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John drinks hot chocolate everyday. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY Everyday:Her gün.

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2 John drinks hot chocolate everyday. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY Everyday:Her gün

3 He eats chocolate everyday. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Eat:Yemek

4 Study Maths Go to bed Watch TV VOCABULARY VOCABULARY (to)Watch:İzlemek (to)Study: Çalışmak (to)Go: Gitmek

5 Wash dishes Play football Listen to music VOCABULARY VOCABULARY (to)Play:Oynamak (to)Wash:Yıkamak(to)Listen:Dinlemek

6 Drink coke Swim in the sea Have breakfast VOCABULARY VOCABULARY (to)Swim:Yüzmek Sea:Deniz (to)Have breakfast:Kahvaltı yapmak

7 She makes cake everyday. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Make:Yapmak

8 Sandra washes dishes everyday. l don’t like it.

9 Everyday he gets up early. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY (to)Get up:Kalkmak Early:Erken

10 Affirmative (Olumlu) Negative (Olumsuz) He She It Vs Vs doesn’t+ V1 l You We You They V1 don’t + V1 SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE l drink tea everyday. l don’t drink milk everyday. He drinks tea everyday. He doesn’t drink tea everyday.

11 They watch TV everyday.

12 Every morning he runs to work.

13 It snows in winter. Children like winter.

14 He runs to work everyday.


16 Do you watch TV? Yes,I watch TV./Yes, I do. No,l don’t watch TV./No,l don’t.

17 Does John study Maths? Yes,he studies Maths./Yes,he does. No,he doesn’t study Maths./No, he doesn’t.

18 Does Mrs.PEARSON go shopping? Yes,she goes shopping./Yes,she does. No,she doesn’t go shopping./No, she doesn’t. Mrs.PEARSON Mrs.PEARSON

19 Does John have breakfast? Yes,he has breakfast./Yes,he does. No,he doesn’t have breakfast./No, he doesn’t.

20 Do they have a picnic? Yes,they have a picnic./Yes,they do.

21 Does the water boil? Yes,it boils./Yes,it does. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Boil:Kaynamak

22 He always rides a bicycle. He doesn’t always ride a bicycle. VOCABULARY:Always: Her zaman

23 They usually play together. VOCABULARY:Usually:Genellikle

24 He usually goes to bed late.

25 She often sings songs. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Sing:Söylemek Often:Sık sık

26 He sometimes studies Maths. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY Sometimes:Bazen Sometimes:Bazen

27 She never wears the same clothes. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Wear:GiymekNever:HiçSame:AynıCloth:Giysi

28 Babies …………..cry. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Cry:Ağlamak alwayssometimesnever

29 He …………..talks on the phone. VOCABULARY(to)Talk:KonuşmakSeldom:Nadiren alwaysseldomnever

30 He …………..does sports. alwayssometimesnever

31 How often does the telephone ring? VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Ring:Çalmak How often:Ne kadar sık It always rings.

32 How often does he study? He always studies.

33 How often does he go swimming? He goes swimming every weekends. He always goes swimming.

34 How often does he wash laundries in hand? He always washes laundries in hand. VOCABULARY VOCABULARYLaundry:Çamaşır

35 How often do you go abroad? VOCABULARY VOCABULARY Abroad:Yurt dışı I never go abroad.

36 Jack He never catches the train. How often does Jack catch the train?

37 How often does Tweety escape from the cat? It always escapes from the cat. VOCABULARY VOCABULARY(to)Escape:Kaçmak

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