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Some Examples of Cultural Activities of Persons with Disabilities in Czech Republic.

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1 Some Examples of Cultural Activities of Persons with Disabilities in Czech Republic

2 National Plan for the Creation of Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities 2010-2014 Adopted by the Czech Government In line with article 30 of the UN CRPD “The main objective in this area is to support the removal of barriers hindering the more intensive access of disadvantaged persons to cultural goods and services while allowing these people dignified self-fulfillment. The participation of these people in cultural life is an important means of inclusion in the community of healthy citizens and, to some extent, a way of overcoming their disabilities. Therefore, the involvement of disabled people in culture also plays a therapeutic role connected directly with the creative influence of the arts.”

3 National Plan obliges the Ministry of Culture to: –Promote the access of persons with limited mobility or orientation to exhibitions in museums and galleries –Encourage the development of the Centre of Museum Education –Encourage the digitization of exhibits and the creation of educational programmes and virtual exhibitions –Support the introduction of audio and printed guides –Encourage the release and accessibility of audio books and printed materials

4 –Promote the accessibility of public library and information services –Use grant policy to help create space for people with disabilities to meet their cultural needs –Motivate its own contributory organizations to provide discounts on admission fees for people with disabilities and senior citizens –Promote subtitling and sign language interpreting for audiovisual works, access to audiovisual works by commentary for the visually impaired.

5 Support of Cultural Activities of Citizens with Disabilities and Senior Citizens –Grant programme for promoting the cultural activities of persons with disabilities in Czech Republic –Every year NGOs can apply for a grant to: Make use of the therapeutic function of culture to compensate the handicap Create art therapeutic programmes for persons with disabilities Present artistic creation as a way to influence the public Promote the creation of disabled artists Promote educational activities in the area of culture Remove architectonic and information barriers in cultural institutions

6 Prague Wheelchair Users Organization Overcoming Barriers Website: Symbols: Accessible location / accessible without assistance Partially accessible location / accessible with assistance Inaccessible location / particularly difficult access

7 Difficult surface Difficult slope Barrier-free entry via the main entrance Barrier-free entry via a side entrance Stairs Spiral staircase Lift Lift solely for people with impaired mobility Runner ramp or ramp Narrow doors or passages Accessible toilet Partially accessible toilet Inaccessible toilet



10 /

11 UMÚN - Publishing house, active in Czech Republic since 1993 - Part of the worldwide Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists - Main mission – to enable people with severe physical disability to become equal members of the society

12 Goals: –To associate physically disabled mouth and foot painting artists –To provide scholarship to talented painters, including those who have not yet reached artistic maturity –To pay royalties to the painters –To ensure normal life of the painters with disabilities, so they are not excluded from society –To organize exhibitions of works of the mouth and foot painting artists –To support other projects in favour of persons with disabilities

13 Jedlička Institute Specialist educational establishment for children and young people with a physical disability in Prague Non-profit organization operated by Prague City Council High-quality and accessible school, which uses comprehensive rehabilitation to prepare children and young people with disabilities for their integration into life Founded in 1913 Emphasis on the education and training for further application in employment Currently 180 students

14 High-quality preparation of students for artistic occupation and activities Good cultural programme The Tap Tap Orchestra – musical band founded in 1998, consists mainly of students and graduates of the Institute Theatre festival VEDLE JEDLE – festival of amateur theatre companies with actors with disabilities – organized by volunteers from the dramatic club of graduates of the Jedlička Institute

15 Abilympic National Abilympic – annual competition of skills and abilities of persons with disabilities in vocational and leisure activities Part of the worldwide abilympic movement Organized by the Czech Abilympic Association since 22 years The competition categories are very divers and wide

16 Activities of the Czech National Disability Council Mental Power Prague Film Festival In collaboration with non-profit organization Hendaver

17 International film festival of (non)-actors with a mental or combined disability organized since 2006 Films in which exclusively people with a mental or combined disability perform Eight years of the festival so far Main idea – to eliminate barriers that would hinder people with disabilities from getting into the world of artistic activity The festival contributes to social integration of persons with disabilities It shows to a broad public the capacities and enthusiasm of people with disabilities Annual ceremony with artistic programme where the best films of the festival are awarded

18 Mosty Award The award seeks to solve the problem that the public usually doesn’t know about positive actions made in favour of persons with disabilities The award encourages the creation of new and interesting projects in favour of persons with disabilities, increasing media presentation of disability issues The purpose of MOSTY is to award an action or a project that improves the condition of disabled people in a significant way

19 4 categories: 1. Award for the best public administration action/project 2. Award for the best non-governmental organization action/project 3. Award for a personality within the disability movement 4. Special award for a project or action in favour of disabled citizens.

20 The nominations can be put forth by institutions, NGOs, associations, enterprises, media representatives or individuals Since 2003 Cultural programme during the ceremony – artists with and without disabilities CNDC’s website:

21 Thank you for your attention!

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