

3 WORLD CRISIS 3 4,500 Children DIE EACH DAY From Water-Related Diseases

4 WORLD CRISIS 4 Every 15 seconds a child under the age of 5 dies needlessly from water-related illness

5 World Crisis 5 Almost one person in eight —or 884 million— now lacks access to reliable drinking water One third of the population, that’s 2.5 billion, lacks adequate sanitation. 1.2 Billion people have NO sanitation facilities at all. An estimated 2 million people die every year, the majority of them young children

6 WHO WE ARE 6 We’re a nonprofit, international development organization working in the developing world. We work in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to end water poverty once and for all.

7 WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? 7 The problem in the developing world has long been cited that nearly a billion don’t have safe water. Over 2 billion don’t have safe toilets. True. Those numbers may even be low. THE REAL PROBLEM THOUGH, is that what gets given away for free to people in the developing world doesn’t last. Pumps break. Latrines fill. Wells are damaged by storms. And people are back to square one with unacceptable situations. WE’RE CHANGING THAT. We’re here to make things last, and solve the real problem.

8 WHAT WE’RE DOING 8 Building up communities to solve their own water and sanitation challenges. Creating an environment where communities operate and maintain their own systems over time and replace them when they wear out or break. Engaging with the government, local private business and other local nonprofits to create a full network of support and success including paying for the solution. Ensuring that communities assist in the financing and building of their solutions. Monitoring and assessing the work on the ground to ensure that systems work over time.

9 WHAT WE’RE DOING TOO 9 Yes, we help communities build toilets and water systems so people have safe water and a safe place to go to the bathroom. But the “hardware” of pipes, pumps, and toilets are far less important than the “software” of communities, capacity, co- finance and collaboration. That software — how we build up people and systems in communities — is the critical component that make solutions last.

10 WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT 10 Making it last. Solutions that last into the future, will solve the real problem. We’re innovative. Our thinking about the problems as well as our planning and new initiatives are on the cutting edge. We keep our promises. We say what we do and do what we say. Integrity builds trust and effective solutions. We grow our impact without growing our footprint. We’re concise in demonstrating our impact within the regions where we work.


12 2009 SUCCESSES We served nearly 1000 new beneficiaries per day Water For People operated in more than 10 countries We worked regionally to increase impact We’ve grown by 25% each of the last two years

13 MAKING AN IMPACT 13 In 2009 WFP served 209,336 people with new water supplies In 2009 WFP provided 118,055 people with new sanitation services In 2009 WFP allocated 83% of every dollar to in- country program support.

14 Water For People Guiding Principles 14 We Believe in People Water For People believes in the dignity of all people and that access to safe drinking water and effective sanitation are basic human rights. We Keep it Local Water for People believes that drinking water, sanitation and hygiene problems are most effectively solved using local resources. We keep good company Water For People believes in the power of partnerships. They search out trusted partners who share their vision and work together to build long-term relationships based on trust. We keep our promises Water For People believes they owe it to the communities they serve, volunteers, staff and donors to keep their promises and manage their resources effectively and efficiently.








22 THE EFFECT Solving water poverty through long-lasting solutions Creating charity independence Influencing the water & sanitation sector toward best practices Monitoring, gathering and publicizing the data and analysis of what works

23 HOW YOU CAN HELP Sponsor a Water For People special event Make a grant through your local club Conduct an informational campaign about the global water crisis Encourage participation in local Water For People committees Start a Workplace Giving Campaign at your company Spread the word about volunteer opportunities through the World Water Corps®

24 For more information: 720 488 4590 24

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