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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Little by Little Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Because I can’t _______ her poor writing, I do not know what her letter says. dismay astonish decipher permit

3 Vocabulary 2. Jean did not expect to win, so she was ______ when the judges gave her first prize. deciphered dismay despise astonished

4 Vocabulary 3. The artist looked at his ruined painting with ______.
dismay astonished decipher confession

5 Vocabulary 4. The actor was so convincing as the “bad guy” that everyone _______ him. immobility despised decipher retired

6 Vocabulary 5. The teacher walked with a slight limp because she had had _______ as a child. dismay astonished polio publicity

7 Vocabulary 6. That scare shocked me into _______. decipher immobility
astonished gravelly

8 Comprehension 7. Why does Jean think Miss Marr will understand her seeing problem? Her teacher is young and pretty. Her teacher has a limp. Her teacher has a gentle voice. Her teacher likes Mr. Johnston.

9 Comprehension 8. Why does the teacher put Jean’s desk right against the front blackboard? because there is no other place for it because Jean is a discipline problem because Jean wants to sit apart from the other students because Jean is supposed to see the board better up close

10 Comprehension 9. Why doesn’t Jean explain her reading problem to her teacher? because she is embarrassed because she doesn’t think it is a big problem because Miss Marr wouldn’t listen to her because she doesn’t like Miss Marr

11 Comprehension 10. “Shirley had about her the magic of a story” means Shirley ______. liked stories had a lot of books seemed to have an interesting life knew how to do magic

12 Comprehension 11. In the selection, Shirley is referred to as the “War Guest herself” because she ______. likes to pick fights on the playground lives with her aunt and uncle was sent from England to escape the bombings has a charming English accent

13 Comprehension 12. Why is Jean excited that Shirley is going to help her? Jean likes her brother, Ian. Jean has always wanted to be friends with a girl. Jean is always looking for someone to help her. Shirley is from England.

14 Comprehension 13. Shirley turns out to be _______.
a very excitable person a quiet, polite girl a very good friend to Jean an unkind person

15 Comprehension 14. Jean begins talking to a tree after ______.
Shirley leaves her in the schoolyard she takes the arithmetic test she tells Miss Marr what she did Jamie meets her at school

16 Comprehension 15. Why doesn’t Jean write down a single answer on her test? She can’t write fast enough. She doesn’t know the addition facts. She doesn’t know the multiplication facts. She doesn’t have a pencil.

17 Comprehension 16. When Jean says that she has all the math problems correct, she feels ______. pleased guilty excited disappointed

18 Comprehension 17. This selection is like an autobiography because it _______. tells a true story about an incident in the author’s life tells a story about a time in school explains why the author is nearly blind tells about made-up events in a person’s life

19 Comprehension 18. “Ruth and Stella lurked near enough to hear what I said.” In this story, lurked means that Ruth and Stella _______. sneaked kept on staying were dangerous were hidden

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