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Welcome R. W. Royalty SWPBS School Wide Positive Behavior Support.

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2 Welcome R. W. Royalty

3 SWPBS School Wide Positive Behavior Support

4 “If a child doesn’t know how to read, we teach.” “ If a child doesn’t know how to swim, we teach.” “ If a child doesn’t know how to multiply, we teach.” “If a child doesn’t know how to drive, we teach.” If a child doesn’t know how to behave, we…… …………..punish? ……………..teach? “Why can’t we finish the last sentence as automatically as we do the others?

5 What are the benefits? Consistency Decrease inappropriate behaviors by teaching appropriate behavior Focus on and reward appropriate behavior

6 Traditional Discipline VS. PBS ☹ Focused on the student’s problem behavior ☹ Goal was to stop undesirable behavior through the use of punishment ☻ Replaces undesired behavior with a new behavior or skill ☻ Alters environments, teaches appropriate skills, and rewards appropriate behavior

7 Behavior Charts: Review Major/Minor BehaviorsMajor/Minor Behavior Chart & LadderBehavior Chart –Numbers, letters Examples QUESTIONS?????

8 Earning Eagle Bucks: Weekly calendar signatures Caught following rules Going above and beyond PTO attendance GOLDEN EAGLE BUCK - worth 5 bucks -nominees from teachers -chosen by Mr. C

9 Eagle Bucks: Can not be taken away Cashed in Thursday before PBS Friday Teachers/ staff/bus drivers will be given predetermined Eagle Bucks each month Remember to include ALL students

10 Behavioral Expectations SWPBS

11 Cafeteria Be Safe Keep hands, feet, and objects to self while in line Sit with feet on floor, bottom on seat, facing table Be Respectful Enter silently Period of silence (no talking) Use inside voices Clean up your area when finished eating Leave cafeteria silently (line rules) Be Ready Listen for instructions Wash hands (1, 2, 3… Save a Tree) Get all utensils, milk, & condiments when first going through line

12 Playground Be Safe Walk to and from the playground Stay within boundaries Keep hands and feet to self Use equipment properly Be Respectful Include everyone Take turns Be aware of others and their feelings Be Ready Use restroom/water before entering playground Freeze at the whistle Line up quietly

13 Hallways / Walkways Be Safe Walk in a straight line Fold arms Be Respectful Walk silently Be Ready Look forward (be aware of the person in front of you)

14 Restrooms Be Safe Keep feet on the floor Wash hands -1 squirt of soap -1, 2, 3…Save a Tree Be Respectful Remain quiet while in restroom (including recess) Knock on stall door before entering One person in stall at a time Be Ready Only toilet tissue in toilet Flush toilets and urinals Return to classroom promptly

15 Arrival & Dismissal Areas Arrival and Dismissal Areas Be Safe Use sidewalks and crosswalks Follow hallway rules Be aware of traffic Be Respectful Use quiet voices Sit in assigned area Listen to duty teacher for instructions Be Ready Arrive on time and leave on time Get teacher permission to go to office Car riders: sit quietly and watch for your car

16 Special Events and Assemblies Be Safe Wait for arrival and dismissal signals (give me 5) Keep hands, feet and objects to self Be Respectful Use audience manners Sit on your bottom with legs crossed Be Ready Enter quietly Listen attentively

17 Break 15 minutes

18 Objective: TLW demonstrate knowledge of cafeteria rules by demonstrating appropriate lunchroom behavior. Materials: Poster of cafeteria rules, lunch plate, milk bag, utensils, napkins, straw Procedure: Introduction: Walk your students to the area where they wash their hands. Ask them why it is important for them to wash their hands before eating. 1. Call on 2 volunteers to demonstrate how to wash their hands correctly. (Stand in line, keep moving, don’t drip water on the floor, 1, 2, 3… save a tree, and put it in the trash when you’re finished.) Lesson Plan Cafeteria Rules

19 Call on 2 employees (not students) to state the incorrect way to wash their hands. 2. Walk inside the cafeteria and demonstrate how to stand in line, keep hands and feet to themselves, how to get milk, utensil, condiments, etc. when they are in line. (Remind them that they are not allowed to come back if they forget them.) 3. Walk students to the tables. Call on students to demonstrate how they should sit. Go over seating arrangements, manners, talking, keeping your hands, food, feet, etc. to themselves. 4. Demonstrate how to get up to dump their plates. Remind them that they must make sure their area is clean as they leave. (No food/paper on the floor or table.) 5. Have students line up and role play how to stand in line, place their utensils correctly, and wait their turn to dump/wash it. (Remind them that they are to throw away paper only in the trash can.) Closure: Show them the cafeteria rules poster and review what they are to do and not to do in the cafeteria.

20 Incentives Candy/Treat Pencil Front of Lunch Line Free Shirt/Jeans/Shoes Treasure Chest Remove 1 tardy Restroom Pass

21 PBS Fridays!

22 PBS Fridays Teachers: RWV Shirt & Jeans Day Door Prizes Special Lunches Students: Door Prizes Wear Eagle Buck purchases C.C.C. (Cool Conduct Club) Activity

23 Binders: Introduction Discipline charts/Ladders Lesson Plans Behavior assignments Master Copies Cool Conduct Club

24 Royalty Review

25 Question 1 What does SWPBS stand for?

26 Question 2 What are some of the benefits of SWPBS?

27 Question 3 Name one difference between traditional discipline and PBS?

28 Question 4 What is the difference between Expectations and Rules?

29 Question 5 What are RWV’s 3 School Wide Expectations?

30 Farewell Royalty!

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