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What Happens in Vegas DOESN’T Stay in Vegas: Best Bridge Building Tips and Ideas (Part I) April 17, 2009 Dr. Jennifer Wild.

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1 What Happens in Vegas DOESN’T Stay in Vegas: Best Bridge Building Tips and Ideas (Part I) April 17, 2009 Dr. Jennifer Wild

2 Today we will… Examine why Health and Wellness staff should care about the New Vision Review Job Corps’ New Vision, mission and national goals View the New Vision DVD Discuss what Health and Wellness can do to support the New Vision Explore progress to date

3 A new world for Job Corps

4 Why should we know about the New Vision? To be in sync with JC’s goals To be included as part of the Job Corps team to meet the New Vision goals To support the new direction (Mental Health, TEAP, Disability, etc.)

5 How can staff feel a part of the New Vision? We can ensure students are healthy and thus employable We can help students with special barriers so they can achieve the goals of the New Vision We can ensure students with special needs are given equal consideration within the New Vision We can teach students and staff the appropriate use of health and wellness services

6 You may want to know… How and why the New Vision was developed Does the New Vision change the original mission of Job Corps and the population it serves? How the New Vision impacts admission into Job Corps especially for student who may have challenges?

7 What is the Vision? Job Corps serves the Nation ’ s at-promise, disenfranchised youth as an integrated, agile, demand-driven workforce and education training system. Job Corps is an employment bridge to high-growth, high demand industries that offers career paths and life-long learning skills for its graduates responding to 21st century workforce challenges.

8 What is the Vision? The vision is an “ideal” state We are transforming where we are to where we want to be The transformation will occur in “phases” incrementally and over time The vision is supported by national goals Achieving these goals will ensure that the vision becomes a reality


10 Where We Have Been and Where Are We Going Policy

11 Where are we now? Standards and Certifications Clustering Technology Regional Labs Professional Development Performance Measures Policy

12 Standards & Certifications Establishing a Standards-Based Education and Training System to provide: –Rigorous training that meets industry standards and employer expectations –Training that ensures Job Corps students can succeed in the 21 st Century economy

13 Core elements Targeted training in 11 of the 14 high- growth industries identified by DOL

14 Core elements (cont.) Revising existing CTT programs Obtaining program certification from industry certification bodies Developing new CTT programs for emerging industries and occupations Identifying and developing the academic standards students must master to complete CTT programs and pass certification exams Developing standards-based curricula

15 Core elements (cont.) Partnered with McREL for the development of academic standards and instructional supports –English/Language Arts Reading Writing Listening Speaking –Mathematics –Science –Critical Thinking

16 Auto Hospitality Complete IT Healthcare Complete Finance & Business Construction Complete Advanced Manufacturing Homeland Security Transportation June/July ’09 Retail Sales/Services Renewable Resources/ Energy November/December ‘09 Academic standards schedule

17 Training Pathways Therapeutic Services Health Informatics Clinical Medical Assistant Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certified EKG Technician Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Medical Administration (Prerequisite to continued training) Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Diagnostic Services Dental Assistant Certified Dental Assistant Health Care Technician Certified Nurses Assistant Home Health Aide Insurance Claims Processor Certified Billing & Coding Specialist Medical Transcriptionist Certified Medical Transcriptionist Health Unit Coordinator Certified Health Unit Coordinator Health Care Foundations Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse State License Opticianry Nat’l Opticianry Competency Exam Certification Pharmacy Technician Certified Pharmacy Technician Health Care Foundations

18 Key benefits Meet the needs of industry and the employer community for well-trained and credentialed workers Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of program design and delivery Maximize the placements and earnings of students

19 Take notes on… Two or three things you see in the DVD that are very different from the Job Corps we know today

20 A picture is worth a thousand words...just watch

21 How can Health and Wellness support the national goals?

22 Exercise Example Goal 3: Students are ready to enter Job Corps and committed to finishing the program.

23 New Website Information http://access.jobcorps.org if inside of JC Network or https://access.jobcorps.org if outside of JC network or by phone at (800) 598-5008, option 5

24 Q & A If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there……

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