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1 Copyright © Malaga Corp. All Rights Reserved. Malaga Corp. Marketing Why Market Now? IMPROVING BUSINESS EVERYDAY

2 Marketing: The Lifeblood of your Business Your business does not grow, flourish or even survive without marketing. But,  Time spent marketing is non-billable time.  Marketing costs money.  Marketing can exhaust your time and energy.  Marketing must be done on a continuous basis.

3 Marketing Essentials Essentials for effective marketing are: A professional online presence Business cards Brochure/Line card A useful database to track your marketing efforts.

4 How do you Promote your Business? Yellow Pages? Direct Mail? Advertising?  Print  Web  Radio  TV Creative/Grassroots?

5 Marketing Must be Repetitious Whatever marketing devices you employ: To create impact, build rapport and establish relationships marketing must be repetitious. Plan on promoting yourself to the same prospect at least five times before anticipating a response.

6 Market Routinely, Not in Spurts Marketing creates impact gradually. But its impact is long lasting and necessary for building a strong customer base.  Follow up on leads  Keep in touch with your customers  Maintain ongoing advertising campaigns

7 Promote to Multiple Channels Promote using as many different channels as possible. Print Web/Email Direct Mail Radio TV

8 Promote to your Best Customer The more targeted your promotion, the higher rate of return on your efforts and the least waste of marketing dollars.

9 Test Small Test and refine until you get good results Then roll your promotion out on a bigger scale and invest larger sums of cash. Test with focus groups, surveys and test mailings.

10 Don't Quit Due to Poor Results Avoid panic when you have a sudden drop in sales. Keep inquiries, leads and referrals on tap Keep track of your results so you can make adjustments quickly.

11 Budget Decrease A decrease in your marketing budget doesn’t have to lead to a decrease in your marketing efforts. It’s ok to cut the budget, but you must find new and better ways to market your business.

12 Marketing Decrease It’s much more difficult to try to save a failing business, than to maintain a good customer base now. There are many things you can do to maintain and build on the good will you’ve worked so hard to garner.

13 Marketing Decrease Cutting your marketing efforts in hard times can cripple your business, instead of insuring it’s place among the survivors! If you decrease your marketing efforts you risk losing customers, prospects, and leads, ultimately leading to a decrease in sales, stifled cash flow, and, potentially, a bankrupt business.

14 Competitive Edge Whether the economy is good or bad, you have to compete for your share! If competition is stiff you have to market at least as much as your competitor. Get the competitive edge to stay in the running and to get/keep market share.

15 How Will Marketing Changes Affect Your Organization? How long have you been considering making the changes you are considering today? How are you getting along without them? How is it affecting your business? What will it be like to make these improvements?

16 True Value of Today’s Marketing The increased morale and motivation of your staff leads to increased productivity, increased sales and increased profits. By not promoting your business today how much will you lose this year in customers, sales and profits? The results of your marketing choices will affect you for months and maybe even years to come – good or bad, so don’t sell yourself short.

17 Why Malaga Corp.? We’ve been around since 1995 through changing technology and changing markets. We’re local – you can reach us easily. Personalized service – we don’t treat you like a stranger. You don’t have to fit a cookie cutter mold to get your needs met. We’re a small team and each of us cares about treating the individuals in your company professionally and warmly. We are an Alameda certified woman-owned business and a registered San Francisco woman owned business.

18 Understanding your Business Our solid technical and business background helps us to understand new business systems and technologies It helps us and apply or recommend solutions to increase your systems’ efficiency and value.

19 Finding the Best Solutions We incorporate skill and knowledge from many areas to achieve the best all-around solutions. This has made us successful in helping many businesses identify and reach their goals.

20 Building a Long Term Relationship We want to: Serve you now and throughout the life of your business. Keep you so happy that:  You keep coming back  You’ll want to refer us to your friends and associates.

21 Copyright © Malaga Corp. All Rights Reserved. Growing Your Business Malaga Corp. Marketing IMPROVING BUSINESS EVERYDAY

22 What Outcome Should Your Marketing Produce? Increased sales? Increased orders? Increased memberships? Increased profits? Easier sales calls?

23 Reach my best customer quick! Direct Mail Email Blasts Telemarketing Targeted Lists PR What are Your Needs Today?

24 Make my business more efficient Systems Analysis Database Design Tracking Systems Automate Processes Templates What are Your Needs Today?

25 Make my marketing more effective Corporate Identity Brochure, Stationary, Website Sales Kit Marketing Plan Staff Sales Training What are Your Needs Today?

26 Help me manage my website Development & Design Hosting & Registration Content Management Ecommerce Flash, Forms & Other Extras SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What are Your Needs Today?

27 Something else? Programming/Communication Tools Software Development Support IT Business Services Events Technical Writing What are Your Needs Today?

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