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1- A. They are enjoying a visit after a long separation.

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1 1- A. They are enjoying a visit after a long separation. B. They don’t see each other unless they have to. C. They will not see each other again for a long time. D. They aren’t speaking to each other.

2 2- A. Let’s go to a movie. B. Let’s stay home. C. Why should we go to a movie? D. Why don’t we go home?

3 3- A. She could not afford to fly to Chicago. B. She has taken the bus to Chicago only twice. C. Taking a plane costs more but saves time. D. It is better to go to Chicago on the bus.

4 4- A. At an art exhibit B. In a supermarket C. In a shoe store. D. In a clothing store.

5 5- A. Ted didn’t observe the speed limit B. Ted should go to the hospital. C. More time is needed to evaluate Ted’s condition. D. Ted will soon end his emergency training.

6 6- A. She doesn’t want to practice any more. B. They’ve been dancing since six o’clock. C. The dance routine needs more right turns. D. She will be ready to practice at six o’clock.

7 7- A. It doesn’t serve very good fish. B. It is an excellent restaurant. C. It has slow service. D. He’d like to see it again.

8 8- A. He ate too much and needs to go to sleep. B. He can’t wait to see his friends tomorrow. C. The woman should wait until tomorrow to have her party. D. He doesn’t want to go to the party because it starts late.

9 9 A. She didn’t need a ride from the airport B. She might have missed her flight from Boston. C. She was taking a trip to Boston. D. She had decided not to make the trip.

10 10 A. She knew the doctor was fifty years old. B. She is not surprised by the man’s statement C. The man should wait to see a doctor D. She is shocked by the man’s statement.

11 11 A. Be understanding toward the woman. B. Lower the woman’s final grade. C. Work hard to get an extension. D. Expect the woman to finish her paper first.

12 12 A. It hasn’t rained much lately. B. The woman doesn’t like Ray. C. Ray is behaving differently than usual. D. The class started late because of the rain.

13 13 A. The woman doesn’t need to type her English paper. B. He doesn’t want to type any papers. C. Both of the woman’s papers should be typed. D. There are two papers this term.

14 14 A. John’s mother can’t hear him very well right now. B. John’s mother isn’t here right now. C. The telephone belongs to John’s mother D. The telephone is not available right now.

15 15 A. She lives too far away to go to Jane’s presentation. B. Jane didn’t appear nervous at all during her presentation. C. Jane needs to take lessons in public speaking. D. She didn’t understand Jane’s presentation.

16 16 A. Biology 101 won’t be offered next semester. B. Biology 101 is not popular with students. C. She has already taken Biology 101. D. She hasn’t heard anything about Biology 101.

17 17 A. Open the door to the cafeteria. B. Look at the lunch schedule. C. Get a schedule from someone else. D. Wait in the cafeteria for lunch to be served.

18 18 A. She might not graduate. B. She doesn’t like to receive presents. C. She might prefer a different gift. D. She doesn’t wear gold.

19 19 A. Someone else prepared it for her B. She had to deliver it C. She had a great time preparing it D. Someone will help her prepare it

20 20 A. He will help Jane with her work. B. He will work things out with Jane. C. He wishes Jane success in her new job. D. He wants to apologize to Jane.

21 21 A. Joe paid too much for his new car. B. Joe is always in a good mood. C. Joe is happy with the price he paid. D. Joe is going to get a bargain on.

22 22 A. He can’t fix the television today. B. He hasn’t had time to look at the television. C. He will refund the woman’s money. D. He is willing to check the television again.

23 23 A. Lend her his notes. B. Take her to class. C. Give her lecture for her. D. Tape record the whole lecture.

24 24 A. He has been helping Linda prepare for her class. B. He thinks Linda is feeling better every day. C. He likes having Linda as a tutor. D. Linda would do better if she got a tutor.

25 25 A. He has eaten too much. B. He disagrees with the woman. C. He feels cold. D. He would like to shut the door.

26 26 A. He doesn’t really want to move. B. He hasn’t found an apartment he can afford. C. He will be moving very soon. D. He hasn’t looked for an apartment yet.

27 27 A. No one seems to have the book she needs. B. She wasn’t able to reserve her ticket. C. She closed the travel agency early. D. She has two books to return tomorrow.

28 28 A. They should order two more pizzas. B. The pizza isn’t large enough. C. He won’t eat any more pizza. D. There is enough pizza for everyone.

29 29 A. The woman has enough tapes of jazz music already. B. The woman isn’t really going to buy any more music. C. He hasn’t heard any good jazz lately. D. He doesn’t like jazz as well as other types of music.

30 30 A. Elizabeth didn’t go out of town after all. B. Elizabeth changed her schedule. C. The man was mistaken about Elizabeth’s plans. D. Elizabeth will be out of town this week.

31 B 31 A. How to raise butterflies and moths.
B. How to photograph insects in the wilderness. C. Butterflies and their physical development D. The characteristics of black flies.

32 32 A. Butterflies are bigger and more colorful than moths are. B. The antennae of butterflies and moths are different C. Butterflies are faster flyers than moths are. D. Moths have bigger wings than butterflies do.

33 33 A. They tickle and cause a rash. B. They swarm and bite. C. They are too small to see. D. They are difficult to catch.

34 34 A. They develop inside of cocoons. B. They find mates and reproduce. C. They learn how to spin silk D. They travel from plant to plant in search of food.

35 35 A. She slept through her alarm. B. She had to see a doctor C. She was writing a paper for Professor Smith. D. She was too ill to leave her room.

36 36 A. She needs a blood transfusion every eight weeks. B. She can’t finish her work on time for the next class. C. She becomes ill when she eats cereal. D. She has an illness that many other women have.

37 37 A. Eat iron-rich foods. B. Buy a new alarm clock. C. Stop eating cereal. D. Call Professor Smith.

38 38 A. Her pills. B. The assignment C. Professor Smith’s handouts. D. The notes for Professor Smith’s lecture.

39 C 39 A. Someone who is trying to find a home for a cat
6. Someone who has lost a cat C. Someone who might be interested in buying a cat D. Someone who wants to work in a pet store.

40 40 A. A common cat B. A hungry cat. C. A pure-bred cat. D. An expensive cat.

41 41 A. Loss of blood. B. Ancestry. C. Training. D. Reproducing.

42 42 A. They are both very expensive. B. They both make good pets. C. The history of both can be traced. D. They both often go homeless.

43 43 A. Life in Norway during Viking times. B. Different ocean routes taken by he Vikings. C. Methods used in Viking navigation. D. The importance of migrating geese in Viking navigation.

44 44 A. The construction of Viking ships. B. Viking use of the stars in navigation. C. Ingenuity and technology in 900 A.D. D. Land marks.

45 45 A. They followed the route of migrating birds instead. B. They wanted to avoid pack-ice. C. Along the longer route, they could stop at islands. D. They followed the path of the stars instead.

46 46 A. Their feeding ground could be used by the Vikings as a landmark. B. They were a good source of food for the Vikings. C. The Vikings could follow their migratory route to find land. D. They helped the Vikings find routes through the ice.

47 47 A. They weren’t able to travel very far from their homeland. B. They migrated south. C. They developed an advanced technology. D. They were expert sailors.

48 48 A. Harvesting vegetables. B. Designing a garden. C. Choosing nutritious vegetables to plant in a garden. D. Soybeans.

49 49 A. They contain Vitamin B. B. They are more nutritious than other bean varieties. C. They are better tasting than green and yellow beans. D. They are easy to plant and care for.

50 50 A. It will be on the final exam. B. It is more important than the other vitamins. C. It could help decrease stress and fatigue during exams. D. It is found exclusively in soybeans.

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