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Implementing an Advancement Strategy in the African Context: What Works and What Doesn’t Victor S. Dugga date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy1.

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1 Implementing an Advancement Strategy in the African Context: What Works and What Doesn’t Victor S. Dugga date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy1

2 In this Presentation… Get to know the principles of advancement Consider strategies in implementing them Provide practical examples from the field Gain confidence from relevant experience to apply the knowledge in your own context date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy2

3 Advancement in Africa date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy3 One Man, One Beast – Fundraising for University of Botswana

4 Setting up the Advancement Office date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy4 Advancement is about thinking ‘institutionally’ Determine structures to have within the office Link these with the rest of the university, taking a university-wide approach and harnessing the resources available in other units such as the PRO, alumni, etc to support advancement: easier said than done! You may have to expand the role of Advancement to meet up roles that are currently not being taken – Annual Reports, Strategic Plan, etc.

5 Planning? Common get on with it! Clarity and consistency of Purpose and Process Well defined priorities that reflect the strategic plan – What doesn’t? Too many needs! Define the process of securing goals, the time required, the person responsible and the process of reporting success Written goals and a clear plan – Communicates what you value and what key success factors are – Frame expectations both internally and externally Metrics that reflect those goals and that plan – Guide the activities and effort of staff – Enable supervisors to control and evaluate performance – Identify gaps between performance and expectations date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy5

6 Ok, so why Plan? If you can’t state what you want to achieve you cannot possibly achieve it, except by chance If you don’t plan out what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals, it is down to chance whether you do the right things at the right time If you can’t say what success looks like, you won’t know when you achieve it What doesn’t work: we assume to know what success is – this negates planning. date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy6

7 Setting up the Office: Resources Financing: setting up the budget Consider what will be funded by the office: what doesn’t work: Advancement should be self-funded! Leverage on other funding opportunities to aid Office activities – sponsored lunch, etc. Note that it costs money to raise money! date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy7

8 What fits into the Budget Set-up costsOngoing costs Recruitment Database Computers Internet Access Phones Office furniture Training Consultancy Staff Travel Communications Events / ‘Others’ Internet Access Office expenses Software licenses Training Consultancy date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy8

9 Staffing  The Office is only as effective as the people working in it  Making key first appointments  What roles are essential?  Hiring the right people  Start small and build up  What skills to look out for? date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy9

10 Personal Qualities of Staff Professionalism Strong ethical character Initiative Responsibility Accountability Understand and simplify complex ideas Exercise good judgment Write clearly and speak confidently Competitive Sense of humor date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy10

11 Where do you start? Cultivate the active support of the leadership Prioritise the projects for the office to raise money for; what doesn’t work: Advancement to prioritize projects for themselves. Get some quick wins Not everyone will be enthusiastic at first – work with champions Ensure that you follow professional fundraising guides – they work! date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy11

12 Where do you find Prospects? The importance of alumni relations A key and natural role for the academic community Catch-up stewardship with prior donors (both as a way of identifying prospects but also to building external credibility for the office) Communicate successes to illustrate what is do- able! What doesn’t work: It is too small and we are modest, missing out on interesting stories and connections date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy12

13 Donor Fund Management  Donor fund is different from other sources of funds available to the institution  Each donor may come with a set of requirements – learn them!  Set structures for managing grants and releasing funds - re-define or realign  What doesn’t work: Business as usual date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy13

14 The Real Advancement  Managing relations with the donor  Overseeing the image of donor in the University  e.g. 2010 Convocation and non recognition of major donors  Keeping an eye on project implementation  Monitoring the expenditure component  Maintaining communication with the donor  Taking the blame when things go wrong, e.g. signing contract on behalf of the University date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy14

15 Measuring Performance Don’t wait until year three to assess performance It’s about more than the money! Areas for metric tracking – Financial: cash income, new gifts, ROI – Major Gifts: prospect tracking, donor meetings, asks, moves management, etc – Advancement Services – reporting, no. of database records, prospects identified, research profiles – Alumni relations – communications, events held and attendance, follow-up contacts, alumni volunteering date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy15

16 Marrying the Theories to Practice Advancement is about changing the HE environment – the way things have been done Work on the changing role of the Vice Chancellor – facilitate the transformation Ensure speedy execution of projects Push recipients and other parties for timely reporting What doesn’t work: Business as usual date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy16

17 Lessons from our Experience  It is possible to access donor funds in just any field  However, it requires work – outside the routine of teaching and research  Put best human resources in place – involve other staff across the university  Be ready to write good proposals / go on the road  Pay attention to detail and deadlines  Use the skills in the Advancement Office  Proposal writing expertise, Budget and financial advise, project implementation and execution. date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy17

18 For more information look at Final report of the 2009-2010 Ross-CASE survey – see date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy18

19 Summary of key points Long-term relationships, not short-term transactions How much will it cost? Return on investment: time scale - how long will it take before you can expect to see a financial return? Return on investment: magnitude - how much money can you realistically expect to raise?, Measuring success: KPIs date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy19

20 Exercise (5 minutes) Write down what you think is or would be the challenge for implementing Advancement in your institution. Any ideas about how to solve them? Now you are thinking on your feet! date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy20

21 Thank you! Professor Victor S. Dugga Dean Faculty of Arts Federal University Lafia Nigeria Academy contact details date of presentationCopyright Advancement Academy21

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