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Scholarships and College Admissions Emme Otte PHS Counselor (D-He) 2008.

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1 Scholarships and College Admissions Emme Otte PHS Counselor (D-He) 2008

2 FAFSA FREE Application for Federal Student Aid Apply January 1 st –March 1 st They will send you back a report (SAR: Student Aid Report) that states what your EFC (Estimated Family Contribution). Qualifies you for: Scholarships (free money from the school) Grants (free money (financial need based)) Work-Study (you work on campus for your school, can use the money for tuition or to cover other expenses) Loans (federal loans, parent loans, and other loans) List all the schools you have applied to They will send you a financial aid packet back based on the information on your SAR (student aid report) May use estimated taxes

3 College Opportunity Fund FREE money from the state of Colorado just for being a resident $92 a credit hour for public colleges/universities in the state $46 a credit hour for participating private colleges/universities 5 minutes to sign up at Click on College Opportunity Fund

4 Four Year Public Colleges and Universities (COF) Adams State College Colorado School of Mines Colorado State University Colorado State University-Pueblo Fort Lewis College Mesa State College Metropolitan State College of Denver University of Colorado at Boulder University of Colorado at Colorado Springs University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center University of Northern Colorado Western State College

5 2 Year Public Colleges (COF) Arapahoe Community College Colorado Northwestern Community College Community College of Aurora Community College of Denver Front Range Community College Lamar Community College Morgan Community College Northeastern Junior College Otero Junior College Pikes Peak Community College Pueblo Community College Red Rocks Community College Trinidad State Junior College

6 Private Universities (COF) Regis University University of Denver

7 Local Scholarships Odds are really good! Amounts vary from $100 to $150,000 You’ll find them on the PHS website Click on Counseling Then click on Scholarships  Finally, click on Scholarship Opportunities

8 Examples of Local Scholarships Daniel’s Fund Scholarship Almost a full ride (they pay for everything that your other scholarships and your EFC doesn’t cover…including transportation, books, living expenses, tuition, etc) Need based scholarship Must be nominated by the school Deadline for nomination is October 3 rd (December 10 th if you are accepted to be a nominee for PHS) Boettcher Scholarship $150,000 to a Colorado resident to attend a CO school (pays for just about everything in full except room/board…they give you a stipend for that) Must be in the top 5% of their class and have an ACT of 27 (or SAT math/reading combo of 1200) or higher Deadline Novemeber 1st

9 Examples of National Scholarships Gates Millennium Scholarships ( Full ride scholarship Deadline January 12, 2009 Coca-Cola Scholars ( 50 $20,000 scholarships 200 $10,000 scholarships  Deadline October 31 st

10 National Scholarship Websites Great for those hard to find scholarships!

11 Scholarship Do’s Attend a financial aid seminar Talk to the financial aid department at the schools you apply to see if there are specific scholarships you may apply for Also ask the financial aid department how they handle outside scholarships. Some schools will deduct the scholarships you have won outside of the school straight from your tuition, and others will deduct it from the amount of scholarships they give you Apply to all the scholarships you can (local have the best odds and usually the shortest applications) Have someone who is a really good editor look over your essay and application before you submit it (English teachers are great, but there are other wonderful editors out there, too) Look for scholarships focused on your talents…leadership, community service, athletics, academics, music, art, etc…

12 Scholarship Don'ts Never pay a service to find a scholarship for you If a scholarship asks you to send money to them in exchange for a scholarship, skip it Don’t skip the fine print…make sure you know exactly what you are applying for and who you are applying to

13 Choosing the Right College It’s all up to you! Remember, you are interviewing a college just as much as they are interviewing you. What are you looking for in a college? Location Cost Size Athletics Academics Majors Campus Activities Religious Affiliation Special interests (like studying abroad)

14 College Search Sites

15 Choosing a Career Having trouble deciding on a major? Start with what you love to do Love riding horses? Would you want to be a vet, trainer, own an equestrian store, jockey??? Like to help people? How about becoming a doctor, counselor, teacher, paramedic, therapist, psychologist, nurse, personal trainer???? Take personality tests and research careers

16 College Admissions Every College/University has their own admission deadlines Apply before the deadline You can submit your application in parts: Application now Letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc to follow (all parts must be in by the deadline) Three decision deadlines Regular Decision (the latest deadline…most around January 15 th ) Early Action (non-binding) Early Decision (BINDING)

17 Letters of Recommendation Fill out a Brag Sheet, make copies and hand out to those you want to write a letter for you Find at least 3 people (a variety of people is best, as long as they can talk about your academic abilities, talents, leadership, community service, etc) Teachers Coaches Employers Clergy or religious leader Family friend who has known you for years and can speak to your abilities Give them at least 2 weeks notice. There are some people who get a ton of letter requests (counselors and teachers, for example)…please give them at least 3 weeks to write the letter. If a college says send 2 recommendations, only send 2. They will usually toss the third one or it will not be read.

18 Essay If the college says it is recommended but not required, send it anyway. By including it, you will show that you are a responsible person not afraid of taking the extra step to secure your future. Have your essay checked by someone who is a great editor. Make sure it is free of all grammatical mistakes.

19 SAT v. ACT (and what about the writing part????) ACT: All CO colleges/universities accept it SAT: Usually the East coast, Ivy, and big name schools like to see your SAT scores, but some will accept ACT as well ACT: Reading, English, Math, Science SAT: No science (can opt to take subject tests) 90% of colleges/universities accept both (some big name colleges say they accept both, but it may be a hybrid…some scores from each) Writing: To take or not to take? Your call. Check with your college or university to see if it is required.

20 ACT/SAT Prep Classes PHS: September 29 th and 30 th Prep Associates College Direction

21 NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I 16 core classes Sliding scale for ACT/SAT requirements 3.55 GPA=400 SAT and 37 ACT combined sum 2.0 GPA=1010 SAT and 86 ACT combined sum Division II 14 core classes Minimum of 820 on SAT or 68 on ACT (combined sum)

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