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Matti Jokiniemi Matti Jokiniemi Kiipula Vocational College Special Education.

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1 Matti Jokiniemi Matti Jokiniemi Kiipula Vocational College Special Education

2  Kiipula Vocational College, is a school and development center, designed to educate students with special needs. Almost half of students in Kiipula have problems with learning difficulties, or problems with reading and problems with understanding the written text. Kiipula has also students, with problem with hearing.  Meny students have adjusted syllabus. When they have improved learning and their skills and are ready to go on the job-training, it`s usually adjusted aswell. Depending on what kind of problem they have.

3 Students who are about start their studying in Kiipula Business College, have two different occupational orientation to choose: Customer Service & Sales Business Administration & Office Services Despite the fact they both go under the degree Vocational Quafilication Of Business And Administration, they are quite different.

4 Customer-Service & Sales  Much more client centered.  Less informational technology is needed and it`s hole lot more moveabale, and therefore it can be concidered much more healthfier than office work. Business Administration & Office Services  Much more math centerded than Customer-Service teaching program.  Informational technology has very significant role

5 One of the key factors of successful customer service, is a satisfied and extremely happy client. Another factor is what kind of service our customer has received, has it been good and politeful, or has it been rude and impolite. If you`v been served badly, it usually reflect`s back to you. Just like a mirror.


7 An Office which wants to serve it´s clients with respect, should look like this But not like this. So remember to keep your office space clean. It gives better image of you and your possible clients as well

8 During the classes of book-keeping, it`s very important to listen carefully and fully concintraded on what the teacher is showing and telling

9 In the field of economics, there is no room for an error. So remember to check your work at least twice, before you consider it to be done In our use, we have the lastest software package and this is the guarantee of better learning

10 One of our student is making an invoice to one of our clients Sometimes there is situations when there is no other way but take care of our carbages ourselves

11  Vocational Qualification in Business and Adaministrations ass occupation is extremely challengin and at the same time very rewarding. Expecially book-keeping is not the easiest thing to do.

12  After the Vocational Qualification In Business And Administration. The very first place to work is usually a small industrial company or a small independent business corporation, located in the same region where the student is coming from.  It`s not common but sometimes the first place to work can be outside the student`s home region.

13 In the future 2013, office work will be much more easier do to. It will be quick and efficient, by more common information technology. Less persons are needed to take care of our clients bills, invoices book-keeping etc, because computers can do the job for us. On This left side of the slide, is the present. On the right side is future. In the future all office premises will be isolated in their own space, just like it`s shown on the right

14  Usually Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration works in a medium-sized domestic industrial company, city halls, or Revenue Tax Offices.  Tasks depending the workplace are very comprehensive. They might work with the company`s book-keeping, payor, secretary or companys Exchange Switch employee.  Our future work places might as well be wellknown store chain such as Lidl, where we might work as Purchasing Agent of Products.  Or then we just start working from the very bottom and that usually means behind the cash register.

15  In the next slide is a video about one of our group member potraying an office worker of the future. This a fine example, of an ordinary day in the office. We tried to make it as realistic as possible. We hope that all of you could agree with us. Enjoy.


17  Each of us Business & Administration students,, have one common dream. Dream of work and do the job we`been trained for. In a world of economics, there is also those with the suspicios about our professional ability for the job. We like to prove them wrong.We have so much faith in our selves,, that we can do this kind of job just like those who has academic degree of finances.

18  The producer of this slide-show wish to say thank you to all those who had opportunity to see it.  Let`s say it one more time. Thank You.  Matti Jokiniemi Kiipula Vocational Business College Business & Administration Group Talto-2  Olli Pekkola (music)

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