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Ustream Video – How to set up Picture in Picture 1.

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1 Ustream Video – How to set up Picture in Picture 1

2 2 To use some of the more advanced features of Ustream you need to download Producer or Procucer-Pro. Ustream Producer is free and Producer Pro is about $200. Here’s how to get Producer Go to Go to the bottom of the page and click on Products & Services

3 3 On the Products & Services page find and click on Producer and Producer Pro About 2/3 of the way down the page.

4 4 Download Ustream Producer and follow the installation instructions

5 5 Hook up your camera and open Ustream Producer. If everything is working correctly you should see a screen showing your camera feed.

6 6 To get “picture in picture” we need a second shot. Click on the page icon and select Add Picture Shot.

7 7 Find the image file you want to add to your broadcast. Click on your image file and it will be loaded into Ustream.

8 8 Click on your camera feed in the lower frame then Click on the picture in picture icon on the right side of the screen Select the picture –in-picture format from the list in the box that pops up. (if you only have the free version of Ustream Producer not all the selections are available)

9 9 You will see a blank screen area pop up in your video feed (it could be A or B). You can select the picture shot from the menu or go to your disk and find another picture or even a video file. You may need to adjust your camera so the picture in picture doesn’t obscure the Live action.

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