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ACADEMIC ENGLISH COURSE “Electricity Production”.

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1 ACADEMIC ENGLISH COURSE “Electricity Production”

2 Electricity Production



5 Wind Energy




9 Photovoltaic



12 Questions

13 1)Which way do we need wind ?

14 Answer is,wind energy

15 2-What is photovoltaic, Explain it in a one sentence?

16 Answer is, having DC side isolation to AC from sun energy.

17 3-How many way do we use for pruducing electric and what are they?

18 Answer is we use 6 way to have it. Water, wind, tidal, geothermal energy fumes and gases,photovoltaic, nuclear.

19 Unknown words Reservoir: Rezervuar Yaw:rotadan çıkmak Pitch:perde Gear box:dişli kutusu Brake:fren Blades:bıçak Nacelle:motor yeri Shaft:şaft Tower:kule Roller:silindir Dam:Baraj Turbine:Türbin Steam:Buhar Sperator:Speratör Condenser:Kondansatör Grid:Izgara

20 Sources water.htm#slideshow

21 Presented by Hasan Şeyhoğlu thank you for listening

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