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Vanda Szappanošová, Laura Noveková, Lea Potocká

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1 Vanda Szappanošová, Laura Noveková, Lea Potocká

2 Business details Business name: Superfoods and more, Wholesale
Registration date: , Amsterdam Location: Kollenbergweg 2E, 1101 AR Amsterdam, The Netherlands Type of business: general partnership (v.o.f) Number of employees: seven Licenses and permits: organic certificate Description of business: SAM Wholesale is a distributor of superfooods and related products, based in the Netherlands.

3 Organization chart CEO - owner Mariska Schijf Office manager
Fleur van Zijverden CEO - owner Mariska Schijf Office manager Mechteld Schoemaker Intern/assistent Katia Stolic Head filler Sebastian Baez Label designer Federico Garcia Filler Tim Carnal Warehouse employee

4 Goods and services They offer goods, which are of the highest quality, always organic and plant-based, mostly raw and never synthetic nor denatured. Also gluten-free or allergen-free goods. Range of consumer goods: powders seeds grains food supplements dried exotic fruits nuts, almonds and hazelnuts other dried fruits and mixtures protein supplements


6 Core activities Purchase of goods Filling of raw materials
Packaging goods to boxes Printing of labels Making translations of the descriptions of goods and their content into different languages Distribution of goods to local stores


8 Distribution Superfoods deliver their goods to different countries.
If the order is for local stores, they do it on their own. If the order is for stores abroad, they do it through distributors. They have distributors in: Slovakia Czech republic Spain Denmark

9 Outsourced activites Production of food supplements and powders
Gathering of different fruits Distribution of the goods to different stores abroad Contacting firms in other countries These two activities are done by distributors.

10 Key competitors Key competitors are other wholesalers and different e-shops, who are offering superfoods. Disadvantages of other firms are: Worse quality Higher prices Filling of the goods into plastic or harmful bags They don't offering of distribution directly to stores

11 Key suppliers Their main suppliers are mainly from:
South and North America The whole Europe Italy Spain Thailand Great Britain Suppliers supply all the products, which Superfoods is selling, because this company doesn't produce their goods themselves.

12 Distribution channels
They are selling goods to: retailers health food shops specialty supermarkets wellness centres (gyms, spas) individual fitness trainers The company doesn’t sell goods to individuals.


14 Costumer relationship
Expectations of costumers are: Equal approach to every customer Co-creation Modernization of products Giving advice High quality goods for favourable prices

15 Value propositions They provide: High quality
Good prices Newness Accessibility Which costumer needs are they satisfying? Superfoods are satisfying extra needs of their costumers, especially those, who want to live healthy and eat food without additives and sugar.

16 Canvassing costumers They are reaching costumers through: Newsletters
Social media Trade shows Events, lectures Face to face training and information Face to face training and information work the best.

17 Cost structure

18 Revenue streams Selling price of the goods
Costumers pay currently for: Direct material Direct labour Other direct costs Manufacturing overhead costs Administrative overhead costs Selling and distribution costs Mark-up Selling price of the goods

19 Thank you for your attention!

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