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IT Doesn’t Matter.

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1 IT Doesn’t Matter

2 Announcements Business Analysis Proposal (group project)
Proposal due Tuesday, May 8 Business Plan Outline - Tuesday

3 Business Analysis Paper
Full Project Description available on website Three stages: Proposal due May 8 Optional draft due May 29 Project due June 7 Proposal should clearly state The company you have chosen to research What industry they are in, and general competitive environment Where they stand – market share, positioning What questions you plan to address in your project Where you intend to get the information

4 Quiz!

5 Figure 4.4 Nicholas Carr’s Argument on Strategic Grid

6 Growth of IT From 5% to 50% of capital spending (1965 – 1990s)
Claim: overspending

7 Infrastructure argument
“…the latest in a series of broadly adapted technologies…” Infrastructure properties: More value when adopted by others than in isolation Proprietary gains only occur in early days due to entry barriers and superior insight

8 Comparisons with other infrastructure developments

9 Infrastructure impacts
Macroeconomic rather than inter-company competition?

10 AHS example Short term advantage, long term legacy problems

11 Do you agree? “History shows that the power of an infrastructural technology to transform industries always diminishes as its buildout nears completion”

12 Questions, Break, Presentation

13 Rebuttals / letters

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