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Engaging frontline staff in quality improvement Dr Ashley McKimm, Head of BMJ Quality.

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1 Engaging frontline staff in quality improvement Dr Ashley McKimm, Head of BMJ Quality

2 Why quality? Why now? Deaths per 1,000 population


4 Immunisation 1768 Penicillin 1928 Sanitation 1840s Anaesthesia 1840s

5 Why quality? Why now? Deaths per 1,000 population

6 Why quality? Why now? M 1.BMJ archive searches patient safety, quality and experience reports 1900-2000; Medical error citations collated by the National Patient Safety Foundation for the period 1939-98. Adapted from slide by Pat Croskerry. Medical error reports – England and Wales 1939-98 Citations

7 7,300 patients per year per hospital suffer an adverse event Nearly 2 bus loads per week per hospital

8 Why now?


10 1. Balas EA, Boren SA. Managing clinical knowledge for health care improvement In: Bemmel J, McCray AT, editors. Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2000 On average it takes 17 years for new clinical knowledge to become routine practice

11 The challenge How do we make it easier for frontline staff to improve healthcare? 60 frontline staff 14 countries 6 professions

12 1.Help identify area for improvement 2.Find out how others have solved it – and what didn’t work 3.Support step-by-step through the improvement process 4.Get advice from mentors, experts and the global community 5.Publish and share your work Five challenges


14 Aims to become the world’s largest repository of quality improvement evidence Standardised SQUIRE guideline template to aid sharing projects and allow comparison Making it searchable to help clinicians find what works and doesn’t work before they start


16 Recent projects submitted Recently completed projects - Improved surgical handover which increased the discharge of suitable patients at weekends from 5% to 20% An educational programme which improved correct prescribing for Parkinson’s disease from 43% to 82% Developed a new calculation tool which led to a three-fold increase in accurate dosage of gentamicin Read more projects in BMJ Quality Improvement Reports at

17 Lahore, Pakistan




21 Chain of improvement Pakistan  Toronto and Malawi


23 give us the tools to learn Understanding the basics Problem identification Relevant background Introduction to measurement Baseline measurement Getting to grips Learning to change Making the change Empowering yourself Learning to improve Steps to success Crunching those numbers Learning Final thoughts

24 Learning modules Improvement tools







31 By October 2014 Over 2,000 completed projects by frontline staff Global directory of active improvement projects 100+ communities of interest Patients actively involved with teams in improvement

32 Join our collaborative Develop an improvement programme in your organisation for frontline staff Encourage them and give permission to share their work Connect and collaborate with organisations doing similar improvement work globally Web: Email: Twitter: bmjquality

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