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Think it doesn’t matter which processor you choose? Think again.

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1 Think it doesn’t matter which processor you choose? Think again.

2 It’s your business. It’s your money. It matters. Choose the processor you can trust. Look for:  A reputable company with a proven history  Someone who answers the phone when you call and gets your issues resolved quickly  A visible association with a bank  Honesty and transparency with contracts and documents  A clear PCI DSS compliance program to protect your cardholder data

3 Choose Signapay In business since 1995 Processes more than $10 billion annually for more than 100,000 businesses like yours Sponsored by Harris Bank, N.A. and Meridian Bank, N.A. More than 150 service-based employees 24/7 Customer Support

4 Process All Payments With Signapay, you never turn down a payment  Credit cards  Check Card  Debit cards  Gift Cards  Electronic check conversion  Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

5 Get Front-of-the-Line Access to the best processing products Process on your existing equipment or choose from one our complete inventory:  Terminals from Dejavoo, Hypercom, Verifone, Ingenico  Wireless solutions from AirCharge, SecurePay, Way Systems  Mobile processing from any cell phone  Proprietary gateways  Industry-specific POS solutions for all verticals, including AccuPOS

6 Access Working Capital Signapay’s Cash Advance Program  Deposits up to $250,000 directly to your bank account in as little as three days  Requires limited paperwork and no personal guarantees or collateral  Lets you use your advance for any purpose you choose: expansion, payroll, advertising, inventory, emergency  Automatically deducts a small, fixed percentage of your daily credit card receipts until advance is satisfied

7 Stay on Top of Your Processing Only Signapay gives you VIMAS technology, with any time, anywhere access to your processing account:  Daily deposits  Transaction Summary Reports  Retrievals and Chargeback Information  Monthly Statements

8 Stay in Touch with your Processor Vimas makes it simple to get issues resolved:  Automatic emails to product and service specialists  V+ messaging sends alerts you specify to your email or cell phone  Vimas Tracking shows the status of any issue and its resolution

9 Everything you expect + Everything you need Think it doesn’t matter which processor you choose? If you want  A well-known company with a proven history backed by 2 esteemed bank sponsors  Access to all the latest processing equipment  Local service you can rely on 24/7  Unmatched value-added products and services Choose Signapay.

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