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REVISION 3 Present Perfect Simple Past Simple Conversation

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1 REVISION 3 Present Perfect Simple Past Simple Conversation
© Peter Humay 2008

2 Present Perfect Simple
I have opened the window. You have closed your book. We have checked a test. They have written an exercise. He has done his homework. She has broken her leg. It has slept. © Peter Humay 2008

3 Present Perfect Simple QUESTIONS AND NEGATIVES
Have you opened the window? Have they written a test? Has he done his homework? You haven’t opened the window. They haven’t written a test. He hasn’t done his homework. © Peter Humay 2008

4 Present Perfect Simple
It is used to express: • an action from the past has a result in the present: The train has arrived. (And the train is here now.) • I + have + past participle He + has + past participle © Peter Humay 2008

5 Present Perfect: exercise 1a
I (break) a cup. He (pay) the bill. She (fall) from a tree. We (forget) the address. They (buy) some sweets. © Peter Humay 2008

6 Present Perfect: exercise 1b
We (not / watch) a video. He (not / help) his parents. She (not / see) him. We (not / forget) the keys. They (not / buy) new jeans. © Peter Humay 2008

7 Present Perfect: exercise 1c
you (meet) him? he (pay) the bill? they (fall) from a wall? she arrived in NY? we (buy) any milk? © Peter Humay 2008

8 Present Perfect Simple ever, never, already, still not, yet, not yet
Have you ever been to the U.S.A? Have you been to Britain yet? I have never eaten sushi. I haven’t drunk wine yet. I have already read Harry Potter. I still haven’t found what I am looking for. © Peter Humay 2008

9 Present Perfect Simple for, since
I have studied English grammar for ten years. FOR + a period of time since 1998. SINCE + a point of time © Peter Humay 2008

10 Present Perfect: ever, never, for, since
1. She’s lived there many years, , I believe. 2. He has loved anybody as much as her. 3. We have known Paul three years. 4. Have you met him? © Peter Humay 2008

11 Present Perfect: ever, never, for, since
5. I have known him we went to school together, but I’ve met his parents. 6. They have eaten Indian food. 7. She’s been in France February. 8. We haven’t seen you a very long time. © Peter Humay 2008

12 Past Simple I visited my grandmother. You played tennis.
He appeared on TV. She wrote a book. It slept. We won a cup. They met a famous person. © Peter Humay 2008

Did you visit your grandmother? Did he appear on TV? Did they meet a famous person? I didn’t see your sister. He didn’t write a letter. We didn’t watch the film. © Peter Humay 2008

14 Past Simple It is used to express:
• an action which happened and finished at a particular time in the past Useful words: • yesterday • last year • two days ago • in September 1998 • before two years • when I was a child © Peter Humay 2008

15 Past Simple: exercise 1a
I (take) him to the hospital. We (buy) a new house. They (win) a race yesterday. He (go) to school last week. © Peter Humay 2008

16 Past Simple: exercise 1b
They (not / drink) Champagne. We (not / come) on time. She (catch) the train yesterday. I (not / have) free time last month. © Peter Humay 2008

17 Past Simple: exercise 1c
they (visit) you last Monday? she (bring) a bottle? you (finish) school last year? he (sing) his new songs? © Peter Humay 2008

18 Present Perfect or Past Simple
1. Tim Jackson (write) a lot of books. 2. He (write) his first fourteen years ago. you ever (try) Japanese food? 4. He never (be) to the USA. 5. She (live) in Manchester for five years and she doesn’t want to move anywhere else. © Peter Humay 2008

19 Present Perfect or Past Simple
6. They (live) in London for two years, and then in 1995 they (move) to Oxford. 7. I never (be) to Russia. 8. When you (go) there? 9. We (meet) Maria and Francis three years ago. © Peter Humay 2008

20 CONVERSATION How long have you lived in your town?
How long have you studied English? How long have you known your best friend? How long have you had your bike? How long have you had your computer? How many countries have you visited? Have you been to ? Where did you go on a holiday last year? Who did you go there with? What did you see / do ? Who did you meet? © Peter Humay 2008

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