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Vamos a Poner la Mesa “Yo uso…para”

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1 Vamos a Poner la Mesa “Yo uso…para”
A Comer Vamos a Poner la Mesa “Yo uso…para”

2 Student Learning Outcome(s):
At the end of this lesson, I can: YO PUEDO… Select the appropriate vocabulary word and grammar structure to identify different utensils and tell what each utensil is used for. Select the appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures to ask and respond to basic questions.

3 Student Learning Agenda: HOY EN CLASE…
At the end of this lesson, students should be able to: Identify the utensils used for cooking, serving, and setting the table. Understand and participate in basic conversations about setting the table. Listen to statements about setting the table and decide which statements are true and with are false. Recite a Spanish Nursery Rhyme that teaches items on a table.

4 DO IT NOW HAZLO AHORA Knowledge you should bring to class:
Identify the following utensils: Pre-Assessment of Today’s Lesson: Using your highest level of proficiency, tell 3 utensils you use or need to eat, drink, or cook with and tell what they are used for.

5 Vamos a Poner la Mesa el repaso del vocabulario importante

6 el cuchillo el plato el tenedor la cuchara

7 el plato hondo la servilleta

8 la tetera la taza el vaso la copa

9 la olla el sartén


11 Una Rima Española Soy una taza Una tetera Un tenedor Soy un cuchillo
Un plato hondo Un plato lleno ¡Un cucharón!


13 PARA = in order to To tell why you use a utensil, use the word PARA followed by an infinitive verb. -Infinitive verbs end in –AR, -ER, -IR. EJEMPLO: Yo uso el tenedor y el cuchillo para cortar el bistec. I use a fork and knife in order to cut the steak.

14 Vamos a Practicar ….

15 Actividad #1 Not completed last class…
Mario is getting ready for a date with Elena. He has cooked her a fabulous dinner but has not yet set the table because he is not sure what he needs. Help Mario set the table before his date arrives by answering his questions using your highest level of proficiency. Can you answer using: -vocabulary words? -basic sentences?

16 “Dos Verdades y Una Mentira”
Actividad #2 “Dos Verdades y Una Mentira” 2 Truths and a Lie Write 2 statements that identify a utensil(s) and appropriately tells what it/they are used for. Write 1 statement that identifies a utensil(s) but inappropriately tells what it/they are used for. You should write your statements in any order on your paper and put a star by the statement that is a lie! Hand in your paper to the teacher and get ready to play. When the music is on, throw the ball around the room and when it stops, the person that is holding the ball will need to decide which of the read statements is a lie. If correct, you may stay in the game. If incorrect, must complete a practice WS.

17 Actividad #3 La Tarea “Al final Parte de la Clase” Homework
Before exiting the class evaluate you ability to use the vocabulary and grammar structures associated with setting the table by filling out and handing in the self evaluation. Review the 2 Powerpoint Presentations and HW worksheets to study for the quiz next class. Complete the HW – Poner la Mesa (2)

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