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Digital Phone Service from your Alarm Dealer. What is Digital Phone Service? You probably asked a similar question the first time you heard mention of.

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1 Digital Phone Service from your Alarm Dealer

2 What is Digital Phone Service? You probably asked a similar question the first time you heard mention of CDs, DVDs and digital cameras. They replaced vinyl records, VHS tapes and film with their digital alternatives. We are moving to a digital world and now digital phone service is the next wave in the Digital Revolution. So, what is it? Instead of sending calls out over telephone lines, the calls travel across the much less expensive Internet. You still use your telephone and dial numbers the same way, you just pay less and get some advanced features that aren’t available from your phone company.

3 Are you ready for Digital Phone Service? Do you already have DSL or high speed Internet access from your cable company? If you do, why not maximize the service that you’re already paying for? Over one million customers have already started using digital phone service so what’s the attraction? #1 Reason is price #2 Reason is advanced features

4 What are the advanced features? Call Forwarding to three numbers When someone calls you, the digital phone service can actually try to find you by dialing two other phone numbers (such as cell and home) to try and find you before taking a message. Voice Mail – sent to email When someone leaves a message for you, the system will send the message to your email or PDA so you can listen to it through your speakers. The message includes Caller ID information. You can also retrieve your voice messages from any phone or any computer in the world. Take your phone service with you when you travel Next time you go to China, just take your Zoom box with you and plug it into the Internet at your hotel. Make sure to bring a phone too so you can make and receive calls just like you were at home, and there’s no extra charge for moving around. Have three phone numbers You can choose up to three phone numbers, from any area code in the country regardless of where you live. Would you like to have a number in NY, LA and Hawaii?

5 More Advanced Features Three years of call history on your web portal with caller ID info Every inbound and outbound call is recorded on your web portal and retained for three years. Can’t remember Uncle Joe’s number but you know he called six months ago? No problem since the info is in your web portal. Black list Next time you hear your daughter tell her boyfriend “Don’t ever call me again”, just go into the web portal and add his number to the blacklist. The phone will never ring when he calls again. Phone management Are there times when you’d prefer if the phone didn’t ring? Like after 11pm? Wake up calls In case the alarm clock just isn’t enough, you can have your Vontronix service call you with a wake up call each morning. Super Low Rates You can pay just 1.9 cents per minute or for $19.95 make as many calls as you like to any destination within the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

6 Conventional Features Along with all the advanced features, you also get all the typical features that you’ve come to expect from your telephone company: Call Waiting Call Conferencing Caller ID with name and number Call Forwarding

7 This is a screenshot of the Vontronix user portal These are the advanced features

8 Call logs maintained for three years in the user portal

9 I’m sold, how much per month? Much less than your paying now! Vontronix offers three plans for different calling habits The $12.95 plan has all the advanced features but doesn’t include any minutes. All phone calls within the US and Canada are 1.9 cents per minute. All business customers MUST use this plan and low use residences can too.

10 Don’t you have an unlimited plan? Yes, in fact, we offer two unlimited plans For $19.95 you get all the advanced features plus unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico The $29.95 plan offers the same as above but also includes unlimited calling to 22 foreign countries All three plans have a one time $19.95 account activation fee

11 Argentina - Buenos Aires Australia Canada Chile Denmark France Germany Vatican City State Hong Kong Ireland Israel Italy Mexico City Mexico - Monterey Netherlands South Korea Norway Russia - Moscow Russia - St. Petersburg Singapore Spain Sweden Taiwan United Kingdom These are the 22 countries included in the $29.95 plan There are a total of 220 countries around the world (Click here to see all the countries)Click here

12 Why buy Digital Phone Service from your Alarm Dealer instead of Vonage or AT&T? Professional Installation When your Alarm Dealer does the installation, the service will work from all the phones in your home and most importantly, your alarm will work the way it should. Price The Vontronix service is typically $5 or $10 per month less than the major competitors.

13 Sounds to good to be true – What’s the catch? Digital phone service works for voice calls but not for data calls such as faxes, modems and alarm signals It doesn’t work when the power goes out Cable and DSL modems require power So does the Digital phone service hardware Internet service providers have outages from time to time, equipment fails and needs to be replaced For some people this is fine… if the Digital phone service goes down they just use their cell phone however, alarm system in most cases don’t have that luxury Here are some limitations of Digital Phone Service that end users need to be aware of:

14 So what is the solution? Your Alarm Dealer can provide the complete solution The solution is to call your local phone company and reduce the amount of services that you buy from them This should bring the monthly phone bill down to about $15 a month including taxes. (depending up state) The Phone company line will continue to be used for incoming calls and outbound alarm signals, TIVO and anything else that needs a phone connection Use the new Digital Phone Service as the primary phone service for all outbound voice calls The Vontronix Digital Phone Service gives you a new phone number that also receives calls All existing phones will be able to send and receive calls over either line In the event of a power loss, the Zoom V3 hardware defaults all calls to your local phone company

15 What hardware will my alarm dealer need to install? Your Alarm Dealer will install the Zoom V3 hardware The V3 includes A four port router An external Firewall An analog telephone adapter A port for your existing phone service to plug into This hardware plugs in between your existing cable or DSL modem and works with all wireless routers. The hardware and installation will cost about $150 depending upon the difficulty of the installation.

16 How do we get started? Talk to your Alarm Dealer: if you’re getting a new alarm system installed, your dealer will install the Zoom V3 hardware and the Vontronix service while they install the alarm If you have an existing alarm system, call your dealer and schedule a time for them to install it You can also visit for more

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