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Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie? by liuli November 20th.

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2 Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie? by liuli November 20th

3 1 根据句意和首字母填写单词. 1) Do you want to go to a m_____. 2) I don’t like a_____ movies. 3) He likes to see a c_____. 4) What k____ of movies does he like? 2 单项选择 1) What kind of____ do you like? A. movies B movie C the movie D a movie ovie ction omedy ind A Exercises:

4 2) Tom and Kate _____ with me. A want to go B want go C want going D are wanting 3) _____ your mother ____ comedies? A Does, likes B Does, like C Do, likes D Do, like 4) Does she want to play games? ___________. A Yes, she doesn’t. B No, she does. C Yes, she does. D No, she don’t. A B C

5 1.I want to go to an action movie.( 改为一般疑问句 ) 2.Sally wants to see a comedy. ( 改为一般疑问句 ) 3.Ben wants to go to a documentary. ( 改为否定句 ) 4.My parents want to see a thriller. ( 改为否定句 ) 5.Ben and Sally want to see a romance.( 划线部分提问 ) 6.My brother wants to go to a cartoon. ( 划线部分提问 ) Do you want to go to an action movie? Does Sally want to see a comedy? Ben doesn’t want to go to a documentary. My parents don’t want to see a thriller What kind of movie do Ben and Sally want to see? What kind of movie does your brother want to go ?

6 Some exercises for you. Do you know them? September 25 1881October 26 1889 December 25 1642 February 14 1912December 7 1867

7 play baseball play computer game Play soccer ballwatch TV Do you want to play basketball? Yes, I do. No,I don’t Does she/he want to play basketball? Yes, she/he does. No, she/he doesn’t.

8 kinds of movies action movie 动作片 comedy 喜剧片 documentary 纪录片 thriller 恐怖片 I like action movies and comedies. What knid of movies do you like? Beijing Opear 京剧

9 Work in pairs: Practice: ---I like ….and I like… ---I like … but I don’t like…

10 a comedy ( 喜剧 ) Comedies are funny and interesting! 喜剧是有趣的。

11 an action movie (动作片) Action movies are exciting! 动作片是令人兴奋的!

12 a documentary 纪录片 Documentaries are boring! 纪录片是无聊的。 Documentaries are sad! 纪录片是令人伤心的!

13 a thriller ( 恐怖片 ) Thrillers are scary! 恐怖片是另人害怕的!

14 exciting scary boring funny sad

15 Description words( 形容词 ) interesting funny/fun relaxing exciting boring sad scary

16 Kinds of movies Description( 描述 ) comedies funny (E) thrillers documentaries action movies Beijing Opera great (E) scary (J) boring (E, J) exciting (J) interesting (J) Edward June Listen and write down the words Edward and June describe the movies. Write “E” (for Edward) or “J” (for June) next to the words.

17 I often go to movies with my friend, Mike. My favorite actor is Paul Jackson. He has a new movie, My Father’s Birthday. It’s a very funny comedy. Mike likes the actor Rick Smith. He really likes his movies, Black September. It’s a very successful thriller, but I think it’s boring. One interesting thing: Mike is English, but he likes Beijing Opera! He often goes to see Beijing Opera on weekends. Mike’s father likes it, too.

18 句 型 转 换 1She wants to see a comedy 。(变成否定句) 2Peter likes action movies because he thinks they’re interesting. (划线提问) 3He often goes to see Beijing Opera on weekend. (划线提问) 4June likes Chinese action movies. (划线提问) She doesn’t want to see a comedy. Why does Peter like action movies? When does he often go to see Beijing Opera? What kind of movies does June like?

19 Home work: 1.Words on page 105,from scary---too. 2. 《学英语》 unit 9 self-check. 3.Read the conversation on page 56 and 57 three times.

20 What kind of movies we should see? Tell us the reasons. We are students now. I think we should see cartoons and documentaries.Because they are nice and great. We can learn a lot of good things.We can’t see thrillers. I think they are scary and boring. In a word, we should see great and famous movies.

21 翻译下列短语 1 动作片 2 京剧 3 想干某事 4 学习关于 … 的知识 5 中国历史 6 去看电影 7 做喜欢的演员 8 在周末 action movies Beijing Opera want to do… learn about… Chinese history go to see a movie favorite actor on weekend

22 一、 用所给词的正确形式填空 : 1.The two _______are very interesting (comedy).. 2.Her brother wants ________ a documentary (see). 3.Mary ___________ thrillers (not like). 二、英汉词组互译: 1. go to a movie _______ 2, want to do _________ 3. 动作片 _____________ 4. 你想去看电影吗 ?________________________? Let’s do exercises. A r e y o u r i g h t ? comedies to see doesn’t like 去看电影 想做什么 action movie(s) Do you want to go to a movie?

23 Fill in the blank with the right verb. 1. She __________ ( want ) _____ ( see ) the movie. 2.I ______ ( like ) ______ ( watch ) TV. 3. He ____( have ) some ice cream every day. 4. ____ you ____ ( have ) chicken for supper? 5.We _____ ( give ) a concert each year. 6.My father ____ ( watch ) TV in the evening. 7. He often ______ ( go ) to movies. 8. They ______ ( stay ) at home on Sunday. 9. They ______ ( not like ) comedies. 10. ______ they ______ ( sell ) the shoes ? 11. She _______ ( not watch ) T V every day. 12. Ann _______ ( go ) to school every day. 13. Tom _______ ( do ) his homework in the evening.

24 interesting interested The movie is very interesting. I am interested in English. go to see it / go to find it /go to play volleyball go to a movie /go to movies /go to see a film / go to the cinema on weekends / on weekdays stay at home a photo of my family learn a lot about Chinese learn English from Mr Green read stories / watch TV for the reason

25 写出本单元中所学的形容词,并完成句子。 funny interesting scary exciting successful sad favorite boring 1Comedies are__________ 2I think thrillers are _________ 3It’s an _______football match. 4Jet Li is a ______ actor. 5That movies makes people _______ 6My ______ song is My Heart Will Go On 7That TV is ____. Noboby likes it. 8Children like to listen to ________ stories. funny scary exciting successful sad favorite boring interesting


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