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Welcome to Facebook. Texas State University October 17, 2006.

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1 Welcome to Facebook. Texas State University October 17, 2006

2 What is our idea of Facebook? Facebook is a social utility that allows people to share information with their real world community What is important to us: –User Control: people should have control over their information –Authenticity: ability to interact with others as themselves –Accessibility: Facebook is becoming part of peoples’ daily lives Mission: Provide people with the information that matters to them most

3 How does it work? Users are strongly encouraged to validate identity College: school email address High School: school issued email address or invited by validated member Work Networks: company or organization Regional Networks: unaffiliated users have special rules restricting connections and are strongly pushed to validate into communities Nearly all users join a primary community College, high school, company or organization Profile views are by default restricted to those within validated communities Facebook Groups & Events provide additional affinities Facebook is a core part of millions of young peoples’ lives Authentication and connection with real world community leads to deeper bonds and trust

4 Four Levels of Protection Authentication: Strong promotion of validated email addresses/invitation system means reasonable confirmation of membership in particular communities and connection to real identity Retains social norms and fosters sense of accountability, deterring misuse Segmented Communities Validation in communities lets users easily identify who doesn’t belong Built-in Neighborhood Watch Innovative Privacy Controls & Technical Protections Users have extensive power to decide who can see their profile Facebook technical protections constantly measuring anomalous usage Outstanding Customer Service 30+ experts on the site (recent college graduates) headed by the former worldwide director of customer support for Palm Computing Specialized investigations staff within Customer Service Work directly with law enforcement on rare problems and require proper legal process for all information inquiries

5 How do you use Facebook responsibly? Don’t post anything that you don’t want someone to know The universe of who might see your information, even though constrained by network and Facebook privacy controls, may be broader than you want. That being said, Facebook is different from most networking sites in that there are default controls on who can see your information. Add friends responsibly Information sharing is about reflecting and building trust. Use your My Privacy settings to reflect your comfort level Facebook is the industry leader in providing you control over who sees your information. Use our tools. For more information view our recent collaboration with the Ontario, Canada Information Privacy Commissioner at

6 What is your idea of Facebook? Facebook listens extensively to its user base Feed update happened within 72 hours of launch. Implementation of additional search privacy preceded launch of expanded registration because of user suggestions. Future directions are regularly drawn from the suggestion queue (and some product visionaries on staff) Use your voice!

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