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Chapters 1-2 Chapters 3-4 Chapters 5-6 Chapters 7-8 Chapters 9-10 500 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 Chapters 10-11 Final Round.

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2 Chapters 1-2 Chapters 3-4 Chapters 5-6 Chapters 7-8 Chapters 9-10 500 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 Chapters 10-11 Final Round

3 Chapters 1-2 for $100 Why do Bryon and Mark go to the bar?

4 Answer for $100 They hustle people for money by beating them at pool.

5 Chapters 1-2 for $200 Why does Mark live with Bryon’s family?

6 Answer for $200 Mark’s parents shot each other during a drunken argument.

7 Chapters 1-2 for $300 Why does M&M get so upset and call Mark and Bryon weird?

8 Answer for $300 After they beat a gang up for hurting M&M for being different, they want to beat up a guy just because he’s black.

9 Chapters 1-2 for $400 Why is Mike beat up when he drops Connie off at her house?

10 Answer for $400 When he drops her off she’s crying. Because she’s black and he’s white, her brothers think Mike hurt her--then she tells them he did hurt her.

11 Chapters 1-2 for $500 Mike says he doesn’t hate the guys who beat him up--What does Mark say about that?

12 Answer for $500 Mark says if someone hurt him like that he’d hate them for the rest of his life.

13 Chapters 3-4 for $100 Why won’t Charlie hire Bryon? (Give one reason)

14 Answer for $100 1. Bryon is underage and 2. Charlie says Bryon “lies like a dog.”

15 Chapters 3-4 for $200 What happened to Mark at the dance?

16 Answer for $200 He gets into a fight and is knocked almost unconscious when the kid hits him in the head with a bottle--he has to go to the hospital for stitches.

17 Chapters 3-4 for $300 What did Bryon say is the “crummiest feeling in the world”?

18 Answer for $300 To hate the person you love the best in the world.

19 Chapters 3-4 for $400 What does Mark get caught doing at school?

20 Answer for $400 Mark gets caught driving the principal’s car.

21 Chapters 3-4 for $500 What explanation does Mark give that makes the principal laugh and gets Mark out of trouble?

22 Answer for $500 Mark’s been borrowing the principal’s car since the beginning of the year to drive down and see his probation officer. (Mark was on probation for stealing a car.)

23 Chapters 5-6 for $100 Bryon thinks Cathy and Angela both have guts in different ways-- Angela does what she wants, but what does Cathy do that takes guts?

24 Answer for $100 Cathy says what she wants.

25 Chapters 5-6 for $200 After Mark and Bryon hustle pool with the Texans what happens to Charlie?

26 Answer for $200 Charlie is killed when he saves the boys from being shot.

27 Chapters 5-6 for $300 Who does Bryon start to hang out with more after Charlie’s murder and how does Mark react to this?

28 Answer for $300 Bryon starts hanging out with Cathy more and Mark gets jealous.

29 Chapters 5-6 for $400 What does Mark do when another driver makes an obscene remark to them on the Ribbon?

30 Answer for $400 Mark jumps out of the car and punches him in the face.

31 Chapters 5-6 for $500 When does M&M say Mark can pick him back up to go home?

32 Answer for $500 Never. M&M said, “Not ever. I’m not going home.”

33 Chapters 7-8 for $100 When does the father say M&M will be back and is he correct?

34 Answer for $100 The father said M&M would return the next day, but he doesn’t come back.

35 Chapters 7-8 for $200 How does Mark get revenge on Angela?

36 Answer for $200 Mark gets her drunk with rum until she passes out. Then he cuts all her hair off and dumps her at home.

37 Chapters 7-8 for $300 Why did Mark’s father shoot his mother?

38 Answer for $300 His mother said that Mark wasn’t really his son.

39 Chapters 7-8 for $400 Who calls Mark “Cat”?

40 Answer for $400 One of the hippie chicks at the house M&M is staying at. Mark said he dates her “sometimes”.

41 Chapters 7-8 for $500 What does Bryon tell Mark to do after Bryon is beat up by Angela’s brothers, Tim and Curley?

42 Answer for $500 Bryon tells Mark not to seek revenge--he doesn’t want him to try and get even again.

43 Chapters 9-10 for $100 Who does Bryon compare his situation to when he explains to Mark why he doesn’t want the circle of getting even to continue?

44 Answer for $100 Bryon compares his situation to Mike’s (the kid who was beat up for driving the black girl home).

45 Chapters 9-10 for $200 What kind of shape is M&M in when Cathy and Bryon find him?

46 Answer for $200 M&M is on a bad acid trip and has to go to the hospital.

47 Dimensions for $300 What does M&M say he keeps seeing while on the acid trip?

48 Answer for $300 M&M said he went down into his stomach and a bunch of spiders came out and chewed on him.

49 Chapters 9-10 for $400 What does Bryon find under Mark’s bed?

50 Answer for $400 Bryon finds a big package of pills.

51 Chapters 9-10 for $500 Who does Bryon call when he finds Mark’s drugs?

52 Answer for $500 Bryon calls the police.

53 Chapter 10-11 for $100 After the police took Mark away, what did Bryon do?

54 Answer for $100 Bryon went to the bathroom and threw up.

55 Chapter 10-11 for $200 What was Mark doing with the pills?

56 Answer for $200 Mark was selling them to make money--he was a pusher, but he said he wasn’t doing the drugs himself.

57 Chapter 10-11 for $300 After he turns Mark in, how does Bryon treat Cathy?

58 Answer for $300 Bryon is mean to Cathy and accuses her of being glad he’s in jail. He decides he doesn’t love her anymore.

59 Chapter 10-11 for $400 How did Mark react in court when Bryon testifies that they “were like brothers”?

60 Answer for $400 Mark laughed.

61 Chapter 10-11 for $500 Why did Mark say he had to see him one last time?

62 Answer for $500 Mark said he wanted to see Bryon to “Make sure I hated you”.

63 Final Round: Bryon

64 Final Question How did Mark respond when Bryon said, “We were like brothers, you were my best friend”?

65 Final Jeopardy Answer Mark quoted Bryon and said, “That was then, this is now.”

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